Another Excerpt – Uncaged

Hours away from being published on Amazon – so excited, but I have to get some sleep.  Here’s another teaser to keep you going 🙂


“Carlin, you have to calm down. We have a lot to talk about.” Lucas appeared like a vision before him, getting right in his face and Carlin stopped short. He hadn’t even realized that he had been pacing around his apartment like a mad man. He had so much pent up energy he wanted to hit something.  He wanted to smash Martin with every ounce of his anger. A large fist to the smug man’s face would wipe that knowing smirk right off the Elite Leader’s full lips.  Carlin could see it in his mind’s eye and his wolf wanted it – badly.

“There’s nothing to talk about. I’m a fucking idiot,” Carlin growled, evading Lucas’s arms and striding around once more.

“You took the deal that will win us our freedom. I don’t see what’s idiotic about that.” Lucas plonked down on the couch, his long legs tucked up under him. Carlin could see that Lucas was worried, and he cursed himself even more for putting his mate in a situation where he was going to have to fight at least one of the top three fighters at the Souterrain.

“I thought I’d be the only one fighting,” Carlin yelled, pulling on his hair in frustration.  “None of this was meant to include you. Martin had no right putting you in with the two other Alpha fighters. There’s no way you’re ready, the fight’s going to be a fucking massacre and all I’ve got to hope for is that I can beat my opponent fast enough to save your ass.”

“Save my ass?”

Carlin thought he heard a touch of anger in Lucas’s voice but he was too consumed with his own angst to care. His mate had no idea the dire situation they were in, and it was all his bloody fault.

“You’re not ready for an Alpha challenge. You’re smaller than they are. There’s no Alpha vibe in you at all.  Fuck, you don’t even like fighting. But the rules of a doubles fight…I can’t take over for you until I’ve taken care of the second challenger. At least you’re fast…” Carlin trailed off, staring up at the ceiling, thinking about watching Lucas’s fight the day before. The man could move quickly, he did have super-fast reflexes. If Lucas could stay out of the way of his opponent then Carlin could finish the man off when he had taken care of his own fight.

Carlin broke out of this thoughts as he heard the door to his apartment open.  The couch was empty and Lucas was at the door, getting ready to leave.

“Where are you going?  I was about to order us some food.”

“I’m going to eat in the mess hall.” Lucas’s words were clipped and Carlin couldn’t ignore his mate’s anger any more.  It was directed straight at him.  He didn’t know what caused it but he knew he didn’t like the churning it caused in the pit of his stomach.

“You’ll be better with the food here. You’ll need every advantage…” he tried to say, his mind a complete mess.  He had to protect his mate and instead he had forced Lucas into yet another fight.  One the man had no chance of winning. Carlin was frantic, trying to come up with ways to keep Lucas from harm. And that same man was walking out on him? What the fuck?

“Fuck you!”  Lucas slammed the door behind him and Carlin was left in an empty apartment.

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4 responses to Another Excerpt – Uncaged

  1. Denise Dechene

    This is so exciting. It sounds great. I can’t wait to download and read

  2. Dieann B

    I love it Lisa, stop teasing. Can’t wait for new book with your son. Congrats!!!!!

    Devoted fan

    P.S. What’s new for Bound & Bonded?

    • Lisao79

      Thank you Dieann, No Mate of Mine is the next book for the B&B series and I am hoping to have it out before the end of the month. This one deals with Roger, the computer guy and a mate that he left ten years before. Have a great day 🙂