Cliffhangers and Story Arcs

Hi there, and firstly, can I thank everyone for their absolutely amazing support since the release of On The Brink (Book 10 of the Cloverleah Pack).  The release was delayed, and then Amazon mucked up the release in the US and yet you all stayed positive, supportive and friendly. Thank you all so much. That means the world to me. To all of my ARe readers who may wish to buy, but don’t want to deal with Amazon – The book is available through Smashwords in all your familiar formats.

However, On The Brink has brought up something I didn’t think I was guilty of, and yet it appears from a few conversations I’ve had with readers, I’ve committed what I consider a cardinal writing sin. Some of the plot lines in my latest story (or last three Cloverleah books, depending on who you talk to) have been left unsolved. In other words I have been accused of writing cliffhangers and this is something I take very seriously.  I don’t like to read cliffhangers as a rule, and I never dreamed I would be writing them. But it seems I have.

You see, in every Cloverleah book (or all of my books really) I focus on the love interests, but of course they don’t happen in a vacuum. Life goes on around these lovers, especially in Cloverleah. Now, back in book 2 Shawn mentioned that mates appear for a reason and over each book, I have been working on a long story arc beyond the love interests, that I planned to reveal once all of the men in Cloverleah were mated.  In fact, I think Shawn has mentioned this “plan” in just about every book since book 2.

In Angel in Black Leather Pants, I introduced the concept of Tall, Dark and Dreary. He was the one who arranged for the demon possession of Pelham and, in case I didn’t make it clear enough, he was also the one who gave the drugs to Larson in On The Brink that allowed him to do all he did.  In other words, there is this entity that is focused on bringing Cloverleah down by trying to prevent matings and actually get the pack to disband. The growing powers in the pack are seen as dangerous to this person and he wants to break them up.

To me this is a long story arc, or series arc if you will. I realize it might sound silly, but I never saw this as me writing cliffhangers. To me, the stories I was writing, namely the matings of the couples or menages that made up each book were the core of each book, and they were always resolved within their book. You never had to guess will they get together or won’t they. But it seems I have made a mistake, because apparently the series arc I had planned is causing some readers to be disheartened and I never intended for that to happen.

Which leaves me with a dilemma. The big finale I had planned in the last book, can’t happen in the next Cloverleah book (Marius’s story). I had originally planned to write four more books, threading in more details about Tall, Dark and Dreary as I mated Marius, Thomas, Wesley and Ryan. Those extra four mates bring their own powers to the pack and all is finally revealed as to WHY in the finale which will also encompass the characters from the spin off series mentioned at the back of On The Brink – the five books planned in the Gods Made Me Do It series.  It was going to be epic, as they say in the movies, but maybe that was just in my mind 🙂 .

I am at a crossroads. I could;

  1. Continue the series as I planned and run the risk of it going on for too long and readers getting bored with it, or annoyed because the answers to the long story arcs aren’t forthcoming until later.   OR
  2. I can create a showdown with Tall, Dark and Dreary in Marius’s book and make that the end of the Cloverleah series.

I still plan on writing The Gods Made Me Do It series, because there are a couple of stories in there I really want to write and they don’t have to be tied in with Cloverleah. I have also promised there will be an epilogue type book written about the future life of Cloverleah showcasing the couples and menages with their children and leading happy lives. I still intend on writing that. But I really value your opinion.  Which option should I chose? Is it time for Cloverleah to come to an end?

Have a brilliant day and once again, thank you for your support. Remember, if you do comment, I moderate all of my comments to prevent spam, so please don’t be alarmed if they don’t show up right away.

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133 responses to Cliffhangers and Story Arcs

  1. KC

    Love the men of Cloverleah. Please continue the series.

  2. Ria

    I truly enjoy the series and don’ mind the anticipation you are building. I would be very disappointed to miss out on the remaining characters stories.

  3. Jere

    Please, continue with the series, it’s one of the best, among those I wish would go on indefinitely. The only problem I have with series is coping with what always seems like the interminable wait for the next installment. I sometimes swear I’m never going to read these books until the series is complete, but I’m much too weak-willed for that! LOL A re-reading of previous books, however, becomes necessary, often, to get back up to speed after a long intermission. A literary version of TV’s “previously on ….” as a foreward to each book would be hugely appreciated (just a suggestion to all writers of series :). Keep going, they’re first-rate!

  4. Cali


  5. Sonja Fuchs

    Please stick to your Plan. I just finished sorting my books and found 28 diffrent of your stories. I love them. 3 years ago my reading app proposed one of your books and got me kind of addicted. Thank you so much.


  6. Amanda

    I don’t feel like the books end in cliffhangers. The main plot of the book is always resolved by the end. Yeah, obviously there is more going on in the background, someones pulling the strings, but each book ends it’s part of the series. I think you should continue as planned and if people have a problem, then they can wait until the last 4 books are done and read them back to back.

  7. Casey

    You have to finish the series as you planned! I have loved the series from the first book and my love for it grows with each new book! It would be very disappointing to see the series come to an end in one more book. Everything would feel rushed. We would be left wondering what happened with Thomas, Wesley, and Ryan and if they got their happy ending. Even if you gave them a happy ending in the next book, it wouldn’t be the full story they deserve. I have never felt like there were cliffhangers at the end of the books. They all felt complete.

  8. Nicole G

    Please continue with your original plan for this series, I absolutely love the men of Cloverleaf so please finish the series as you intended. I do have a question I really liked the first book of the Balance series and I wanted to know if/when will the next book be out? Who will it be about? I really like all your series so far, I will be making a start into the series that you just started under your pen name and if it is anything like your previous books, I know I will love them also, but I really wanted to know more about the Balance series. Thank you.

  9. Cali

    I will be going crazy and be in shock when TCP ends. The world will be a little darker with out Kane, Shawn, Griff, Diablo, Dean and the rest of these awesome men!