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I am always thrilled when I hear from readers, and I do my level best to thank every single person that leaves a comment on my Facebook posts, or emails me, or comments on here. But just recently, I’ve noticed a trend in the communications I’ve been getting – along the lines of “when’s such and such coming out?” Believe it or not, this causes me a bit of a conundrum because a lot of times, the simple answer is, “I don’t know” and the reason why, is because of the way I write.

In a perfect world, a writer doesn’t even write a single word of their manuscript until they’ve done character profiles, written out time lines for each chapter of every book in an entire series, and knows exactly what is going on from the moment they write the first line of the first book. I’m not like that.

In other cases, the writer might not have things as well planned out but they can tell you how many books are going to be in a series, and how the series is going to end. I don’t do that either.

In a lot of cases writers have their publishing schedule for the next year already mapped out. Sorry, that’s not me either, and not simply because I self-publish. In fact, that is a huge reason why I do self-publish; so I can write to my own deadlines.

My writing process is quite simplistic, compared with all that planning – which incidentally I do think is a really good idea, especially if you are new to writing. I have a file on my computer filled with pictures of lovely, lovely men. Some my readers have sent me, and others I’ve found on FB and thought “Oh yes, he has a story to tell.” Needless to say, that file is huge. I see stories everywhere I look. I pick out a couple of men and print off their picture, and after I come up with a couple of names, I start to write. That’s it. I write the words my characters tell me, the scenes that play out in my head, and then after a while I think, “this book should probably end soon,” and my characters scream “Nooooooo,” and they tease a couple of extra chapters out of me, before I type the end.

None of that would be so bad, if I’d stuck to writing just one series at a time. But my mind is fickle. I might read a book, or watch a video on Youtube and think “I wonder what would happen if….” Well, you get the picture. Another book is born. My newest one, Harder in Heels, which is an Alpha and Omega story stemmed from watching a guy in heels dancing on Youtube. I can tell you that book will be out on August 10th because it’s already finished.

I love my series – my packs, the characters I’ve cried and laughed with, I really do. But sometimes my mind rebels and says “I want to write something different.” That’s how the Alpha and Omega series started, the Bound and Bonded series and my wolf/vampire book – The Power of the Bite. I purposefully made the Alpha and Omega series single, standalone books – so I could write something cheesy and fun, with a standard trope and have fun with it. The Power of the Bite, with the Portrain pack and coven – there are at least three more stories that could be written in that series, but I couldn’t tell you when it was going to happen. Stockton Wolves wasn’t even supposed to be a series, but I now know there’s going to be five books with that one, possibly more.

So what does this all boil down too? That a lot of the time, when asked about a specific book, or the next one in a series – the best answer I can manage is “soon.” I can tell you right now that Harder in Heels is finished. I did the cover for that today, and I’ve just got the edits to do. I am writing Sully and Q’s story, AND Adair and Vassago’s story – the next Cloverleah book will definitely be out in September. But as for what comes next? I’m not sure. I want to write Trent’s story from Stockton Wolves. I’m keen to start writing the first book in my new series spin-off from Bound and Bonded with Phillip and Kellen. But lately I’ve been thinking about Angels and Demons and I have some really delicious pictures of possible characters. So yet another series could be in my very near future.

I know this might be frustrating for some readers. I know what it’s like to anticipate something, and I’m thrilled and honored that one of the things you anticipate is a certain book from me. But at my very core, I’m a writer, and I am a slave to my characters. I write the stories of the men who yell the loudest on any given day and the rest have to patiently wait their turn. Then there’s life. It happens and sometimes it interferes with the writing process – like when I moved house, or when my marriage ended. I do my best to stop life from interfering with what I love to do, but it happens.

Ultimately, I have the perfect life. I get up every day and I do something I love to do every day – yep, I even write on weekends. I’ve learned over time that the way for me to write the best book I possibly can, is to relax into my process and just let it happen – oh, and thoroughly appreciate my editor of course, because my books have improved tenfold since she started giving me a hand. My methods are different to some, but they work for me. So if you’re tempted to ask about a book that’s not the next A&O one, or the next CP one, or Sully and Q’s story, the answer you get is “soon”. Then you’ll know as much as I do lol.

Thank you everyone for your amazing support. You are wonderful 🙂

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Meet The Characters – Mace’s Awakening

Hi everyone, so excited because Mace’s Awakening is live today on Amazon.com.  As a lot of you know, I always pick out the pictures of my two MCs before I even think about writing. Today I want to introduce you to Mace and Roan.


This is Mace – I have to admit this was not the original photo I was using for my inspiration, but somehow that one got lost when I transferred files to my new computer. But this guy here is a good facsimile of him. In my book he doesn’t have as much hair on the top of his head or on his face, but that attitude is pure Mace.


Roan is truly pretty, at least I think so. Despite having a really hard life, he’s a warm and caring person, with a surprising amount of backbone when it counts. But you only have to look at those eyes to understand why I had to give him his HEA.

Check out my previous posts for cover reveal and blurb, and yesterday I posted an excerpt. You can order the book from Amazon here, and it’ll be available at other outlets within the week.

Have a great day peoples 🙂

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Had to share an excerpt

Hi everyone, as you know I’ve been running around like a headless chicken getting things sorted for Mace’s Awakening, now available on pre-order at Amazon.com.  This is book 3 of the Stockton Wolves series, and the first book I’ve written with a human MC, which was interesting and challenging all at the same time – especially seeing as Mace was straight.

Just to tempt your fancy, here’s an excerpt, where Mace finds out he has a mate.

“Morning,” he [Mace] grunted, slipping into the seat across from Dimitri. “Where’s your shadow this morning?”

“At home, coping with Roan,” Dimitri said bluntly. “Seems there’s a lot more going on with the young pup than we first imagined.”

Mace was just about to take a sip of coffee, and he quickly set the cup down as his hands started to shake. “What do you mean? Is he hurt? Is he in some kind of trouble?” He said urgently. Mace didn’t know why he cared about the young man, but there was no denying the churning in his gut at the thought something might be wrong.

“You’re not going to want to hear this,” Dimitri said, keeping his voice low. “But you have to and I’ll explain why, after.”

Mace barely kept from crushing his coffee mug as Dimitri outlined what he and Shane learned the night before. To think someone so young, had been sold since he was fifteen, repeatedly, to men who abused him and treated him like a slave was bad enough. To hear Roan thought the way he’d been treated was normal and he’d expected to be sold again was an outrage.

“Where did he get the idea I’d sold him to you guys? I don’t even know him and never met him before yesterday,” Mace whispered angrily.

He took the last mouthful of his coffee, and promptly sprayed it all over the table as Dimitri said, “You’re his mate.”

“I can’t be,” Mace muttered as he quickly wiped the spilled coffee with some napkins. He knew exactly what being a mate meant. He didn’t do commitment; he barely even dated. And when he did date it was someone in skirt, not pants.

“Roan knows you’re straight, and he now knows that you didn’t realize your connection when you met. Incidentally that’s the only reason you caught him – you being mates. He got a whiff of your scent and couldn’t get his feet to move.”

“But…he thought I’d…how can anyone…?”

“He’s been raised with some pretty bizarre notions,” Dimitri agreed. “It’s going to take a lot of time, patience and understanding to break his training. Shane’s at home now trying to convince him that he doesn’t have to clean the whole house, or cook meals for everyone. You can imagine how Kalel felt this morning bursting into the kitchen to find Roan had already cooked. It was world war three in there at one point.”

“And he thinks we’re mates?” Mace wondered if that’s why he’d had such an inappropriate reaction to the young man the night before; why he felt the urge to go straight to Dimitri’s and sweep Roan into his arms and keep him there.

“He knows you’re his mate,” Dimitri said firmly. “You’re going to have to trust me on this. We know, people like me and the others, we know. I knew the second I scented Shane after my first shift. He didn’t because he hadn’t shifted for the first time yet. But I knew and I never forgot his scent.”

“But you ran away. You left him and didn’t come back into his life for eight years.” Mace remembered hearing the story not long after he’d become an unofficial member of Dimitri’s pack.

“I did. I’m not proud of my reaction. In my defense, I was young. I’d been screwing girls for years. Same-sex matings weren’t allowed in my home pack, and they still aren’t tolerated that well now. But it was stupid because eventually my wolf wouldn’t allow me to get close to anyone, and I missed Shane like crazy. I had no choice but to hunt him down, and I’ve thanked the Fates every day since that he forgave me and let me claim him.”

“I don’t know what you want me to say. What should I do?”

Dimitri looked at him and if Mace didn’t know better he’d think the big man was being compassionate; Dimitri was only kind to his mate. He was proven wrong when Dimitri spoke. “I can’t tell you what to do,” he said softly. “I do know that Roan is an omega wolf, and they think differently than others. Shane could handle being on his own, and he was strong enough to leave our home pack and forge a life for himself, but then he hasn’t got an omega bone in his body. He still found it tough. Omegas need to be looked after. They’re usually mated to alphas strong enough to protect them and keep them safe. Roan’s been abused by everyone in his life before now, including his parents who had him simply so they could sell him. You’ve rejected him twice already. In his heart he knows you’re human but his wolf is feeling like he’s not wanted and this could break him.”

“So basically, what you’re telling me is that I have no choice but to be with him. Even though I’ve never thought of having a man in my life like that; even though I’m married to my work and would make a lousy partner for anyone. Just because Roan’s a special kind of wolf, I’ve no choice but to have him as a mate?”

“You have every choice in the world,” Dimitri snapped, getting to his feet and throwing money on the table. The grumpy Alpha Mace was familiar with was back. “It’s a pity Roan doesn’t have the same choices you do. I get it, I do. I’ve been where you are. But if you can’t help Roan, then stay away the hell away from him. The pack will make sure he’s taken care of.”

Dimitri stalked out of the coffee house looking every inch the predator he was. Mace’d never felt uncomfortable in the man’s presence before, not even when he’d changed into a wolf and tore out a killer’s throat right in front of him. But as he signaled the waitress for another cup of coffee, he had a feeling he’d just made a horrible mistake.

End Excerpt

Of course, I always write stories with happy endings, so Mace will get his crap together, but it takes a bit of time.  You can pre-order your copy simply by clicking here. Available July 19th.


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Cover Reveal and Blurb – Mace’s Awakening

actual cover copy

It’s on Pre-Order and due for release July 19th.  So freaking thrilled, because Mace was a stubborn SOB and this book took some sorting out. I’ve posted the blurb below and keep an eye on the blog for excerpts coming through the week.


Book 3 Stockton Wolves series – can be read as standalone. Complete story.

Roan didn’t expect to be put in a jail cell by the man who was meant to be his mate. But it wasn’t as though his life had ever been easy. In his world Omega wolves were sold as soon as they became useful, and he’d been trained his whole life in the arts of keeping a clean house and a Master happy. Unfortunately for him, being looked after was the last thing his mate seemed to want or need.

Mace was happy enough in his life. Women seemed attracted to his bad boy looks and his surly attitude. They never stuck around, but then he was married to his job, so he didn’t mind being alone at nights. And he had a pack. Okay, that wasn’t something he’d been raised to believe in, but he’d spent enough time with Shane and Dimitri and the rest of the guys to know they were like anyone else. They just sprouted fur on occasion, and ran on four legs instead of two. So when Dimitri confronted him with the fact that the cute little shifter he’d booked the day before was his mate, he had a lot of thinking to do – dealing with man bits was the least of his problems.

A serial killer with blond women in his sights, a whole host of misunderstandings, and the protective antics of Kalel, the cutest little cat shifter in existence, are just some of the hurdles these two men are going to have to overcome before they can have their HEA.

Warning: contains an Omega shifter who will break your heart, a gruff human detective who has a lot to learn about mates, and a pack that works overtime to keep their members safe. Contains M/M intimate situations and off page references to child abuse. If these are triggers for you, please don’t buy. As always, no cheating, no cliffhangers and an HEA guaranteed.

Available for pre-order now on Amazon.com

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Oh Wow – Having a Happy Dance Moment

Hi all, I know, this poor blog gets so neglected but most days I am scribbling furiously, trying to catch up on my book schedule.  But today I had some news that I just had to share – I’m a finalist in the Passionate Plume Contest, run by Passionateink.org. Look 🙂 I’ve been included for The Power Of The Bite in their Paranormal and Time Travel Section – woo hoo!!!!

Oh wow








I am super dooper thrilled. Unfortunately I won’t be at the conference, so I won’t have a chance to meet the winners, but considering this is the first ever finalist list I’ve ever been on, I am doing a happy dance big time.

Some one likes my book lol.

In other news, Mace’s Awakening will be out this month! Yes, the long awaited book 3 in the Stockton Wolves series is finally done and going through it’s edits. I will be posting excerpts and pictures and all of that other stuff real soon. Next month Harder in Heels, a new Alpha and Omega book will be out, and in September, finally Angel In Black Leather Pants, which will be book 9 in the Cloverleah Pack will be released. I know there are some other short stories you are all waiting for, plus the second book in the Shifter’s Uprising series, and I promise they haven’t been forgotten. I am learning how to write two different stories at the same time.

Have an awesome day peoples and thank you all for your support 🙂

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