And the votes are in – thank you

Hi everyone, thank you so much for your enthusiastic voting for the second book I am going to be writing for NaNoWriMo.

As you know, book one will be Trent’s story from the Stockton Wolves series. I haven’t made a decision if that will be the last book of the series or not. Some of my wonderful readers have asked if the Captain will get a story, but I think a lot will depend on how this one pans out. As you know, I am a pantser, and until the story is finished, I only know it will have a happy ending.

And book two is…Broz and Van’s story from the Portrain Pack and Coven. It was a close call, only four votes in it. Sully and Q and the new series spin off for the Bound and Bonded series were close seconds (a tie actually).

So with that sorted, here is what my writing/publishing schedule looks like for the next few months.

November:  (writing – NaNoWriMo) Trent’s story and Broz and Van’s story

November: (publishing) Scenes from Cloverleah (my four shorts) and hopefully the French editions of Book 4 in the Cloverleah series and Book one in the Alpha and Omega series.

December: (writing) On the Brink – book 10 of the Cloverleah Pack Series (Nereus, Raff and Teilo)

December: (publishing) The two stories written for NaNoWriMo in November

January: (writing) Sully and Q’s story

January: (publishing) On the Brink

February: (writing) Madison’s story – the first of the spin off books from the Cloverleah Pack

February: (publishing) Sully and Q’s story.

March: (writing) Sebastian’s story from the spin off of B&B

March (publishing) Madison’s story.

I know there is still a lot more books I’ve promised, and I will get to them all. I have an idea for a new Alpha and Omega story, which will be written somewhere in the above schedule and I haven’t forgotten Flying Free or Bronson’s story.

Sometimes I think I need to clone myself lol – but at least I write full time, so the schedule is hectic, but doable.  Hopefully my wonderful editor won’t break under the workload. Thank you all for your wonderful support. I would write my books even if no one read them, but I’m beyond thrilled that not only do you love my characters just as I do, but you never fail to let me know.




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11 responses to And the votes are in – thank you

  1. Kathryn Ruffins

    I am glad to have the time line, but where did I miss the Portrain Pack and Coven series?? Yikes, is it on B&N??

    • Lisao79

      It should be Kat – it went through Smashwords just like all the others 🙂 The book you are looking for is The Power of the Bite and Broz and Vans story is the prequel to that because it explains how the vampires met and how Broz and Van became a couple.

  2. Judy Stone

    I love PP&C and look forward to reading about Broz and Van! But then I love them all. Happy days.

  3. Tammy

    Good Luck!!!

  4. Rebecca E.

    So excited!!!! Eeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh!!!!!!

  5. Cali

    Woo woo! Ms. Lisa it did not matter which one was chosen. We all know you will write them all. I won’t say the normal phrase as that is bad luck … break a leg is actually GOOD LUCK!! HUGE 🤗 🤗

  6. Irene

    i so love your stories and the ones coming look good i just love the cloverleah men and so looking forward to madisons story

  7. Erith


    I’m already looking forward to February and all your books that I’ll have read by then!

    I’m greedy for your writing!

  8. Cali

    Isn’t Madison in Damien’s Pack. His and Scott’s PA …

    • Lisao79

      Yes he is, but if you note from my books, Madison’s story will be the first in a spin off from the Cloverleah series where some of the newcomers we meet in the next book, and people like Claude will get their mates too 🙂