Don’t Touch

Book 1 – Bound and Bonded Series, by Lisa Oliver



Submissive wolf shifter Levi has met his mate, the one he wants to call Master.  The problem is the Master concerned wants him for nothing more than a regular Saturday night scene and thanks to the rules the man has put in place there is nothing Levi can do about it.

Thanks to the war Steel is a damaged wolf.  He knows Levi is his mate and wants nothing more than to claim him.  But to do that means spilling more secrets than Steel has ever been willing to share with anyone.  Does he have it in him to tell Levi what is going on, or should he release him to another Master at the club?

Two men who want each other – rules and secrets standing in their way.

Warning – this book is based on BDSM concepts and contains graphic scenes of M/M sex, strong language in places and a small amount of violence, plus an HEA.  Please do not buy if you find these concepts objectionable.

28,000 words plus a sample chapter from the next book of the series.


Levi had had a lousy night.  He was hurting and no amount of washing could get rid of the scent of Steel in his skin which meant he spent the entire night with a hard on.  He didn’t dare shift because if he did then he knew his darn wolf would be off trying to find Steel and there was no way he was going to give that man the satisfaction of chasing him down.  No fucking way.  Steel could come to him and get on his bloody knees before Levi would talk to him again.  Yes in fact that would be a good idea.  Let Master fucking Steel get on his knees for a change and see what it was like not to be able to touch, talk or make a sound.  Not to look at the man who was meant to be his everything.  Okay, so his cock should not be getting harder still about the idea of his mate on his knees, but the picture in Levi’s mind was so enticing.

Still in bed trying to get some sleep Levi wasn’t impressed when there was a loud banging at his door soon after sunrise.  He put his head under the pillows trying to drown out the noise but the door knocker was being really persistent.

Finally he stomped out of bed and clad only in his sweat pants he yelled at the door, “If that’s you Steel you had better be naked and on your fucking knees if you want me to talk to you again!”

“As amusing as that picture is, I really want to talk to you Levi and I would prefer to keep my clothes on,” a voice came through the door.

Oh fuck, no double fuck.  The Alpha.  Levi rushed to open the door blushing right through to his hair line.

“Alpha Pearson.  I am sorry, I er, wasn’t expecting any visitors this morning,” he said, tilting his head submissively as expected.  Pearson at least had a smile on his face.

“Can I come in?”

Adult Excerpt

Tossing the tube at Steel who was still standing just inside the bedroom door, Levi pulled his shirt off over his head and then went to unbutton his pants but before he even got the top button undone Steel’s huge arms came around him from behind and a large hard naked cock was pressed up against his covered ass.

“Need a hand?” Steel growled in his ear.  Grinning Levi raised his hands from his zipper and let Steel have access.  Seconds later Levi’s pants were on the floor in tatters and Steel had one large hand running over his behind while the other circled his leaking cock.

“You know I could have saved those pants,” Levi managed to gasp out as Steel’s tongue ran up the long line of his neck.

“I’ll buy you a dozen pairs later,” the big man promised as he tilted Levi forward and pushed a lubed finger into Levi’s tight hole. Levi moaned deep and low at the invasion.  How had the man managed to lube up one handed?  But then all coherent thoughts went out of the window as Steel added his second finger, all the while keeping up a pleasuring rhythm on Levi’s cock.  Scissoring his fingers in Levi just twice, Steel quickly added a third and relished the louder moans as Levi moved through the burn, pushing up into Steel’s hand one minute and then rocking back onto the fingers deep inside him the next.  When Steel removed his fingers Levi actually whimpered at the loss.

“Brace yourself,” Steel’s voice hit his ear again and Levi quickly leant over and placed his hands on the bed.  Mere seconds later he felt the pushing insistence of the head of Steel’s cock against his hole and instinctively he pushed back wincing at the burn as the mushroom head forced its way past his tight muscle and inside.  Fuck Levi hadn’t felt anything that big inside him ever and he briefly wondered how long Steel was but then it really didn’t matter because Steel had both hands on his hips and had started to rock against him, pushing further inside with each shallow thrust.  Levi rocked in counterpoint taking the man even deeper with each pass.  Finally Levi could feel Steel’s thighs against his buttock muscles and the bigger man stopped to allow Levi to breathe as wave after wave of the burn ran through Levi’s nerve endings. God his mate was huge and it felt glorious.

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