The Biker’s Omega

Book 1 Alpha and Omega Series by Lisa Oliver

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Can be read as a standalone

Marly Miles has been happy in his life as a lone Omega wolf, living and working among the humans of Orlando, Florida. When an attack on him and his friend brings Marly to the notice of the Sergeant of Arms of the Epitaph’s Motorcycle Club, he realizes immediately that the man carries the same scent as his attackers. Not a very good start when the same man is also his mate.

Alpha wolf, Trent Beaumont has spent a lot of years living as a human when he walked away from his home pack. Forced to live as a straight man, because of the Epitaph’s club culture, he walks away from Marly after checking the man is safe. But no wolf, not even an Alpha, can refuse the mating call from the Fates. But with his President looking over his shoulder, and a woman panting after him to share his bed, Trent isn’t sure it will ever be the right time to claim his own Omega.

Fights, misunderstandings and a lack of communication aren’t the only problems Trent and Marly face. Trent has a history that has clouded his judgment and when Marly gets attacked again, Trent realizes he could lose his mate permanently, if he doesn’t get his head out of the sand.

Warning: Contains one hot biker, a beautiful twink with a sassy mouth, and a ton of misunderstandings. Graphic m/m sex, violence and strong language.


As he got closer, Marly could see that his mate actually was asleep and in the half light of the hallway, Marly used his wolf’s eyes to pick out the features of his potential Alpha. In sleep, the man looked a lot more relaxed, with high cheekbones accentuated by the man’s short hair, a straight nose, and thin but perfectly formed red lips. The man was huge, there was no discounting that, but Marly was fascinated by the tattoos that appeared to cover his whole arms, before disappearing under the man’s wife beater. Nipping an idle thought of licking every one of the lines on those tattoos firmly in the bud, Marly approached quietly and laid his hand on the man’s shoulder.

“Hey,” he said softly. “You can’t go sleeping in my doorway. You’ll catch a chill.” Damn, could he be any more of a dweeb? Wolf shifters never caught chills. But Marly couldn’t deny he felt a twinge of concern for the big shifter and he wondered how long the man had been waiting for him to come home. It wasn’t as though he’d had a good night. He could have been home a lot earlier, but he couldn’t face the thought of his empty bed. Not with his Alpha dominating his thoughts. The Alpha wolf who didn’t want him, he reminded himself firmly.

Trent opened his eyes slowly, and he looked Marly up and down so thoroughly Marly wanted to run away and hide. Instead he stood up as tall as he could, and faced the man’s gaze. He didn’t think he looked too bad. Okay, he might have been making a statement with his tight black jeans, equally tight black muscle shirt and his black boots with their shiny silver buckles that Marly just adored. He had been going for a “don’t fuck with me vibe,” but from the attention he had been getting that evening, it was more likely he’d been sending a “fuck me now” message instead. Enough men had offered to do just that.

“All you’re missing is a leather jacket,” the big man said, as he peeled himself up off the floor. Fuck. Marly had forgotten how tall the man was and for some reason he couldn’t stop his eyes taking in every delicious inch of what was clearly a muscled body. Taut thighs, trim waist, huge shoulders and chest, and a package that Marly would happily worship for days if the bulge in the man’s jeans was any true indication of the shifter’s cock size. The t-shirt he had been wearing the previous day hadn’t been lying – Marly loved a big cock and he knew shifters were never small in that department.

“Are you going to let me in?”

Marly looked up and saw a smirk on the handsome man’s face. Maybe he had been looking a little longer than he should have – but who could blame him? The man at his door was a gourmet body banquet worth appreciating and a damn sight better than anything else Marly had seen that night. Or any night for that matter.

“Do you have a name?” He said instead, trying to cover the fact he had been blatantly checking his mate out and settling for social niceties instead. His mother had raised him to have some manners after all.

“Trent Beaumont,” the big man said, holding out his hand. Marly shook it, almost gasping out loud at the sheer voltage of electricity that ran up his arm from the touch. Crap, this mating bond was powerful stuff and Marly wasn’t sure how long he could go without climbing the man’s delicious body and begging to be fucked.

“Marly Miles,” he managed to say as he fumbled for his keys. Damn his skin tight jeans for not making things easier, especially when his crotch was tightening around his growing cock at an alarming rate. If he wasn’t careful his blood supply to that important region would be cut off completely.

Adult Excerpt

Cupping Marly’s tight buttocks, he swiftly stood up, not so easy when your legs are crossed he noted, and strode over to the bedroom, trying to contain his mate who was rubbing his crotch across Trent’s abs with enthusiasm. When he got them into the room, he set Marly on his feet, and looked at him with lust in his eyes.

“Good clothes?” He asked flicking out a couple of claws.

“All my clothes are good,” Marly snapped, as he hurriedly wriggled out of a bright blue top and tight jeans. When his little mate was naked, Trent moved forward again, unable to resist running his hands over Marly’s smooth skin.

“I’ll have to buy you some,” he said, and then bit off a groan as Marly’s fast little fingers had gotten Trent’s jeans undone and his cock out, before he’d even noticed.

“Just so you can rip them off?” Marly seemed surprised and Trent was going to tease him about it, but then Marly opened his mouth, and Trent’s cock was engulfed in his mate’s heat, and…yep, his brain went on the fritz.

Damn his mate was good at that. Soft tongue, just the right amount of suction, and enough tiny bite of teeth to give Trent the zing he loved. All too soon, Trent could feel his orgasm building and he carefully pulled his cock out of Marly’s willing mouth, much to his mate’s apparent disgust.

“What’s the matter,” Marly asked, and Trent thought he’d never seen anything so beautiful as those puffed wet lips. “Can’t get it up again? Too old to do it twice?”

With a growl, Trent twisted his fingers through Marly’s hair and pulled the man back onto his cock, thrusting hard. Marly took it all, bobbing his head, his eye’s gleaming in the half light and watching Trent intently. Then suddenly Marly swallowed, and with the head of Trent’s cock lodged firmly in his mate’s throat, Trent let out a roar, coming hard.

Marly didn’t let up, pulling back just enough so that he could use his tongue, and his suction to keep Trent hard. Trent stared down, entranced. He’d enjoyed many men at his feet in the past, before he joined the Epitaphs, and even a couple afterwards, but he’d never seen anything so wickedly decadent as his mate on his knees with his cock wedged between those red lips.

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