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Felt like sharing the cute factor 🙂

Hi all, I know this poor blog has resembled a long-forgotten graveyard this past month, but I have been super busy. Moving house took a lot more out of me than I thought it should (I must be getting old, lol) and I didn’t get my internet sorted for weeks after moving day, which thoroughly annoyed me. Only this morning I had to ring the company AGAIN because I can’t play videos as the connection is so slow, and I get the same old message – it will be fixed in 24 – 48 hours. So in the meantime I am limping along.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working, although I haven’t done as much as I would like. I was trying to write three books at the same time, in an effort to catch up with my schedule, but I have had a lot of distractions this month. However, what I can tell you is that the next book in the Alpha and Omega series (Harder in Heels) and the third book in the Stockton Wolves series (Mace’s Awakening) are both nearing completion, so there will be at least one new book out in July, possibly two.

And to tease your reading taste buds here’s  short excerpt from Mace’s Awakening.


“Do I make you nervous?” Mace had always found being blunt about things worked for the best. He wasn’t one for saying nice things, or coddling someone, not even his female dates. And he hated trying to guess how another person might be feeling. He and Roan would get on famously if the man was prepared to tell him how he felt about anything, although Shane and Dimitri both had warned him that Roan might not be capable of being more than a people pleaser because of the way he’d been raised.

“Not nervous no.” Roan’s fingers picking at his jeans told a different story. But then Roan surprised him by looking straight at him, his face almost a mask. “I don’t understand what’s going on. I thought you didn’t want me. Why did you ask me to lunch?”

Mace grinned and he could tell Roan was surprised by his reaction. “I owed you an apology, and in my book, treating someone to a meal, and talking to them is a good way to go about it.” There, nice and simple.

“You consider pizza an apology?” Actually, when Roan put it like that, it made Mace sound like a cheapskate, and he wasn’t. “I didn’t want other people to look at you,” he said, flustered, because yep, one fucking pizza wasn’t going to make up for what Mace had put Roan through. But it seemed his mouth was running well ahead of his brain.

“You don’t like the way I look? What’s wrong with me?” Roan was looking at his clothes, his hand stroking over his hair as though it was a mess – and it really wasn’t, but all of a sudden Mace wanted it to be. A brilliant dark mess all over his pillows.

“You look perfect,” he said, closing the distance quickly, pulling Roan into his arms. “You are perfect. I’m just a big Neanderthal who doesn’t want other men looking at you, or women for that matter, and thinking they can have you.”

End Excerpt – poor Mace, human and straight.  Let’s just say that Roan was a huge shock to him in more ways than one 🙂

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Awesome Day – Undesirable Mate is live


Have you ever had one of those days when you think it’s all going to crap and then suddenly it all comes right?  Today was that day for me.

It started out innocently enough. I decided to go out for breakfast, but the cafe I like was full, so I grabbed a couple of snacks and headed to the beach with my laptop.  The thing was charged yesterday – but when I got to my chosen spot – it didn’t work.  But I wasn’t thwarted – I pulled out my brand new charger pack…and that didn’t work either. Never mind. It really wasn’t a bad day for sitting at the beach in the sun, watching the birds trying to steal my fries. But I was a bit miffed – I couldn’t write or read at the beach thanks to my technological woes, so I headed home.

And that’s when the good stuff happened.

  1.  The land agent rung and offered me the rental house I went to see last week – that earned a large squeal
  2. Will Parkinson, from Pride Promotions emailed me with the first stops on the Tangling With Bears blog tour – you should check that out if your keen on print book giveaways – just have a look on my Facebook Profile…and then…and then…yep!
  3. Undesirable Mate came live on Amazon.com – you can get that HERE.

So it’s definitely a happy dancing type of day. Hope the sun is shining wherever you are 🙂

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Undesirable Mate is coming – Excerpt

It’s plodding it’s way through Amazon’s system – what you might ask? Book 6 in the Bound and Bonded series – Undesirable Mate. And for those of you who are interested – here’s a sneak peak.


There were times when Phillip wished the voice in his head had a mute button. As he was walking with Kellen down to the cells, he decided this was one of those times. They were headed down the long hallway in the basement; their footsteps were the only sound in the empty space – well that, and his inner voice.

He’s gonna want that ferret as soon as he sees him, you know that, don’t you?

That guy’s got everything going for him that you ain’t.

How could you tie a man like Kellen to you for life – you know you’re just gonna disappoint him.

When are you going to get it through your head that you ain’t worth anything. You should let Kellen go, let him have his ferret, let him…

“Phillip. Phillip!” Strong hands gripped his biceps and Phillip found himself with his back to the wall, a worried Kellen in front of him.

“Why are you stopping? Would you rather see your old fuck-buddy alone?” The wince on Kellen’s face made Phillip feel guilty and he wished he’d censored the words before they came out. His inner voice kept bitching.

Of course he would – he ain’t gonna get blown if you’re pathetic ass is there, is he.

“Knock it off! You’re thinking too hard. It’s not doing you a bit of good,” Kellen said firmly.

“Well what do you…” Okay. He got it. The conversation was apparently over, and joy of joys it turned out that Kellen’s mouth was a mute switch, at least for his addled brain. As soon as their lips touched, every thought Phillip had went right out of his head. The harsh way Kellen devoured his mouth, the force of the man’s tongue checking out his gums, the hardness and heat of his mate’s body all combined to render Phillip mindless, and so freaking horny it hurt.

“Don’t think I don’t know how hard this’ll be for you when we go in there. But not being there’ll fuck with your mind even more,” Kellen said when he finally finished his lip assault and seemed satisfied with what could only be a blissed-out expression on Phillip’s face. “You’re a fucking strong wolf shifter, with a possessive nature that rivals my own. But know this. No matter what I had with that little fuck, it was exactly that – a fuck-fest and nothing more. You, you are the best thing to ever happen to me and believe me, you’re worth far more to me than anyone I’ve ever been with.”

Phillip felt his brain come online again and he half-wished it hadn’t. His inner voice could be a nasty bitch. But he needed to be sensible about this. Neither one of them were virgins. Phillip had screwed more than a few of the subs in the club and Kellen would have to handle that if it ever came up in conversation.  And from what was said in Pearson’s office, Kellen had been played by the little shit, and he could imagine his mate wasn’t too happy about that.

“All I’ll ever want from now on is you,” Kellen said, his voice a lot softer this time. “You don’t know me well enough to trust me yet, and only time will take care of that, but know this. The moment I took one whiff of your scent, Tristan was dead to me, as was anyone else that I’ve had my cock in before.”

“Is that supposed to be romantic?” If so, Kellen could probably do with a few tips; although it was kinda sweet.

“Did it work?” It wasn’t so much the words but the hopeful expression on Kellen’s face that had Phillip smiling.

“We’ll work on it,” Phillip promised, giving Kellen’s chest a little push. It was like trying to shift a tank. “Let’s go sort out your little ferret friend, because Pearson is waiting on our report, and then I’ll show you the suite I use when I stay at the club.”

“And a meal?” Kellen said as he moved back, but he put his arm across Phillip’s shoulder as they headed for Tristan’s cell. “I plan on needing energy later.”

End Excerpt

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Undesirable Mate – Blurb and Cover

It’s done. After a long fight with the book, Undesirable Mate has been uploaded to Amazon and will hopefully be available in the next few days.

This book was hard to write. As my readers of the Bound and Bonded series will remember, Phillip mucked up badly with his pack and six months later he’s still depressed about it. It was his depression that made this book so hard to write. It’s something I have personal experience of, and it was hard not to get sucked into those feelings as I channeled Phillip’s experience. But don’t worry – this book is not all doom and gloom. Phillip redeems himself and gets a sexy mate in the bargain.

actual cover


Phillip struggles to get through every day. Thanks to Pearson, he still has his job as an enforcer and life goes on around him much the same as it always did. But Phillip doesn’t feel a part of it. He can’t. His betrayal of his pack has left him with scars, both mentally and physically and the voice in his head won’t give him any peace. So when he meets his mate, he’s not surprised to see the man has someone else tucked under his arm. What else did he expect?

Kellen Waite is a troubleshooter for the Council. He loves his job, he has a couple of close friends, and he takes his sex where he can find it. Sent to the Washington Pack to take out a vampire, he makes the mistake of bringing along his sometime companion, Tristan. He realizes that was his first mistake when he scents his mate in Alpha Pearson’s office.

Issues caused from within the Paranormal Council is just one of the problems Kellen and Phillip have to face. A vengeful ferret, lies and misunderstandings, not to mention Phillip’s depression all conspire to prevent the one thing Kellen is determined to have – his mate in his arms.

Warning: Phillip has symptoms of depression. If this is a trigger for you, please don’t buy this book. Also contains a sneaky ferret shifter, a mad councilman and an often clueless Alpha. HEA, no cheating and no cliffhangers, guaranteed.

Written for adult audiences. Contains graphic scenes of intimate situations between men.

Will post a link when it’s available on Amazon 🙂 Keep an eye on the blog for an excerpt coming tomorrow.

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