Snake Snack

Book 2 Arrowtown Series


Simon liked the idea of having a Fated Mate; after all, Ra and Seth certainly seem happy enough. A random encounter in Jackson changes his thinking though, making him wonder if he should have thought that mate thing through more thoroughly. As a snake shifter, he was used to being alone. Who cared if he upset anyone or not? But his old behavior wasn’t going to win him any hearts, including his mate’s.

Darwin works three jobs to survive. On his own for more years than he can count, he stays away from shifters and shifter towns. Trusting no one, he works and sleeps and while his life is dull, it’s safe and that’s all Darwin cares about. When he comes across a snake in his apartment, his first instinct is to hit it with his trusty bat. But the mate pull works both ways and Darwin’s forced to consider some changes in his life.

Two stalkers, two kidnappings, life is rarely dull in Arrowtown. With Ra running for mayor and Liam’s and Lucien’s life threatened by their past, Simon and Darwin have their work cut out for them. Being mates is one thing; love is a totally different matter.

Usual warnings associated with stories about men falling in love with other men. If it’s not your cup of tea please don’t buy this. NOTE: This is an MPREG story and includes a scene with a flying mouse, a very clever Fae child and a grumpy snake.


“He’s watching you,” Seth nudged Simon out of his stupor. Already bored with the flesh on display, he was doing his best to tune out the noise and the smell of lust emanating from the audience who were catcalling and waving money in the air as the dancers performed.

“Which one? They all look the same to me,” but in spite of himself, Simon looked and then cursed under his breath. Not four feet in front of him was a truly delicious morsel of a man. Broad shoulders leading to a slender waist highlighting the bubble butt currently waving in Simon’s direction as the man humped the floor. Short blond hair slicked down with products, a whisper of stubble outlining a sharp chin and full lips. The only things Simon couldn’t see were the man’s eyes, but by the Fates, he wanted to. As the man tore off his shirt Simon caught a smattering of tattoos on the man’s forearm.

His mouth dry, his snake was awake and unthinkingly his tongue pushed past his lips as he scented the air. Smoke, booze, lust and dried spunk. But there was a hint of something; something sweet and erotic at the same time. “Papaya,” Simon whispered, aware Seth and Ra giving him funny looks.

But Simon couldn’t look away from the stage. Every movement was fluid yet a challenge. The dancer’s body language yelled, “you can look but you can’t touch.” And boy, Simon wanted to touch. His snake wanted out; wanted to wrap the smaller man up in his coils so no one could ever gaze upon that perfect flesh but him. There was nothing weak about the man as he contorted in positions designed to tempt Simon’s lust; skin being revealed inch by calculating inch. He shivered as his scales erupted along his arms.

“I can’t watch this.” He groaned as the sound of ripping Velcro signaled the loss of the stripper’s pants. The crowd roared their approval but all Simon could feel was his scales morphing along his spine. “I’ve got to get out,” he muttered to a stunned Seth. “Find out who he is. He’s mine.”

Evading Seth’s comforting hand and ignoring his startled “eep”, Simon leaped from his seat, powering through the surge of the crowd as they all vied for the right to touch, to stuff dollar bills in the G-string of the man destined to be his. He wanted to kill them all; grab his mate from the stage and run off with him, but he couldn’t. He wouldn’t. Not in a human town.

Mustn’t shift. Mustn’t shift. Must. Not. Shift. His teeth dug a hole in his gums. Outside, Simon looked around wildly. The SUV; that would have to do. Thanking the Fates he was the designated driver, Simon ran, pressing the buttons on his remote. A beep and he was inside, slamming the door shut and locking it; his clothes falling in a heap on the floor well as he lost control of his snake.

Adult Excerpt

Closing his eyes, Darwin sank into the sensations; heat flooding his body as Simon worked him like a pro. Hands hard enough to leave bruises holding his thighs apart, facial hair tickling his body parts not usually connected with faces as Simon licked him like his favorite treat. It was all too much and not enough and with his leaking cock tap dancing on his abs, Darwin growled his frustration.

“Just fuck me already.” He flung his legs up, catching his calves with his hands.

“Bossy.” Simon sat up and took the top off the lube.

“It’s been days!” Simon’s arched eyebrow was enough to remind Darwin maybe some of the delay in their mating was his fault. Hell, all of it. But any thought of apology died on his tongue as broad digits eased their way inside his tight hole. He let out a long groan. He’d had a long dry spell. Thank the Fates Simon was finally getting with the program.

Successive fingers followed quickly. Pinned as he was, with his back pushing into the mattress, Darwin couldn’t arch, thrust back or do anything to hurry things along. Or can I? “I’ve been thinking of your big cock pounding inside me for days,” he muttered, knowing full well Simon could hear him.

“Thinking about the way your strong body would cover mine. The strength of your hips and the way your butt would flex as you plunged inside of me. Hmmm….” Was the long hum too much? Too fake porny? It might have been but Simon’s movements took on a sense of urgency and Darwin groaned again when the fingers were removed from his ass.

Don’t beg. Wait for it. Yes! The unmistakable nudge of Simon’s cockhead pushing at his entrance caused Darwin to breathe out long and hard, forcing his body to relax. There was no sting, but his body wasn’t used to accommodating anything quite so big and Darwin felt dizzy from lack of oxygen by the time Simon was seated. His eyes widened as Simon dropped over him, the hint of his fangs peeking from his lips. There was no warning; nothing changed in Simon’s expression but suddenly Darwin was grateful for Simon’s forearms bracketing his head. He needed something to hang onto or his head would be pounding the headboard from the deep thrusting rhythm Simon employed.

Slapping skin, hot skin. Darwin’s whole body was flushed. But it wasn’t the heat that flustered him, or the way his body opened up and just begged Simon to take him. It was the scent. Simon’s scent of leather and citrus – filling his nostrils, calling to his soul and in that moment Darwin cursed the fact he’d ever thought he could walk away from someone so perfect for him.

And Simon was perfect. Pegging his hot spot, filling the aching loneliness Darwin lived with for more than half his life. Sweat trickled down his face as Darwin tried frantically to get closer. His teeth dropped; nothing as impressive as Simon’s of course, but he wanted to bite. He needed to bite and like the perfect mate he was, Simon understood his unspoken plea.

Leaning down, Simon breath brushed across his ear. “Do it.” That was enough for Darwin. Dropping his ankles, he rested his feet on Simon’s back, his arms wrapping themselves around Simon’s thick neck.

“My mate.” Darwin sank his teeth into Simon’s neck.

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