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A Question About Dirk

Hi everyone, Firstly, I am so sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while. My fingers have been busy trying to make sense of my stories. I want [..]

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Moving House isn’t easy…

Hi everyone, It has been a hectic few months and as I am between books (barely) I thought now was the perfect time to update you on what’s [..]

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Cliffhangers and Story Arcs

Hi there, and firstly, can I thank everyone for their absolutely amazing support since the release of On The Brink (Book 10 of the Cloverleah Pack).  The release [..]

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Happy New Year

It’s New Years Eve in my corner of the world and while the last few days have been frantic, worrying and just plain shit to put it frankly, [..]

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The Great Fuzz Debate

Hi everyone, I hope you have all recovered from your holiday festivities and have found some quiet time for yourself. I have a question? Beards or no beards. [..]

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