Chipmunk Drizzled in Honey – Review

Chipmunk HoneyIf there was ever a cute idea for a shifter story, then Jackie Nacht has it nailed – a Chipmunk and a Bear.  I have already read the other books in the Paranormal Dentistry for the Fanged and Friendly series (this is book 3) and I knew the story was going to be cute before I even read the first page.  But this was so much better than cute.

First off we meet Nikko – a totally adorable chipmunk, in a funk because Dallas, the bear, wouldn’t allow Nikko in the kitchen of the bakery where they both worked.  Which was totally unfair, because Nikko had reorganized the kitchen so everything could be found more easily.

Dallas is a bear in a funk.  He’s Nikko’s boss and Nikko does make a lot of mistakes – so why can’t he fire the little man?  He’s a solitary bear, who loves his den.  They were too different.  Yes, even the excuses for why a relationship between the two men could never happen are so in keeping with the animals the men share their souls with.

Hell, he was constantly growling and pushing Nikko away.  But the guy was like rubber and just kept bouncing back.

This is a town full of shifters and the variety that Jackie has come up with is hilarious.  Sure there are wolves, and bears, but sharks and a poison dart frog?  Who thinks of things like that?  Jackie has created a wonderful world, with the cutest characters.  Cute and definitely hot.  When Dallas and Nikko come together sparks fly in the best possible sense.

The only negative, and it isn’t a negative at all really, is that I really would have loved to see Dallas with all of Nikko’s brothers and sisters over Christmas.  The thought of a big burly bear with over twenty chipmunks made me laugh, just thinking about it.  And that’s what I love about Jackie’s books.  They are sweet, yes.  They are definitely funny and they have a delicious sexiness that has you wanting more. Highly recommended.

UPDATE – awesome news, just heard that A Chipmunk’s Christmas has just been released by MLR Press – you can read more about that here –

I have to go and buy it 🙂


Even this grumpy bear can’t resist this chipmunks charm.

Dallas likes the life he has. He’s the proud owner of the donut shop, Honey Cakes, and now owns the home he grew up in White Pine. He thought his life was perfect until Nikko the chipmunk sashayed into his life. Now, Dallas doesn’t know if he wants to push the spunky chipmunk away or make love to him.

Nikko has known since the moment he saw Dallas that he wanted the bear. Nothing, even the grouchiness of the gorgeous bear will keep him from making Dallas his own. But how can Nikko get Dallas to see they belong together?

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  1. Caligirl

    You know, Ms. Lisa. I REALLY love her books. Read a majority of them. Some are funny and hilarious, while others or WHOA that is scary harsh. But you know me, they gotta be hot sexy bad ass…and most of all versatile…

    Most of them are not…

    My choice…wink wink