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I spent the weekend totally immersed in just some of the works of Marcy Jacks.  Some – I should say 14 of her books consumed over one weekend – boy my Kindle balance took a huge hit, but it was so worth it.  I read some of her Of Dragons and Wolves series, some other ones in the Werewolves of Willow Lake series, Dangerous Wolves series and DeWitt’s Pack series.  And her totally delicious I Want to Bite on Your Ears, which, you guessed it, is another series.

You are probably seeing a theme here – yes Marcy Jacks writes about shifters, and other paranormals.  But I focused on shifters and you can probably guess that I do love her writing style.  She has a couple of unique takes on wolf shifters, well different to mine anyway, but that made the stories all the more refreshing for me.  All of the books are quite short, but they do include a full story.

The idea, in the I Want to Bite on Your Ears books seems to be centred on the premise that some wolf shifters are born defective in that they are human looking, can’t shift into a full wolf, but do walk around all the time with two sets of ears and a tail.  I thought it was so damn cute – the thought of cute little men walking around with their normal features and an extra set of furry ears on top of their heads. I did wonder how the tail might factor in when two men had sex – yes I did the whole imagining thing in my head about where that tail might go, but Marcy had worked that out too.

I had to physically stop myself from buying any more of her books this week.  There are a lot more to chose from available on Kindle, but I did have others on my tbr pile that I wanted to read as well.  So I have promised myself once I hit the 10,000 words on my new book, Fighting Fangs, I am going to have another gorge on Marcy Jacks books.  If you love shifters, short stories and books in a series then I seriously suggest you pop her name into the Amazon search bar.


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