Undesirable Mate

Book 6 – Bound and Bonded Series

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Phillip struggles to get through every day. Thanks to Pearson, he still has his job as an enforcer and life goes on around him much the same as it always did. But Phillip doesn’t feel a part of it. He can’t. His betrayal of his pack has left him with scars, both mentally and physically and the voice in his head won’t give him any peace. So when he meets his mate, he’s not surprised to see the man has someone else tucked under his arm. What else did he expect?

Kellen Waite is a troubleshooter for the Council. He loves his job, he has a couple of close friends, and he takes his sex where he can find it. Sent to the Washington Pack to take out a vampire, he makes the mistake of bringing along his sometime companion, Tristan. He realizes that was his first mistake when he scents his mate in Alpha Pearson’s office.

Issues caused from within the Paranormal Council is just one of the problems Kellen and Phillip have to face. A vengeful ferret, lies and misunderstandings, not to mention Phillip’s depression all conspire to prevent the one thing Kellen is determined to have – his mate in his arms.

Warning: Phillip has symptoms of depression. If this is a trigger for you, please don’t buy this book. Also contains a sneaky ferret shifter, a mad councilman and an often clueless Alpha. HEA, no cheating and no cliffhangers, guaranteed.

Written for adult audiences. Contains graphic scenes of intimate situations between men.


“Phillip, please. Don’t leave. I came looking for you because I need you.”

Need you? What the fuck? Of all the things Phillip expected to hear from Kellen’s mouth, those didn’t factor in anywhere. “I need to talk to you,” maybe. “I’m sorry things had to end this way,” definitely. But Kellen’s words were quite clear – “don’t leave; I need you.” The shock was enough to root his feet to the ground and he half-turned to see the man in question striding across the parking lot, his long legs making mincemeat of the distance between them.

“I don’t need your, ‘I’m sorry it’s me not you’ speech, or your ‘I’m sorry but I’ve got a significant other’ spiel either.” Phillip censored his words, well aware he was yelling them across the dimly lit parking lot on the side of the club. There was no one around, but years of hiding his shifter identity had made Phillip understandably cautious. He knew Kellen would understand.

“Tristan’s on his way back to New York, where he belongs. I’ve told him it’s over, not that there was anything there between us beyond convenience. He understands about us, and he should no longer concern you,” Kellen said, his voice softer as he got closer.

Phillip took a step back, he couldn’t afford to let Kellen touch him, or he knew he’d break. But damn he was tempted. Kellen was everything he’d ever wanted in a mate. Bigger, stronger, intelligent, hell the man killed people for a living, so he’d never have a problem with Phillip’s life in the service. His firm lips, green eyes, long wavy black hair, not to mention a body built for sin. Everything about Kellen called to Phillip like a moth to a flame. His mate was perfect. Too perfect, and Phillip couldn’t let the man get close to him. No one deserved to be tainted with his brand of evil, especially not a man like Kellen. He drew on the anger that festered while he’d been bound to the cross.

“What ‘us’?” Phillip threw up his hands, as if to ward Kellen off. “There is no ‘us’. You couldn’t even acknowledge me; you left with that…that person clinging to you like a fucking limpet. I don’t blame you. I totally understand, but don’t think there’s a chance of an ‘us’!”

By the Fates, his words would have sounded so much more convincing if his cock wasn’t threatening the seams of his pants. He knew the instant Kellen smelled his arousal. The man’s bright green eyes flared like emeralds in the sun and he took another long step closer.

“We can’t do this,” Phillip said, softer this time, his resolve breaking along with his voice. Kellen reached for him, and he knew, he fucking knew with every cell in his body that if the man touched him he would fall. “I’m not good for anyone,” he said urgently. “I let people down. I’m a traitor to the very people who care about me. Don’t you get it? A dirty traitor. You deserve so much better than me.”

Adult Excerpt

Kellen didn’t have a clue what’d gotten into his mate, but he wasn’t complaining. Phillip’s mouth was working him like a pro and Kellen locked his knees to stay upright. His hands loosely gripped Phillip’s hair, that blond mop on top providing the perfect anchorage just as he’d imagined.

Phillip moaned, the sound sending delicious shivers down his cock. Kellen quickly found himself on the brink of climax. The suction, the wet heat, that devilish tongue and the feel of Phillip’s throat working the head of his cock all proved too much too quickly. With one shallow thrust, Kellen came, grunting his release, just one word, “Phillip,” escaping his lips. Phillip gently suckled and licked him clean, before gently tucking Kellen’s spent member into his pants. Then the handsome man sat back on his heels, his cock outlined like a truncheon in his pants.

Still breathing hard, Kellen bent and dragged Phillip to his feet, quickly scanning the room; the beat up couch would have to do.

“We need to get back to Pearson,” Phillip mumbled as Kellen led him to the couch, pushing him flat on his back.

“He can wait five minutes.” Kellen tugged at Phillip’s button and zipper and within seconds Phillip’s cock was free and already damp.

“You’ve got an over-inflated sense of your skills in the cock-sucking department,” Phillip said, but as Kellen had already introduced his mouth to his mate’s cock, the words went up at the end. Kellen pulled off with a slurp.

“Five minutes, and if you make it that long, you can fuck and claim me after the meeting,” he said with a grin. From the flash in Phillip’s eyes, and the way they both looked at the clock on the wall, he guessed his challenge had been accepted.

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