Meet the Characters because it’s Release Day!!!

Hi everyone, wasn’t sure I was going to make it, but here we are, not quite the 15th of January and it’s release day for On The Brink.  You can get your copy from Amazon right here and before you ask, all other formats (PDF etc) will be available through Smashwords within the next few days.

So you will have a clear idea of who I am talking about when you read my latest story, here is a picture of the man I used as inspiration for Raff. He’s a wolf shifter, turns into the prettiest Red Wolf you’ve ever seen and has the sweetest personality.

And this handsome guy is the man I used as inspiration for Nereus, the Merman. Son of Poseidon and almost as old as the sea. (You may remember this picture from Facebook lol)

And Teilo is inspired by the gorgeous man on the cover of the book. Thank you Paul Henry Serres.

The link for the book is right here – On The Brink – and you can one-click and download straight away. There is no preorder for this one 🙂

Let me know what you think and have a wonderful day.

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On The Brink – Excerpt

Only two more days before release day and while I am busy working on the finishing touches of “Ranger and Sebastian”, which will now be the first book under my pen name Lee Oliver, I couldn’t resist sharing this special scene from my men at Cloverleah when they meet Nereus’s dad, Poseidon. Hope you enjoy it 🙂


“Damn it, Dad. What do you want?”

“You took my water for this…this paddling pool.”

“You have plenty of water,” Nereus sighed. It was a common enough argument. He wouldn’t have been given rights to call the waters if he didn’t have some sovereign over them. Unfortunately, his Dad seemed to forget that. “This little pool isn’t going to make any difference to the seas.”

“You didn’t ask me.”

“I didn’t have to.” Nereus relinquished his tail and stood defiantly in front of his father; remembering to include pants in his shift.

“Hades, you did.” Poseidon put both hands on his hips.

“Hades, I didn’t.” Nereus echoed his pose.

“I humored this silly mating nonsense…”

“It is not silly; the Fates chose my mates for me.”

Well, you’ve cocked that up. One of them uncomfortable around you, and one of them still unclaimed.” The pools waves rose and lapped over the edges of the pool.

“Look who’s talking. The man whose definition of relationship is I’ve come, close the door on your way out.”

“I do not do relationships and you know that. Mermen don’t have mates. I put the blame on your other father for this.”

“You leave Abraxas out of this.”

The earth started to tremble. Their angry voices melding with the roar of the earth and the crashing of the waves.

“Nereus!  Nereus!”

He turned at the sound of Kane’s voice to see his mates and the entire pack standing on the shoreline. Luke had a trembling Ollie in his arms. Nereus felt sick and spread his arms. The waves subsided and the trembling stopped.

A thought and he was standing on the shore line. Of course, his father had to be right next to him; a sexy smirk on the beautiful face. “I’m sorry. I… We… I would like you all to meet my father.”

He heard Diablo whisper to Griff, “Hell, I feel like the ugly duckling stepbrother.”

Without thinking, Griff answered, “Yeah, he’s looks amazing”. His comment was rewarded with Diablo pushing him into the pool.

Kane and Shawn were talking urgently, and when Shawn shook his head, saying “I can’t do shit. He’s a force of nature,” Nereus knew the only one capable of stopping his father wreaking havoc was him. Unfortunately, his father had a one-tracked mind.

“Hello, pretty wolves.” Poseidon leered.

End Excerpt – have a lovely day 🙂

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Cover Reveal and Blurb On The Brink

Hello, I know. It’s late. It was meant to be today but On the Brink (Cloverleah book 10) will be released on Amazon on the 15th. I promise.  The book itself is just going through it’s final editing process and I won’t be bothering with a preorder process.  I will upload and have it available as soon as all the polishing is done 🙂

But, in the meantime I have been working on the cover and the blurb and I am happy to share those with you today.  The model on the cover is thanks to Paul Henry Serres (he finds the most amazing models) and is my inspiration for Teilo, who you will remember as Adair’s brother.


Raff never wanted a lot out of life; his pack, his family and to be accepted for who he was. Yes, Red Wolves were smaller, skinnier and weaker than other shifters, but they were also extremely rare. Which is why, when he was banished from his home pack and family, he made a point of staying away from other wolves. But living rough, without any money, is really hard and when Raff risks a trip into San Antonio to find some cash work, he quickly wished he hadn’t. Although, thanks to his dog Killer, he did meet up with the Alpha Mate of the local pack. Maybe, just maybe his life would take a turn for the better.

Nereus was almost as old as the sea itself, but he made a point of visiting friends whenever he could. A chance visit to the wolf pack at San Antonio put him in the path of his mate, and Nereus grabbed the little man as quickly as he could. But Raff was new to the pack and when Scott and Madison get kidnapped and the men from Cloverleah zap into town, Nereus can’t help but wonder if Cloverleah might offer his new mate a safer place to live.

Back in Cloverleah, Teilo is pleased his brother is mated, but it’s not as though he has a chance to go and look for a mate himself. He’s settled in his home and loves to run in his wolf form. Although, when he gets bitten by a teacup poodle with the ridiculous name of Killer, he wonders what other surprises are going to jump out of the bushes at him. He didn’t expect to find two mates.

A crazy serial killer with no scent; danger for Raff at every turn and a landlocked beach? The men at Cloverleah are in for some pleasant and not so pleasant surprises. Throw in four dogs and the gorgeous bear cub and all of the men in Cloverleah are going to have to be on their toes.

(Warning: M/M/M menage: violence, graphic intimate situations between men and an attempted rape of one of the MCs. Also features a teacup poodle who thinks he’s an alpha, a serial killer who believes in mpreg and a merman with a beautiful tail).

A note to readers: This book is based partially on a time line from Angel in Black Leather Pants. It is not necessary to have read that first, but if you have, don’t be surprised at the overlap. Also, because of the timeline of the book, it is written in two parts. Part one is in San Antonio where Raff and Nereus meet. Part Two is in Cloverleah where Raff and Nereus meet up with Teilo.

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Happy New Year

It’s New Years Eve in my corner of the world and while the last few days have been frantic, worrying and just plain shit to put it frankly, I am determined to greet 2017 with a smile on my face.

First the sad/bad bit – AllRomanceebooks. Yep, if you haven’t heard they are closed, or at least their site will be closed December 31st.  It was super sudden and no one saw this coming. Authors have been offered a paltry ten cents in the dollar pay out for their last quarter’s earnings and readers have until the 31st to download their books.  The downloading aspect is the only reason I am mentioning this. If, for some reason you have gotten this too late, or my books won’t download anymore (I have deleted them from the site as the ARe owners were still selling them even though author’s knew they weren’t being paid which is theft plain and simple) CONTACT ME. Send me a screenshot, receipt, whatever you have showing the titles you’ve purchased and I will personally send you the books you have paid for. I will not let my readers be short changed out of this if I can help it.

Now onto happier thoughts as we go into 2017.  FREEBIES. Yes, my last instafreebie giveaway for 2016 is my latest release – Don’t Bite, book four of the Stockton Wolves series. So if your book budget has been looking a bit sad over the holiday period, you can get this one for free.  The Instafreebie is available for one week, so closes on the January 7th.

PLUS – yes, I am full of jumping beans today lol. My boxed sets – do you remember them? Did I even mention I did them?  Okay, for those of you who don’t know I made up boxed sets for the first three books of my Cloverleah series, the Alpha and Omega series and the Bound and Bonded series. Three books for the price of one which I thought was a great way to encourage people to try something new. But now it’s even better – what’s better than three books for the price of one? Freebies. Well, not exactly but for all you lovely people who are members of KU (Amazon), those three boxed sets are available for free through there.

Cloverleah Pack Boxed set (Books 1 – 3)

Alpha and Omega Boxed Set (Books 1 – 3)

Bound and Bonded Boxed Set (Books 1 – 3)

It’s been a rollercoaster year. You were there for me when I married my daughter – she graduated just last month and is now a Registered Nurse. My son, Peter is doing well, his business is growing and he is sharing his household with his lovely children. My youngest son Thomas is enjoying a well earned holiday break after spending a year building on Kawau Island which meant commuting by boat every day.  Fine in the summer but during the winter months I spent a lot of days worrying.  My health, the divorce – it’s all happened this year and through it all my readers have made me smile every day. Thank you for that.

Coming up? On The Brink will hopefully be finished and ready by January 10th. This ARe business has slowed me up a bit, but the story is almost done.  The first one of my short stories under the name Lee Oliver were meant to be done by Christmas. It didn’t happen but it will be released in January as well.  I secured another French Translator, the lovely Lily Rose who will be translating my Alpha and Omega books for me and Benedicte Girault, the lady responsible for my existing translations has been booked to do four more of my Cloverleah titles for 2017. Exciting stuff.

There is more – a lot more I could tell you but for now this post has gone on long enough. I am sure you all have family and friends you are enjoying the holiday season with. From my heart to yours, have an amazing 2017. Stay safe and hug the one you love.  For me, it’s my new dog “Scruffy.” Happy New Year 🙂

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Puppies and an Excerpt

HI there,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day, for those of you who celebrate, and even if you don’t, I hope you enjoyed the weekend.

Today it’s light and simple. Those of you who read the Epilogue in Angel in Black Leather pants (The Cloverleah Pack #9) will remember Killer, the apricot toy poodle. So today I thought I’d introduce you to the (regular) puppies which Raff rescued and who became his pack of sorts. Because…well, it’s puppies and who doesn’t love puppies 🙂

Introducing Killer








And this is Joey








This one is Buddy






And this one is Butch. Butch and Buddy are mates and Butch is actually the Beta of this little sub pack. I know, you’d probably think Buddy would look more like the Beta, but Killer tells me that’s the way it is.  I found it doesn’t pay to argue with Killer because he might look cute, but he’s Alpha and he doesn’t have any problems letting the men in Cloverleah know that.






Here’s a short excerpt featuring Killer and Damien. From On The Brink, coming January 10th. Have a great day.

Excerpt (unedited at this stage)

Scott woke at the soft whine. He leaned over the side of the bed. Killer whimpered. Scott reached down lifted the poodle into the bed. Killer cuddled against him then curled up as he settled into the bed. Scott’s eyes slowly closed.
Damien stirred and pushed closer to his mate. His hand slowly stroked down Scott’s side as he snuggled against him. Scott gave a soft murmur. He kissed his mate’s neck as his cock hardened. He let his hands keep moving, searching for Scott’s dick. His mate’s fur… Fur? Damien’s eyes flew open. Scott wasn’t furry.

Killer was enjoying a nice dream when the hand groped his ass. His eyes flew open in shock. He knew who it was. That Alpha wannabe. It wasn’t enough the pervert had a wonderful little beta for a mate, now he was groping Killer’s ass. The pup proceeded to do what any self-respecting Alpha would do when he was being groped by anyone. He sank his very sharp tiny teeth into the offending hand.

“Shit!” Damien jerked back, rolling off the edge of the bed and hitting the floor hard.

Scott rolled over. “What? What happened? Haven’t we had enough crap to deal with tonight.”

“That little bastard bit me.”

Killer peered over Scott and growled.

“What did you do to him?”

“Why does it have to be my fault?”

“You did something to him.”

“I thought he was you.”


“Fine! And I groped him.”

“And you didn’t expect to get bitten?”

“I didn’t expect him to be there in the first place.”

“You groped him.”

“It was his fault for being there.” Damien glared at Killer who he swore was smirking at him from Scott’s side. “I am going to kill that little…”

“He’s a freakin’ teacup poodle. He isn’t even a foot tall. Are you honestly going to fight a Teacup Poodle who bit you because you groped his ass?”

“I thought it was your ass.”

“On my front?”

“No. I mean I thought it was your dick.”

“My dick isn’t furry. My dick isn’t furry even when I’m furry.”

“Damn it, Scott…”

“Get back in bed. And leave Killer alone. He’s not your type.”

Damien crawled back into bed. “Scott…”

“No, I am not throwing him out. Raff and Nereus need some alone time. They’ve just met and they’re mates. I need some freaking sleep because I’ve got to call the contractors back in the morning and boy, will that be an interesting conversation. You can put up with Killer being here for one measly night and if you don’t shut up I’ll grab the other puppies too and you can sleep on the couch.”

Damien grumbled while Scott settled back asleep. He would swear that damn dog was watching him; and smirking. The little shit. He was going to have to sleep with one eye open.

End excerpt

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