A word about Comments – Spammers don’t bother


Okay, there is a part of me that should be pleased that my little blog is now attracting attention through search engine searches. But honestly I set this blog up for my readers – people who love the type of books I write, and who want to know a bit more about the process.  So I am perhaps understandably peeved (that’s the polite way of putting it) at the high number of spam comments I have been getting.

So to all spam commenters – please note.

I moderate every single comment I get.  If there are links in the comment I delete the comment.  If the comment doesn’t pertain to the post it is attached to – I throw the comment in the spam bin. I am not interested in seo analysis, increased traffic surges, or increased google rankings.  I definitely don’t want to know how I can get increased content for my site by copy and pasting someone else’s articles. I love writing my own content. I don’t want to know about the latest weight loss methods, or how to increase the size of the penis I don’t have.

My blog is my personal space.  Somewhere, where I can express my opinions, share my WIPs and my love of paranormal gay erotic romances.  I share this space, and my thoughts, with friends.  Readers who love this genre as much as I do and the men that inspire my stories.  This blog is not an income earner, or a means for me to “make it online”. It is a special place (to me) where I can share what I love with my friends, my readers. And I’m not going to let my space be defiled by spam comments.

Be warned – spammers have no place on this blog. Go elsewhere.

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13 responses to A word about Comments – Spammers don’t bother

  1. Caligirl

    Hello Ms. Lisa!! Hope your New Year Eve celebration was awesome!

    Yea they are VERY VERY ANNOYING!!


    • Lisao79

      Time consuming nuisances Caligirl – but I can handle that – Book 6 in February 🙂

      • Caligirl

        too bad you couldn’t get their IP addresses and block them that way.

        • Lisao79

          You are brilliant sweetie 🙂 I hadn’t thought of that and I do get the IP address of everyone who posts a comment. Hehe, never knew I could do such a thing, but I am off to learn how. Thank you 🙂

          • Caligirl

            You are very welcome!! Glad I could be of service and a help!! let me know how you did it! My Son did some thing for me like this…do not remember how!! He will be able to show me when he moves back home!!

            • Lisao79

              Well I’ve taken the IP addresses of the spam content and put them in the comment blacklist, but given that the IP addresses are all different, I am guessing this might be a hard slog until I have got them all 🙂 But yes, thank you so much.

              • Caligirl

                You are very welcome hon!! 😀 several years ago it took me almost two weeks to get rid of all of the spam emails!! Once you block or in this case spam an IP address you should not have any thing more from that particular address…

  2. Lisao79

    Okay, now I need to learn about nested comments lol – not to do it that is – thanks for pointing it out sweetie 🙂

  3. durilda

    Spam is really annoying, I agree with you.

    But some thoughts about the IP-Blocking mentioned here:
    I don’t exactly know about other countries, but I’m pretty sure its the same as here in Germany: the IP adress for normal persons changes everytime you (or your router..) log in to your internet. Therefore its not possible to block a single person just by the ip adress.
    Also other people from the same region might get this ip adress and are blocked from your site, even if they haven’t done anything wrong.
    Mostly spam comments also come from bots not human persons. That’s why many sites have something like captchas, bots are usually too stupid to get the captchas right -> therefore no comment.

    There might be plugins for wordpress to automatically detect spam and handle them.

    Btw: I love your books 😉