A Tiger’s Tale is Live!!!!

It’s live, it’s live – happy dance time 🙂 A Tiger’s Tale is now live on Amazon and will be up on other sites after Tuesday.  Thank you so much for all the lovely supportive comments I’ve been getting here and on Facebook. I love writing my stories, but your support is so helpful to me.

For those of you who are still on the fence about this one – I do admit it’s a new field for me. MPREG – I had to look it up when I first heard the expression, but now it is one of my favorite genres to read.  Any how, I have posted another excerpt. Have a brilliant day peoples and thank you again for your lovely messages of support 🙂


“We have to talk.” Ra stayed by the bedroom door, his arms crossed, his features firm. He was not going to be swayed by Seth’s gorgeous body, sprawled out among his pillows. He was not going to be tempted by that slender cock hardening under his gaze. Nope. Seth said good relationships came from communicating and he had things he had to say.

“Can’t you at least cuddle me while you lecture me?” Seth asked and oh, those blue eyes of his were so soft and warm and….

“Properly talk,” Ra held himself back through sheer force of will. “You said we needed to communicate. If I get on that bed, then you’ll kiss me and your arms will be around me….” Fuck this is harder than I thought it would be. Because Ra could see it in his mind’s eye, could already feel Seth’s lithe body draped over his and damn, his cock tried to point out it’d been a long day.

“I don’t think you were very fair to me with this whole Simpson affair,” he continued, ignoring his persistent body part. “You lied by omission, you deliberately set out to divert my attention every time I mentioned your attack. You clouded my brain with sex those few times I tried to have a meaningful conversation with you, and that’s not the way to treat a true mate. You should’ve talked to me; been honest with me.”

A kaleidoscope of emotions flew across Seth’s face. Hurt, Ra could recognize, and anger, but there was a myriad of others that passed too fast for Ra to identify. Settling for nothing more than a bland mask, Seth grabbed his robe from the edge of the bed and slipped it over his shoulders. “What do you suggest I do about it?” He said, tying the belt roughly around his middle and crossing his arms.

“Er….” Ra hadn’t got that far in his thinking process. In his head, he’d firmly state the ways he felt he’d been mistreated, Seth would say sorry and promise never to do it again and then they’d fall into bed together and exchange bodily fluids. Seth wasn’t following the script. “Well,” he huffed. “I’m very hurt that you don’t trust me. You didn’t know for sure my tiger would hunt down Simpson and Gareth if I knew they were the attackers.”

Seth snorted. Ra decided to try a different tact. “Using sex as a means of shutting me up and stopping me thinking about important matters such as your safety is underhanded.”

“Oh.” Ra didn’t like the tone of that single syllable one bit. “So, are you saying you haven’t liked the sex we’ve been having? Did you touch me under duress, did you feel forced in any way?”

Ra frowned. “No, of course not. I want you all the time and I loved every minute of it.”

“So, what’s the problem?” Seth arched an eyebrow and damn, that look was sexy too.

“Everything,” Ra shouted, unsure when exactly he’d lost control of the conversation, but knowing he had. “On Thursday I asked who your attackers were and you kissed me. Friday, I asked if someone had got in touch regarding the town meeting. I got a blowjob. Last night, I knew something was bothering you and yet before I had a chance to say a word I had my mouth filled with steak, followed by your cock. Every time I ask you if you’re okay, you pull out the lube.”

“You poor, poor tiger,” Seth examined his fingernails. “Must be terrible to have such an oversexed mate.”

End Excerpt – I really loved Ra as I am sure you can tell.  You can buy your copy now from Amazon – it will be up on Smashwords and other related sites after the 14th.

Hug the one you love 🙂

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8 responses to A Tiger’s Tale is Live!!!!

  1. Lorraine Lesar

    Yes it is! And a 5* review as well (not that I was expecting anything else). Congratulations.

  2. April Hansen

    Love love love the book. Just finished it. Ra, Seth and the gang are wonderfully funny and bad ass at the same time. Another world I am glad to peek into.

  3. LaurieP

    Loved it! And now the wait begins for your next book…did I mention I hate waiting?

  4. Alyse

    Ra and Seth’s relationship was very real to me as they had the ups and downs I’d expect of two people who are still trying to get to know each other. I really hope you do another book in this series I’d love for all the boys to find mates 😉

    Can’t wait for your next release!

  5. Micki

    I loved this book. Your foray into mpreg was great. I have read many mpreg books and some I was like “Whaaaaaaat?!?” and others were believable and “aaaawwwww”. You made yours believable and I wanted to just cry for Ra and Seth. Ra was so funny. His bumbling with trying to be loving and romantic sometimes made me what to go “give him a cheat sheet,” haha. I hope to see more of the gang and townspeople.

    • Lisao79

      Thank you Micki – I am not sure, even if you gave poor Ra a cheatsheet it would help – he seemed to put his foot in it at the funniest of moments lol. I will definitely be writing more in this series 🙂 Have a great day 🙂

  6. Lesa

    I am so glad you made this foray into m-preg. Every minute of this book was utter catnip that I was lolling in, just awesome. Thank you for the another great read.