A spot of introspection means edits in my future

Hi everyone,

First of all thank you to everyone who peppered my Facebook wall yesterday with birthday messages, greetings and pictures.  I had the most wonderful day.  My children took me out to lunch, and then came back to mine later in the day complete with grandchildren, presents and the most amazing cake I had ever seen.  I should have taken a picture of it, but didn’t.  Suffice to say it was chocolate, with chocolate icing, chocolate cream, surrounded in kit kat bars and the entire top was covered in chocolate buttons and M and Ms.  Totally amazing, decadently sweet and I now seriously need to think about a diet. Thanks to you all on Facebook, and my wonderful family I felt spoiled, loved and cherished and it warmed my heart. Some of the pictures I got on FB warmed some other parts as well, lol, as you can see below.

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My plan today was to do some serious work on my latest book, Watching Out For Fangs, which will be book 7 in the Cloverleah Pack series – Josh’s story.  But I have been having a bit of a niggle, you know that voice in your brain that sometimes just won’t shut up, and I am worried that the introspection I have been doing in my own life has been leaking into my characters.  For some reason, Josh and his mate Vadim seem to do a lot of thinking, and while that is fine in it’s place, I think I have got too much of that down on paper, which slows the story right down – not a good thing.

So yesterday/this morning I read through The Reluctant Wolf again – my first book to see where I might be going wrong.  I know there were editing issues with TRW (yes they make me cringe now I know a bit better – I must fix them one day) but the story had a good pace. WOFF doesn’t do that, not exactly and as much as I hate the thought, I am going to go back and do some serious editing on this new one. It means publication will be delayed, but you know how important it is to me to get the story right. In this case the story line is fine, but I think there is a bit too much of me, and a too little of my characters in the way the story is written, so it is time for select and cut.

Enjoy your day 🙂

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4 responses to A spot of introspection means edits in my future

  1. Caligirl

    Ms. Lisa!

    You take all the time you need to hon!! WE WILL BE WAITING!! I for one can not wait for Josh and Vadim!!

  2. Edward Hawks

    I am currently reading Andrew Holleran, love his work, have his autograph, somewhere! I prefer printed books!