Another Excerpt – Get off my Case

I’m leaving these two guys alone for a couple of days, before I go back and do a complete edit. But I thought I would share another one of my favorite scenes with you as a tease in the meantime.

Begin excerpt –

Shane was working out their best possible escape plan, when he heard Dimitri groan and then a muffled, “what the fuck?” He decided to try a spot of levity – after all if you couldn’t laugh at your situation you were pretty well screwed.

“So big man, if this was your idea of pounding me into the mattress, you need a few more lessons,” he said, twisting his neck so he could see Dimitri’s face.

“I still owe you,” Dimitri growled, opening his eyes and taking in their situation.  Craning his neck up to look at the cuffs, Dimitri spread his arms as wide as he could with the cuffs and then with an added burst with his arms, he broke the cuffs apart. Stretching his arms out and rolling his shoulders, Dimitri sat up and quickly pulled the cuffs holding his ankles to pieces, shaking his legs out when he did so.

He looked over when he must have felt Shane watching him. “What?” he said. “You know the adage. Better to die on your feet…”

“Than to die cuffed to a table,” Shane finished for him, imitating Dimitri’s moves, and getting free from his cuffs too.  He sat up, and was immediately swallowed up in Dimitri’s embrace. Hot hands ran over his body, and equally hot lips scorched his.  Just as Shane thought his lungs would burst, Dimitri pulled back, his dark eyes searching his. “Are you okay?” The anger in Dimitri’s voice was evident.

End Excerpt

Book will be available for sale in December 2014.

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