And The Winner Is…

I had such a hard time choosing the winner of this giveaway. You all picked wonderful characters, and the reasons for them made me go “aww” because they are all true. Aelfric is funny and irreverent, Matthew is such a gentle giant, Dean is so sweet and has had a hard life, Jax, Shawn, Griff, Vadim – they were all there, so thank you so much. Finally, I couldn’t choose, so I got a friend to do it for me.

Drum roll…the winner is…Tammi Hammond who wrote “Luke is my favorite.. he has a child like innocence but is still passionate, compassionate, fun, playful, and not afraid to stand up for himself or the men he loves. And this is a hard ass question because I love ALL the guys!! LOL”

I just love it, and although I didn’t pick the winner, I have to agree but then that’s because I am writing Luke’s short story right this minute. Tammi, if you can get in touch with me, I’ll get your prize organized. For those of you who love paperback versions of my books, keep an eye on my blog next week when I will be throwing a “find the picture” competition.

Have a great day 🙂

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And the votes are in – thank you

Hi everyone, thank you so much for your enthusiastic voting for the second book I am going to be writing for NaNoWriMo.

As you know, book one will be Trent’s story from the Stockton Wolves series. I haven’t made a decision if that will be the last book of the series or not. Some of my wonderful readers have asked if the Captain will get a story, but I think a lot will depend on how this one pans out. As you know, I am a pantser, and until the story is finished, I only know it will have a happy ending.

And book two is…Broz and Van’s story from the Portrain Pack and Coven. It was a close call, only four votes in it. Sully and Q and the new series spin off for the Bound and Bonded series were close seconds (a tie actually).

So with that sorted, here is what my writing/publishing schedule looks like for the next few months.

November:  (writing – NaNoWriMo) Trent’s story and Broz and Van’s story

November: (publishing) Scenes from Cloverleah (my four shorts) and hopefully the French editions of Book 4 in the Cloverleah series and Book one in the Alpha and Omega series.

December: (writing) On the Brink – book 10 of the Cloverleah Pack Series (Nereus, Raff and Teilo)

December: (publishing) The two stories written for NaNoWriMo in November

January: (writing) Sully and Q’s story

January: (publishing) On the Brink

February: (writing) Madison’s story – the first of the spin off books from the Cloverleah Pack

February: (publishing) Sully and Q’s story.

March: (writing) Sebastian’s story from the spin off of B&B

March (publishing) Madison’s story.

I know there is still a lot more books I’ve promised, and I will get to them all. I have an idea for a new Alpha and Omega story, which will be written somewhere in the above schedule and I haven’t forgotten Flying Free or Bronson’s story.

Sometimes I think I need to clone myself lol – but at least I write full time, so the schedule is hectic, but doable.  Hopefully my wonderful editor won’t break under the workload. Thank you all for your wonderful support. I would write my books even if no one read them, but I’m beyond thrilled that not only do you love my characters just as I do, but you never fail to let me know.




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I’m Gearing Up For NaNoWriMo

It’s that time of the year again – where authors and writers from all over the world commit to spending the month of November sitting hunched over their computers and laptops working hard to meet their daily word count in the NaNoWriMo challenge.

For the last two years I have tried to complete two books as my part of the challenge, with a word count for the month of 150,000 (5,000 words per day). I managed 132,000 words last year, but sadly dislocated my shoulder with four days to go. This year I am determined to succeed.

But I’m struggling to know which books to write. I am definitely writing Trent’s story from Stockton Wolves. I haven’t decided if that will be the end of that series yet, but I do think Trent has waited long enough. But my choices for the second book…there are so many of them.

So I am asking you to help me decide.  Pick which book you’d like me to write as part of the NaNo challenge. It will be released in December. You will note from the list of options below there is nothing from Cloverleah there – I know those guys are favorites, but there is a compilation of short stories (Scenes from Cloverleah) coming out in November which feature Griff and Diablo, Kane and Shawn, Josh and Vadim, and Luke, Tobias and Kurt.  The next full story (Nereus, Raff and Teilo) will be out in January. So they are not included in this list.

But the choices for the second book to write in November are:

  1. Q and Sully (A spin off from Dancing Around the Cop)

2. The first book in the spin off from Bound and Bonded featuring Sebastian in Phillip and Kellans’s new pack.

3. Another Alpha and Omega book – this time with a totally surprising Omega (that’s all I’m prepared to say about that one at this time lol)

4. Bronson’s story (A spin off from The Artist and His Alpha)

5. Flying Free (the second book in the Shifter’s Uprising series)

6. Broz and Van’s story from The Portrain Pack and Coven

7. Something else – a random idea that has no relation to anything else I’ve written before except it will be M/M and paranormal, because that’s the way I roll.

Put your choice in the comments below. The one mentioned the most often wins. And thank you guys, all of you. As much as I love writing, your support makes it so much easier.

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NSFW – The Viper’s Heart Excerpt

Hi everyone,

So happy, the feedback for The Viper’s Heart is looking good and I’m quietly wilting in a pile of goo, so freaking thankful you liked it.

For those of you still not sure, here’s another excerpt to tempt your taste buds. Please note this is NSFW, so don’t get caught reading it 🙂

There were times when Raziel got sick of worrying; Lucifer’s and Gabriel’s deception, the concern over Botis’s safety. It was all too much and he needed a break. He forced his tongue into Botis’s mouth demanding his demon respond and Botis didn’t disappoint. They were fairly matched in height and Raziel groaned. He could feel Botis everywhere. Powerful hands held his head immobile as Botis took over the kiss. Botis’s cock was sliding against his, their chests and abs cemented together. Raziel could feel Botis’s thrust against his thighs and while he’d happily rub against that delicious body all night, he wanted so much more.

A simple wish and he felt dampness around his ass. Perfect. He could sense Botis’s struggle; his natural inclinations warring with his desire to do no harm and Raziel wasn’t having that. If they were to be mated for all eternity, Botis needed to realize he was stronger than he looked. Taking advantage of Botis’s need and confused feelings, Raziel gripped him firmly by the biceps and rolled them both. Another thought had them centered on the bed.

“What the…?” Botis was the picture of debauchery but Raziel didn’t waste time appreciating the scenery. He had to move fast. Sitting up, he grabbed Botis’s cock and positioned it where it needed to be. One quick shove and Raziel tensed as his insides strained under the stretch.

“Raziel, no!” Botis grabbed his hips as though to pull him off, but Raziel was made of stronger stuff. Forcing the air from his lips, he felt his insides give way. Another thought and more lube eased his descent. Fuck…this is one big demon, he thought as his body fought to accommodate Botis’s length.

Botis lay like a statue beneath him, rigid, tense, his jaw clenched. “I’ll hurt you,” he muttered.

“You didn’t last time but I’m thrilled you care,” Raziel said, letting out another long breath. Yes, that’s better. His butt cheeks hit Botis’s legs and the demon groaned but didn’t move. Raziel leaned over slowly, lightly kissing Botis’s collarbone. Tension poured off Botis’s body in waves and Raziel didn’t need to be a mind reader to know his demon was imagining them in a totally different position. Hopefully one day soon, he thought as he sat up, deciding to take a more proactive approach.

Grabbing one of Botis’s hands from where they were gripped in the coverlets, he wrapped it around his cock. “Oh yes,” he said. “You hang on to that, and I’ll….” He got his legs under him and rose up a few inches, sinking back down again just as quickly. Amazing.

Botis’s cock scorched his insides. Raziel moved again and again, each rise and plunge deeper than the last. At first Botis refused to move at all; his chest heaving the only motion. Raziel closed his eyes, and leaving one hand on Botis’s chest, he used the other to tighten the grip on his cock. “Oh yeah, just like that.” Raziel knew he sounded like a B-grade porno, but a slight hitch in his angle and Botis’s cock was rubbing his prostate in a delicious fashion. He groaned, the sensations sending tingles up and down his spine. Instinctively he moved faster, wanting more of the shiver, the pressure building in his balls.

…and cut lol. You can read the rest in The Viper’s Heart, now available on Amazon Kindle, and will be coming to ARe and through Smashwords real soon. Enjoy 🙂

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The Viper’s Heart is out now…and there’s a giveaway

Thank you all for your lovely support. The Viper’s Heart is now live on Amazon and will be at the other usual outlets within the next week.

To celebrate I am doing another giveaway. All you have to do is tell me who your favorite character is in the Cloverleah pack, and why. You have to include the why.  Simply put your ideas in the comments below.

The competition is open for a week and on the 19th October I will randomly select one winner to receive an ebook copy of The Viper’s Heart and a free paperback of any of the titles I currently have for sale in that format.  It doesn’t matter where you live, I am happy to cover the cost of postage.

So put your thinking caps on and let me know which one of my lovely Cloverleah men you like best.

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