And The Winner Is….

Hi guys,

Thank all of you who commented on my contest – it’s so lovely to see that we all seem to think alike as those were my favorite lines too. Because of that, I got a dear friend to pick a random winner for me, as it was just too hard for me to choose.

And the winner is…Donna Mayer.  If you can email me, Donna I’ll get your prize organized.

Oh and thanks to all of you who buy my books on ARe – Angel in Black Leather Pants hit number one today on their bestseller list – THANK YOU 🙂

And for the rest of you…here’s a wee snippet from my latest book, The Viper’s Heart, which will be out early October (Unedited).

“New plan,” Lucifer said suddenly, swinging his chair around to face the desk and sitting upright. “I still want the potion. However, I think Raziel is your best bet at finding it and there’s still that little matter of the head office wanting you two mated. So you’re going to date him, not seduce him.”

“Date!” Botis was horrified. He’d never been on a date in his life, but he’d been around enough humans to know what a mission that sort of behavior entailed. “You mean flowers, candy, dinners out and things like that?”

“Exactly,” Lucifer said. “Do things the old fashioned way.”

“But I…I…Raziel’ll never go for it,” Botis said quickly. “He hates me. He thinks I’m trying to tempt him. He’ll never accept.”

“He will if Gabriel talks to him,” Lucifer replied. “I’ll talk to Gabriel; you brush up on dating techniques; clothes, conversation, places to go.”

“Lucifer, please no.” Botis’d never begged in his life, but he was prepared to if it meant he didn’t have to see Raziel again. In his heart of hearts, he knew the angel was a temptation he had to ignore or his life would change forever. He’d been prepared to give the man a quick fuck and call it done. But if they were dating; spending time with each other. It was Botis’s deepest fear that he would fall and the angel wouldn’t. When it came to temptation in the dictionary, it was Raziel’s picture Botis saw.

End Excerpt – have a great day peoples 🙂

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Hi everyone,

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I had really been neglecting my blog, and that will change 🙂 But I know some of you have hung in there, hoping I’d post something at some stage, and in the meantime quietly buying my books which helps me pay my rent. So you guys are totally amazing.

In return I wanted to do something for you.  I mentioned in that earlier post that my lovely book, Harder in Heels had been virtually overlooked on here. But I do know some of you have bought it regardless. The competition itself is simple.

Name me your favorite line from Harder in Heels and put it in the comments below.

That’s it. That’s all you have to do. The competition will end on September 25 and the winner will not only get a print copy of Harder in Heels (regardless of where you live) but also an ebook copy of my latest release Angel in Black Leather Pants (Book 9 of the Cloverleah Pack series).

So dig out your kindle, pull out your favorite reading device, flick through Harder in Heels and let me know what passage spoke to you – which part did you love the most? The winner will be picked at random on the 25th and I’ll notify the winner by email and post the details on here.

Have fun 🙂

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It’s here – Cover and Excerpt

It’s here – It’s live…Angel in Black Leather Pants, book 9 of the Cloverleah Pack series is now available on Amazon. Who can resist the gorgeous hunk Guillaume from the Paul Henry Serres stable, who graces the cover. He’s so much like Vassago, I just had to have him.

And just to tempt your reading taste buds, if the cover doesn’t do it for you, here’s a brief excerpt from the prologue where we revisit when Vassago met the boys from Cloverleah (Originally in Tangling with Bears).









“You’re assuming I’m going to let you go.”

Like the Alpha could stop him and Vassago could tell by the stern look the vampire gave him, before dragging the Alpha out of room, the vampire was going to be telling secrets about him. No matter. He eyed the Native American shifter who stood in front of him. Immune to magic; this was such a fascinating pack. But it was this mountain of a man Vassago wanted to talk to.

“You have a hint of home in your scent, my bear,” he said with a sexy grin.

“I’m not your bear, I already have two mates and I’m not looking for more,” the bear said firmly. Vassago took another discreet sniff.

“Two mates; what a lucky man,” Vassago was almost jealous, although he was more a one-on-one type himself. “And yes, now you’ve told me, I can scent them on you, too. But someone else has touched you today, perhaps within the last hour?”

Vassago gave the bear his due, he was actually thinking about it. “Our head enforcer, Adair. He put a hand on my arm before I came in here, but I’m surprised you can smell him from that small amount of contact.”

“You’d be surprised what I can do,” Vassago said with a grin while his brain was working fast. “Adair, Adair the Enforcer. What a delicious sounding name, hmm. I bet he looks as good as he smells.” He closed his eyes, thinking of all of the pack members Jake’d been in contact with. One of them could’ve been Adair, but Vassago wouldn’t have known about it.
As a summoned being Jake could push him to the back of his mind any time he liked, and as the little shit was always keen to be the center of attention, there were a lot of instances where Vassago wasn’t privy to what was going on around him or Jake as the case may be.

Damn. Not that Jake’s nose would have smelled this wonderful Adair anyway, but Vassago was still a little miffed that he might have lost the opportunity to meet his mate. He could…but then Vassago remembered how he’d been summoned in the first place, and that needed sorting first. He caught the bear’s eyes and said firmly, “I have to find my potestatem. It’s too dangerous for me to have my life force fall into the hands of some other person with evil on his mind, and there’s no way I can pursue a mating with that hanging over me. But please let this Adair know Vassago will be seeking him out real soon. He and I have some business to discuss.”

Vassago didn’t bother to wait and see if the bear had anything else to say. He allowed his body to dissolve into smoke, the particles getting smaller and smaller until he disappeared from sight. He’d search the cave first, and then he’d head back to Atlanta where Jake was living when he’d summoned him. There were a huge number of places Jake could have hidden his stone.

It was tempting to hang around, see Adair for himself, but Vassago knew if he did he’d be trapped. The enforcer of a pack was going to be wolf, and he wouldn’t take kindly to being left once claimed. At least once he was claimed, Vassago couldn’t be summoned by anyone else. His potestatem would be broken, and the part of his soul that it housed would be lodged in the body of his mate forever. It was with that thought in mind, Vassago sped away. He had a lot to do.

End excerpt – you can find the blurb and two other excerpts and the amazon buy link, simply by clicking HERE.

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Update – So Much To Share

My poor neglected blog; I didn’t realize it’s been months…months since I posted on here and my only defense is that I’ve been busy.  Writing, writing, writing, but considering my characters are the love of my life, who can blame me lol.

First off, I realized there was NOTHING posted on here about Harder in Heels, Book 4 in the Alpha and Omega series. No blurb page, no cover reveal…I did nothing for it, and yet that lovely book just scored me third place on the Open Skye Best Book Released in August 2016.  I loved the cover, with model Kye from Paul Henry Serres, and Asaph and Ronan are two of my favorite characters. If you missed it, you can find the details (including cover) HERE.

And, I haven’t been sitting back sipping champers and eating chocolate. No, I headed straight into another two book marathon; this time with Adair and Vassago from Cloverleah (Angel in Black Leather Pants, Book 9) which is being released on Amazon over the next twenty four hours, and I’m trying something new.

Yes, I know you all love my shifters and vampires and so do I; I adore them. But something has been bugging the back of my brain for ages, and finally I gave in, sat down, and started writing. The result, The Viper’s Heart, my first book in the Balance series featuring Angels and Demons. True mates with a twist. That will be my new release in October.

But, I haven’t forgotten my lovely shifters, Fae and Vampires.  In the coming months I am writing four short stories for the Cloverleah Pack, which will all be sold in the one volume. It will include Diablo and Griff’s trip story (I hadn’t forgotten); a brief story allowing us to reconnect with Shawn and Kane; Josh and Vadim’s honeymoon story and one more that I can’t reveal because it stems from something happening in Angel in Black Leather Pants. But suffice to say it involves the adorable Luke and his mates.  The next full story in the Cloverleah series will be “On the Brink” where Teilo finds his mates, and there are two spin off books planned from there.

Then we have Trent’s story from the Stockton Wolves series as well as a short with Sully and Q. I haven’t forgotten them either. And I am really keen to pursue the new series I mentioned at the end of Undesirable Mate and I really must finish Flying Free, the second book in the Shifter’s Uprising series.

So many men, so little time, and only ten fingers lol. But please know I’ve also made a vow to keep things a lot more “energetic” on this blog, with excerpts, reveals and competitions coming up real soon. So check in soon, and if I haven’t said it before, then I’m saying it now…


New Work

What’s Coming Next?


I am always thrilled when I hear from readers, and I do my level best to thank every single person that leaves a comment on my Facebook posts, or emails me, or comments on here. But just recently, I’ve noticed a trend in the communications I’ve been getting – along the lines of “when’s such and such coming out?” Believe it or not, this causes me a bit of a conundrum because a lot of times, the simple answer is, “I don’t know” and the reason why, is because of the way I write.

In a perfect world, a writer doesn’t even write a single word of their manuscript until they’ve done character profiles, written out time lines for each chapter of every book in an entire series, and knows exactly what is going on from the moment they write the first line of the first book. I’m not like that.

In other cases, the writer might not have things as well planned out but they can tell you how many books are going to be in a series, and how the series is going to end. I don’t do that either.

In a lot of cases writers have their publishing schedule for the next year already mapped out. Sorry, that’s not me either, and not simply because I self-publish. In fact, that is a huge reason why I do self-publish; so I can write to my own deadlines.

My writing process is quite simplistic, compared with all that planning – which incidentally I do think is a really good idea, especially if you are new to writing. I have a file on my computer filled with pictures of lovely, lovely men. Some my readers have sent me, and others I’ve found on FB and thought “Oh yes, he has a story to tell.” Needless to say, that file is huge. I see stories everywhere I look. I pick out a couple of men and print off their picture, and after I come up with a couple of names, I start to write. That’s it. I write the words my characters tell me, the scenes that play out in my head, and then after a while I think, “this book should probably end soon,” and my characters scream “Nooooooo,” and they tease a couple of extra chapters out of me, before I type the end.

None of that would be so bad, if I’d stuck to writing just one series at a time. But my mind is fickle. I might read a book, or watch a video on Youtube and think “I wonder what would happen if….” Well, you get the picture. Another book is born. My newest one, Harder in Heels, which is an Alpha and Omega story stemmed from watching a guy in heels dancing on Youtube. I can tell you that book will be out on August 10th because it’s already finished.

I love my series – my packs, the characters I’ve cried and laughed with, I really do. But sometimes my mind rebels and says “I want to write something different.” That’s how the Alpha and Omega series started, the Bound and Bonded series and my wolf/vampire book – The Power of the Bite. I purposefully made the Alpha and Omega series single, standalone books – so I could write something cheesy and fun, with a standard trope and have fun with it. The Power of the Bite, with the Portrain pack and coven – there are at least three more stories that could be written in that series, but I couldn’t tell you when it was going to happen. Stockton Wolves wasn’t even supposed to be a series, but I now know there’s going to be five books with that one, possibly more.

So what does this all boil down too? That a lot of the time, when asked about a specific book, or the next one in a series – the best answer I can manage is “soon.” I can tell you right now that Harder in Heels is finished. I did the cover for that today, and I’ve just got the edits to do. I am writing Sully and Q’s story, AND Adair and Vassago’s story – the next Cloverleah book will definitely be out in September. But as for what comes next? I’m not sure. I want to write Trent’s story from Stockton Wolves. I’m keen to start writing the first book in my new series spin-off from Bound and Bonded with Phillip and Kellen. But lately I’ve been thinking about Angels and Demons and I have some really delicious pictures of possible characters. So yet another series could be in my very near future.

I know this might be frustrating for some readers. I know what it’s like to anticipate something, and I’m thrilled and honored that one of the things you anticipate is a certain book from me. But at my very core, I’m a writer, and I am a slave to my characters. I write the stories of the men who yell the loudest on any given day and the rest have to patiently wait their turn. Then there’s life. It happens and sometimes it interferes with the writing process – like when I moved house, or when my marriage ended. I do my best to stop life from interfering with what I love to do, but it happens.

Ultimately, I have the perfect life. I get up every day and I do something I love to do every day – yep, I even write on weekends. I’ve learned over time that the way for me to write the best book I possibly can, is to relax into my process and just let it happen – oh, and thoroughly appreciate my editor of course, because my books have improved tenfold since she started giving me a hand. My methods are different to some, but they work for me. So if you’re tempted to ask about a book that’s not the next A&O one, or the next CP one, or Sully and Q’s story, the answer you get is “soon”. Then you’ll know as much as I do lol.

Thank you everyone for your amazing support. You are wonderful 🙂

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