Cloverleah Pack Book 5

So many people have told me that they can’t wait for Dean’s story – Book 5 of the Cloverleah Pack. So for those of you who want a glimpse of how well Dean is doing, I have included a short excerpt below.  Don’t worry, Dean is still as sweet as ever, but he’s managed to develop more than a little back bone as well, and he needs it for this story.


“How do you cope with it?” Kyron asked, and Dean thought the man was trying to change the subject.

“Cope with what?”

“Being an Omega? I mean that’s the lowest anybody can be in a pack, right?”

Dean saw red. Of all the arrogant, shitty things this stupid wolf could say, he had to try and reinforce the belief that an Omega was of no use to the pack.  Pulling on his anger for strength, Dean stood up, his hands on his hips and yelled, “How fucking dare you?  How dare you suggest that being an Omega makes me any less than you! Do you see all the men in this house – they’re here for me – to protect me and our pack. Does that make me unimportant? Does it?”

“Do you know how important being an Omega is?  No,” Dean didn’t even give Kyron a chance to answer, even though he saw that the man had opened his mouth to do just that.

“You are so busy thinking that you have to be an Alpha to be the most important. But every fucking member of this pack is important, regardless of what status their wolf, or spirit is.  Kane isn’t the Alpha because he’s the strongest, or because he’s mated to a Shifter Guardian. He’s the Alpha, and we follow him, because he cares about every single one of us, no matter what status we are. He doesn’t treat Griff or Anton or Diablo or Jax any differently than Troy or Josh, or Me!”

“This would be the perfect pack for you, you fucking idiot, because we are all treated the same.  Don’t you get it? I’m not less because I’m the Omega – I’m fucking more and don’t you ever fucking forget it.”


I love Dean, I really do and wait until you see what he can do 🙂

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