An Excerpt from my WIP

Hi there, as many of you know I am almost finished Phillip’s story from the Bound and Bonded series. The book, Undesirable Mate, will be out early May.  To tease your reading taste-buds here’s a short excerpt.

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From Undesirable Mate

Phillip felt his cock stir for the first time in months, and he looked across in surprise at the two men Farren had let into the office. The smaller one he disregarded. He’d never had an eye for twinks, especially ones who colored their hair. But his companion. Tall, dark and delicious. Fuck. This isn’t good. He steeled himself as the man met his eyes, lingered for a moment with a flare of heat, before moving on to take in the rest of the room. That man knew what they meant to each other, just as Phillip did, and yet seemed no more inclined to acknowledge their connection than Phillip felt able to. So why was he suddenly swamped with disappointment and why did his heart feel like someone had punched it. Phillip clenched his jaw and stared straight ahead, pulling on his military training like a security blanket.

“Mr. Waite, we’ve been expecting you.” Pearson stood up, Dante by his side. Pearson was an impressive enough man at the best of times, but with Dante beside him, the impression was magnified. Pearson bristled with protectiveness and Phillip could see why. Kellen Waite was a big man, as big as Pearson himself.

“Alpha,” Kellen acknowledged with a slight tilt of his head. Just enough subservience to show respect without going overboard about it. “This is my companion, Tristan Pool. He would have stayed with my bodyguards, but he felt uncomfortable in a pack situation. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all.” Phillip knew that Pearson could afford to be generous, and would be, at least until they all knew what Waite wanted. Then the situation might change. By the way Tristan was hanging onto Waite’s arm like a life preserver, Phillip would be happy to get rid of him. Permanently.

“I believe you know Teric Styles, previously from the Council,” Pearson continued. “The man behind him is my head enforcer, Kyle. Ace, Devin and Phillip are part of my inner circle. Anything you want to say to me, you can say in front of them. Please, take a seat.”

Phillip noticed that Pearson didn’t introduce Dante, but wasn’t surprised. When Dante and Pearson had met, Dante had a bad kill mark on his name, registered with the Council, and it had taken some heavy persuasion from Teric to get it cleared. Pearson wouldn’t want his mate’s name mentioned in front of another Council agent unless it was absolutely necessary.

Kellen seemed to bristle when he noticed Teric, but he managed to nod his head and sat in the chairs indicated, blocking Tristan when the man tried to climb on his lap, and forcing the man to take the chair beside him. Phillip would have laughed, but the reassuring hand Kellen had on the little one’s shoulder made his wolf snarl instead. Determined not to give himself away to a man who had barely acknowledged him, and was apparently already mated, Phillip trained his eyes on the wall above Pearson’s head, and stood at parade rest. It’s not as though he expected his Fated Mate to want him, and in a few short minutes, Kellen had lived up to expectations.

What else did you expect?

End Excerpt

Poor Phillip, but you know me and HEAs – have a great day.

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  1. Caligirl

    Oh my gosh…love it! Cannot wait!!

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    I need this now!!!! PLEASE, I beg you!!!

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    I agree I can not wait to read this

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    Loved it so far!!!!! ;-D I love a little drama and having to work for those mates!

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    520094 / 60000…

    This is for Undesirable mate…is it ready or is there more you have to write?

  6. Cali

    What else did we expect?! You are nothing but a tease Ms. Lisa! BUT we abso-fucking-lutely love it!! WINK WINK!!!