Total Submission

Book 3 Bound and Bonded Series by Lisa Oliver



Book 3 of the Bound and Bonded Series
Can be read as a standalone.

Kyle, one of the head enforcers of the Washington Pack, wants nothing more than to find the evidence he needs to convince his Alpha that the man he is following is gay, so he can head back home.  Being in Iowa is doing his head in.  But a fleeting encounter in a gay nightclub, has Kyle rethinking his priorities because out of nowhere, he had scented his true mate.

Teric is a cat-shifter with a job to do and more than a few secrets of his own.  Scenting Kyle at a nightclub is the last thing he needed, but Fate intervenes.

When the two men meet, secrets come out and for the safety of his pack, Kyle has to let Teric do his job.  But what happened to the total submission he had spent his life dreaming about?


“Master Kyle. Can I serve you this evening?”  Kyle looked down to see a small, blond sub with gelled hair, kohl around his blue eyes and lip gloss on.  Will.  How the man could call himself a wolf shifter with all of that shit on his face was beyond Kyle, and he didn’t even bother to hide the snarl on his face.  Will was a proven trouble maker, having tried to get another Dominant into trouble with the Alpha when the Dom wouldn’t have sex with him.  Kyle didn’t need that sort of grief, even if he hadn’t scented his mate.

“Not interested, Will,” he snarled, hoping the guy would just back off.

“But Master Kyle,” Will protested.  “We’ve never…”

“No we haven’t,” Kyle said, knowing he was being rude, but unable to help himself.  “And there’s a reason for that.  I like my men clean smelling and natural.  I like my subs to be discrete and to accept who is the Master in the scene.  You Will, are none of those things, so why should I bother with you?”

“You don’t have to be so hurtful,” Will said and it looked like he was trying to squeeze some tears out of his eyes.  “You’ve been with damn near every other sub in the place.  I just thought you’d like to try something different with me.”

“I’m not looking for a full time sub, Will.  You are looking for a Master to collar or claim you.  It won’t be me, so don’t waste my time.”

“Are you usually so rude, or is this a special occasion?” A sultry voice asked behind Kyle’s shoulder.  Kyle took a long sniff before he turned around, and with the speed at which his cock went from zero, to right-fucking-now, he knew there could only be one person standing behind him.

Oh. My. God.  His fantasy from the club in glorious Technicolor.  Well actually, a riot of black curly hair, lightly tanned skin, bright green eyes and a body, dressed in black, that Kyle could happily feast on for days.  “Green eyes.” The words came out in a breathy moan, which was amazing in itself, given that all of the blood in his body had gone south and was taking up lodgings in his cock.  Words were almost impossible at this point.

“Teric,” Teric said with a grin as he held out his hand.  “And you are?”

“Yours,” Kyle said, with a groan as he ignored the hand completely and pulled Teric into his arms.  He had imagined a lot of things over the past four days, but his mate turning up at the Bound and Bonded club was not one of them.  However, never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, especially with a mouth as fine as Teric’s on offer, Kyle decided talk was overrated and that the two of them had a lot better things they could be doing.  Like finding the nearest flat surface.

Adult Excerpt

Carefully unbuttoning Teric’s black fitted shirt, Kyle took his time uncovering a lean muscled body covered in lightly tanned skin.  Teric had the V-shape that Kyle adored, broader in the shoulder, impressive biceps for a man of his size, and that trim waist and hips that drove Kyle crazy.  As Kyle mouthed over the revealed skin, Teric moaned again, but did nothing more than stand there, his hands resting lightly on Kyle’s shoulders, his eyes avidly watching Kyle’s every move.

“You have gorgeous skin,” Kyle offered as he slipped Teric’s shirt off those lovely shoulders.

“It would look better with your marks on it,” Teric said softly and damn if those words didn’t inflame Kyle further.  Stifling a groan against Teric’s torso, Kyle mouthed his way down the perfect six pack, to the hollows of the hips, barely covered by the pants the man was still wearing.

Wrapping his hands around Teric’s sides, Kyle mouthed at Teric’s cock, so clearly outlined by the pants.  Even through the cloth Kyle could feel the heat of Teric’s length, the pulsating beat as his mate got impossibly harder.  Suddenly Kyle had to see – he had to see Teric’s cock for himself.  Quick sure hands took care of button and zipper.  As soon as the zipper gave way, Kyle buried his face in the heat of Teric’s crotch, breathing in the intense scent of his mate.

Clean male, a hint of soap and the smell of rum truffles that was Teric’s unique scent signature. What a delicious combination. Kyle buried his nose in the trimmed pubes that surrounding the shaft, of what looked like an impressive cock and breathed deep.  He could feel Teric’s shaft throb against his cheek bone and seconds later Teric moaned, “God Kyle, if you don’t do something soon, I’ll come without you.”

Kyle grinned.  He felt all powerful, getting off on the idea that Teric was so turned on by the gentle things he was doing, but he took the warning for the truth it was.  Foregoing the desire to swallow Teric’s length down his throat, instead Kyle turned him, gently peeling those tight black pants off a muscular but rounded ass.

“Perfect baby,” he murmured, before running his tongue down Teric’s crack, causing the man to moan and push back against his face.

“I’m made for you,” Teric panted harshly, grinding back into Kyle’s face again. “Now fucking show me why.”

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