And the Winner Is…

I am sorry everyone, but I have been unwell, and trying to get the cover and stuff finalized for Fighting Fangs (see the next post)…But it’s finally here, the winner of the Hunt for Diablo Contest.

The winner is…Number thirteen.  It was close… a lot of you liked number 4 and so many of you voted more than once it was funny lol.  But our new Diablo is pictured below and as soon as I can I will replace the picture in the gallery to reflect this.


So, onto the winners.  The person who sent in the winning picture is Laurie Peterson (via Facebook).  Now I am fairly sure I only got one copy of the winning pic, but if you know you sent this to me as well, get in touch and you will also win a print copy of any book in the Cloverleah Pack series, or the Stockton Wolves book. Laurie, I will message you on Facebook and get your details so I can send your prize.

The commenters picked at random by my daughter are:

1. Caligirl – such enthusiasm, which is lovely 🙂

2. Denise Dechene

3. Andrew Storrar

If the three of you get in touch with me either through the blog, or via my email, or Facebook, then I will send you through an ecopy of The Biker’s Omega.

Thank you so much, everyone who participated with such enthusiasm.  It’s lovely to know I have readers that care and who want the best representation for the characters I create.

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4 responses to And the Winner Is…

  1. Caligirl

    WOO WOO!! what is your email lol i don’t have it any longer!! UGH I HATE TECHNOLOGY!! and i have not been in fb for maybe over 3 years!!

  2. Denise Dechene

    Good choice. Umm…I have all your books already so if you want to gift The Biker’s Omega to someone else that would be okay. 🙂 Hope this finds you feeling better