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I have been juggling stories for the past couple of weeks, trying to catch up after moving house and that means you get a second new release this month.  You may remember, a while ago I wrote a shorter book under the pen name Lee Oliver – Ranger’s End Game, book one in the Northern States series. I promised at the end of that one, that Cam, Ranger’s trusted second, would get his story too.

In between writing Marius’s story from Cloverleah and a new dragon story that my mind just wouldn’t let go of, I managed to get this one finished.  It’s not a long story but I promise it will warm your heart. I have pasted the cover below.

The model on the cover is courtesy of Paul Henry Serres Cover Pictures – honestly, you need to make yourself a cup of coffee and head over there for a look if you want something to brighten your day. He has the most delicious models 🙂


Cam has always known who his fated mate was. Unfortunately, not even his beta wolf status made life any easier, living with the knowledge his alpha mate rejected him. His work with Ranger kept him busy, but now Ranger was mated to the sweet Aiden, finding things to do so his wolf wouldn’t go hunting the man they both wanted was getting more difficult by the day.

Levi was an assassin. He made no apology for who he was or how he lived. Yes, he knew he had a mate. Yes, there were a lot of good reasons for claiming him. But the two reasons why he shouldn’t, kept Levi away. When Ranger gets in touch and lets him know that things are changing on the council, and he’s found the assassins a place to call home, Levi can’t resist answering the call.

Territory and power are everything to shifters and having all four assassins living in the Northern States pack brings problems from outside. In town, not all of the locals are as keen with their new Alpha either and yet, somehow, in the muddle, Levi and Cam must find a way to be together. Because sharing the same house, no matter how big it is, makes anything else unbearable.


“I spoke to Ranger.” Levi’s voice was like gravel, as though he hadn’t spoken for a while.

“You’re not staying?” Cam didn’t know why his heart suddenly felt as though it’d been split in two. It wasn’t as though there was much left of his poor battered organ to start with. “Of course, I understand, but why?” Why hunt me down in my office? Why turn up if you were only going to leave again? Why fucking force me to watch you go out that door a second fucking time?

“I’m staying. I just had to clear a few things with Ranger first.”

“Okay, right.” Probably council business. Cam busied himself with the papers on his desk. “I’ll be sure to stay out of your way. Was that all you wanted to tell me?”

“Cam.” The use of his name forced him to look up. “I’m staying.”

Cam gulped and dropped his eyes again; his papers were easier to look at than the intensity of Levi’s eyes. “Yes, so you said and that’s fine…good…Ranger was worried about protection for Aiden. He’ll be glad you’re here. I’ll…I have to stay for a couple of days, I promised Ranger, but after that, I’ll be out of your hair.”

He had no idea where he was going to go. He’d been with Ranger his entire adult life. The far end of the Southern territory might be the best idea. Because seeing Levi, smelling him, having him close enough to touch; Cam’s defenses were crumbling faster than an ice cream on a hot plate. He clung to the underneath of his desk, hoping that would be enough to stop him flying over the desk and slamming his mate to the ground. Those full lips, those dark eyes…Cam jumped when he realized Levi was talking again.

“I’m clearly not very good at this. When I said I was staying, I meant I wanted to stay with you. I want us to be mates. I’ve cleared it with Ranger….”

“You told Ranger you claimed me?” Cam’s eyes roved over Levi’s body for a completely different reason this time. Apart from a narrow red mark on his neck, he seemed fine. “Are you trying to get yourself killed? He was the reason you didn’t want me in the first place.”

End excerpt – you can find out more in the book – Cam’s Promise release day August 26th.

Have an amazing day and don’t forget to hug the one you love 🙂

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