A Spot Of Help Please

Hi blog readers, you may remember I mentioned the other day about a new Alpha and Omega book I want to write.  Well, the first part of my writing process is finding the two men that will be my love interest in the book (I love the research side of this lol).

Anyhow, I went looking for a small, pretty Omega, and a sexy hunk of an Alpha – clichéd maybe, but then my Alpha and Omega series is for the more fun love stories I write as there are no long term storylines in any of them – each book is completely standalone. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I have found two candidates for both the Alpha and the Omega.  I think they are all lovely, but who do you think would make the perfect couple.

The Omegas are here:

AandO Bk 2 omega 1

AandO Omega 2

Now remember the Omega will be small, sassy – this one is a clothing designer and works part time in a night club.

And the Alpha picks for this one are:

AandO Bk 2 Alpha 1 AandO Bk 2 Alpha 2

The Alpha in this book is a policeman, hides his wolf nature and his sexuality and plays by the rules in everything.

So, picking one Omega and one Alpha, who do you see making the perfect couple for my next book?

Thank you 🙂

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56 responses to A Spot Of Help Please

  1. Laurie P

    Short haired Omega (don’t be fooled by that sweet innocent look, it’s hides a ton of mischief) and the dark haired Alpha (OMG, his eyes are to die for)

  2. Debra

    The blonde Omega(top photo) and the dark haired Alpha (bottom photo) nice contrast in coloring. They are both handsome and both fit your description of the characters.

  3. Jackie Jensen

    Hmm, I would have to say for the omega use the one with the multicolored shirt. He looks more fashionable to me (not that I know a lot about fashion of course). And for the alpha use the dark haired one with the blue eyes. He looks so intense, like he may have a secret to hide. Plus I think he’s absolutely gorgeous… But that’s just me. I’ll love whoever you choose, I always do!

  4. Caligirl

    Hello Ms. Lisa!!

    The top picture for the Omega, and the bottom picture for the Alpha!!

  5. joanna scott

    the second for both they look like a match

  6. Pamela Isaacson

    Of the omega pics, I like the top one…but would be even better with color streaks in his hair, or just at the tips.
    Of the alpha pics, I like the bottom pic…too much trouble to shave everyday when saving the world!

  7. Lisao79

    Thank you, all of you, for your input – I am going to have to write stories about all four men as they are all so lovely. I loved the comment about the FBI thing, or maybe a detective (because I can already see their meeting in my head) and can’t have the Alpha too high up in law enforcement for that to work.
    I love all of the possible pairings lol. Have to do more thinking – could you imagine both Alphas together – yum, I can 🙂

  8. Caligirl

    The top picture of the Alpha could be in construction by day and a bouncer by night…

  9. Lisao79

    I’m not teasing, Caligirl, lol. Okay, I decided to go with the dark Omega and the dark Alpha for this particular story. I wanted to pair light and dark together, BUT, that cheeky grin on the blond Omega’s face and the arrogance of the blond Alpha – I just have to pair them together in another story, because sparks will fly in that one. So I am going with the sweet but really colourful dark Omega, paired with the ‘too busy to shave” dark Alpha for this story – I can see him in law enforcement lol

    • Caligirl

      The two that you have not used out of the four, you could use in your next book? or a combo of others with these two…?

      • Lisao79

        Hi Caligirl, yes the other two will be the focus of the next Alpha and Omega book – couldn’t leave those two without a story lol

  10. Caligirl

    Your head, Ms. Lisa may be crazy, but it IS the best place to be!!

  11. Fiona

    Hi Lisa, the darker haired omega and the darker haired (face shot) alpha. Love those two.

  12. Aly

    Hi for the omagah I would say the bottom one he looks cute and the alpha the top one he is hot .plus they would look together but saying that they all look good

    • Lisao79

      You were right Aly, it wasn’t an easy choice, but I am going with the two dark haired ones together in this book – the eyes on the Omega are so expressive and besides the two blonds together will be fireworks – all that arrogance and sass, that will be the next book 🙂

      • aly

        hi can’t wait for your next book all the one’s I have read have been great saving the last one you did for my birthday . ha ha

        • Lisao79

          Thank you so much Aly – hopefully this next one will be out in the next few weeks 🙂 It’s going well but my Alpha is a real SOB and I’ve somehow got to make him loveable by the end of the book lol

  13. Gee

    I’m glad you decided on the dark omega with the dark Alpha. I know it wasn’t an easy decision. The dark omega looks shy and sweet and the dark alpha looks like he could have a protective streak. I hope the Alpha is a detective he has the look. I can’t wait for the two blondes though. I can kind of see it in my head; the omega is going to bring the alpha down a notch. That story is going to be everything. Looking forward to both. I always love your stories because they feel real. (Even with the paranormal element)

    • Lisao79

      Thank you Gee – yes the story is flowing brilliantly and the omega is shy and quiet with his few spots of color, while the Alpha – well he turned out to be an SOB but I he’s got good reasons and he is coming right now. Should be out in a few weeks, so keep an eye on the blog – it’s called “Dancing Around The Cop.” 🙂

  14. AElisa

    The blond omega and the dark haired alpha! Can’t wait! Then again, I’m always anxious for your next book.

    • Lisao79

      Hopefully you won’t be disappointed that I have paired the dark haired Alpha (now known as Zander) with the dark haired Omega (now called Terry) – their book is almost finished. Although I liked the other pairings, I really felt the cheeky blond Omega and the staunch “nobody f**ks with me” blond Alpha were a match made in heaven lol, and their book will be coming soon 🙂

      • AElisa

        Nah! Haven’t been disappointed with any of your characters to date. 🙂

        I was actually divided on the Omega since there were qualities of both I liked. I wish I could have smashed them up into one and then made them twins. One for each alpha. 😉

        • Lisao79

          I like how you think 🙂 But the cheekiness of the blond really got to me, and when I saw the other arrogant one, yep I had to put them together and see the sparks fly lol

        • Caligirl

          Now that Ms AElisa is an idea!! Twin Alphas for Twin Omegas!!

          • Lisao79

            What an awesome idea – oh crap now I have to find twins because my brain is racing again – Alpha and Omega twins, can you imagine? Oh double crap, I can and that means I had really better get back to writing because I can see another story coming up welling up in my head

  15. Caligirl

    okay…you asked for it!!