Contest – On the Hunt for Diablo – win a paperback

I have been looking…I promise.  Ever since I posted the picture of Fabio as Diablo in The Runaway Cat, I have had more than a few complaints about it, and I totally understand why.  Diablo is so beautiful, has that long blond hair, and a body to die for, and the picture I chose was nothing more than a mere suggestion of what Diablo could be.

BUT spending my time, trolling the internet looking for pictures of gorgeous long haired blonds with a killer body is taking me away from my writing…and that won’t do at all.  So I decided to have a little contest and see if any of my avid readers could come up with a picture for me – to replace the one in the gallery.

The winner of this contest will receive from me a paperback copy of either one of my books from the Cloverleah pack, or Get Off My Case.

All you have to do to enter is:

1. Find the picture – remember Diablo is tall, built, tanned and has long blond hair and a beautiful face.

2. Either post the picture to my Facebook page here


3.  Send me the picture via email to

As they come in, I will do another post so you can all vote on who you think should be the new face of Diablo and that way the contest will be fair.

Entries close January 25th – that’s ten days away, so start looking 🙂

And thank you…I really appreciate this.


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16 responses to Contest – On the Hunt for Diablo – win a paperback

  1. Jane C

    Caligirl, you’ve been looking same places as me!!!!! Haha!!!! Xx

  2. Rebecca E.

    What exactly are you thanking US for??? Hunting down hotties? No need to thank us for that one….but now that I’m looking, I keep finding hotties that would look like everyone in the gang!

    • Lisao79

      Yes, I have to confess part of my job is having to hunt down hot men for inspiration – it’s tough, but someone has to do it lol

      • Caligirl

        it is just such a hardship for us AWESOME fans to do this for you Ms. Lisa!! I AM LOVING IT!! WINK WINK!!