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If you are wondering where the name for this blog came from, you can thank my beautiful daughter, Holly.  We were chatting about how I could brand (Gosh, I loathe that word) my love of writing gay erotic romance books, along with my love of reading and reviewing in the same genre.  It was Holly that came up with the blog name, and I have to admit I think it is kinda cute.

Any how, for those that don’t know me, I am the author of the Cloverleah Pack Series and the Bound and Bonded series.  I was also privileged to write a story for this years MMRomance group on Goodreads, called “Get off my Case” (which is available as a free read for group members). Although I have only been writing fiction for the past year, I have been a writer for more than twenty writing non-fiction books, academic proposals and magazine articles.

Because I love to read, and indeed spend as much time in my working day reading as I do writing, I have also decided to open this site up for reviews.  If you want your book considered and you can tick the following boxes:-

MM romance or erotica

Has paranormal or supernatural element- i.e. shifters, vampires, magic etc

Is a standalone book – not a serial part of a longer story

Then please feel free to check out my Review page for more instructions.  I would love to hear from you.

Please respect the fact that this is my blog.  I understand that some of the views I might share do not appeal to everybody.  I will not apologize for any adult content that may be on these pages (and in fact definitely will be on these pages).  If this stuff is not for you then I can direct you to Google, where you can find something more to your taste.

Any questions, comments or if you want to recommend me a decent book (that ticks the boxes above) or a new author, please feel free to use my Contact page.

Have a nice day – I know I will 🙂

Lisa Oliver



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  1. Aly

    Just want to let u know your books are great can’t wait for the next to be out. Keep up the good work

  2. Cali

    Hey hon, how are you doing? How is that beautiful grandbaby doing? How is YOUR health? I hope all is well.

  3. Inie Holtman

    Reading the Alpha and Omega series. Wow, they are great. Thanks !!

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