A little peak at Griff and Diablo

Hi everyone, as you know Scenes From Cloverleah #1 is due out in just three days so I thought I’d put up a little excerpt to wet your taste buds. This is from the first story (of four in the book) starring Griff and Diablo.


Griff could feel Diablo’s oppressive anger lift the longer they ran. The forest area around his mother-in-law’s house wasn’t as established as the ones in Cloverleah, but they offered plenty of opportunity to stretch their legs and play, and that’s something Griff believed Diablo needed; the chance to play. He couldn’t imagine what it must be like to never know a parental figure, but Griff was sure Diablo was more hurt by the fact that his mom kept secrets from him. He wanted to ask Diablo if he’d ever asked after his father, but he didn’t want to appear to be taking sides.

After running, and jumping at each other for over an hour, Diablo stopped by the side of a river. Actually it was more like a creek, but from the sharp angles in the bank, Griff guessed the little stream turned into a raging torrent when winter snows thawed. There was a slight shimmer in the air, and the massive black panther disappeared, Diablo’s slender form revealed. Yum. Muscles. Griff quickly instigated his own shift before his hard on made it difficult.

“I used to come out here all the time,” Diablo said, flopping on the grass and staring at the sky. “When I hit my teens, Mom used to let me camp out here with my friends from school. They were always human of course, so my cat wasn’t allowed to play, but I could have as much fun on two legs as I did on four.”

“Ghost stories, burnt hot dogs and chatting about girls?” Griff teased as he lay beside his mate. The sun was warm on his skin, but the looks Diablo was giving him were making him hotter.

“More like dick comparisons and blow jobs,” Diablo said. “I was openly gay in school. Camping with a few friends was a form of sex education for all concerned.”

Griff growled. He knew on a logical level neither he nor Diablo were virgins when they met. But his wolf preferred to believe his mate came to him untouched. It didn’t help when Diablo laughed.

“You didn’t do that?” Diablo said between chuckles. “You didn’t run off with a couple of pack members, eyeing dicks when you shifted?”

“Of course I looked,” Griff said. His cheeks were hot and it had nothing to do with the sun. “But there were no blowjobs or anything else until after Kane and I were thrown out of our home pack.”

“Would you like to do that?” Diablo lay back and gripped his cock, lazily running his hand up and down as though he had all the time in the world. His body lapped up the sun like a god and Griff’s body reacted in an expected manner at the erotic sight. “Would you like to go camping sometime; compare dick sizes and swap blowjobs in the cramped confines of a tent?”

“Who said we needed a tent.” Griff leaned over, knocking Diablo’s hand off his dick. “All I ever need is you,” he growled softly as he nudged Diablo’s cock with his nose, before taking the head of it in his mouth. Diablo’s body tensed, his hands fisted into the grass, his hips twitching as if he were fighting the urge to thrust. Griff held on, not moving, simply tonguing the mushroomed head in his mouth. The one thing he’d been blessed with was an abundance of was patience; not Diablo’s strong suit.

End Excerpt – there’s more in the book of course. If you haven’t already, then head over to Amazon and hit the pre-order link. The book’s available November 6th; and if you have already one-clicked, then THANK YOU !!!!!!!

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  1. Cali

    Holy camole! I get so hot when I read about these two !! Is is the 6th yet?!

  2. Judy Stone

    Can’t wait to read this, Lisa! It’ll be fun catching up with the guys. I already ‘one-clicked’ Scenes from Cloverleah. Guess what I’ll be reading Sunday?

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    Damn is that hot!!!

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    So excited! !!