And the Winners Are…it’s a tie

Thank you all so much for jumping in and casting your votes for the Ra and Seth competition. I had 59 comments in total and a couple off the blog who wanted to be noted too. The competition for Ra’s picture was really amazing and ended up in a tie – it seemed you were torn between Ra holding the baby or Ra on his bike. The competition for Seth was just as heated but picture number 5 took it by one vote.

















So the winners are:

Mary Rundle
Angela S
Kelly M

for supplying the winning pictures and

the random comment winner is
Chelci Winkels

If you can all get in touch, either by PM on FB or via email, I will arrange your winning copy of Tell Me The Truth, which is book five of the Stockton Wolves series and which will be out this weekend – yay!!!!

Have a lovely day and thank you all again for your wonderful support.

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4 responses to And the Winners Are…it’s a tie

  1. Lorraine Lesar

    Congratulations to Chelci, well done xxx

  2. Blaine Hall

    Congratulations winners! Great pictures.

  3. Mary Anne

    Congratulations ladies! How many days till the new book?😉