Hi everyone,

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I had really been neglecting my blog, and that will change 🙂 But I know some of you have hung in there, hoping I’d post something at some stage, and in the meantime quietly buying my books which helps me pay my rent. So you guys are totally amazing.

In return I wanted to do something for you.  I mentioned in that earlier post that my lovely book, Harder in Heels had been virtually overlooked on here. But I do know some of you have bought it regardless. The competition itself is simple.

Name me your favorite line from Harder in Heels and put it in the comments below.

That’s it. That’s all you have to do. The competition will end on September 25 and the winner will not only get a print copy of Harder in Heels (regardless of where you live) but also an ebook copy of my latest release Angel in Black Leather Pants (Book 9 of the Cloverleah Pack series).

So dig out your kindle, pull out your favorite reading device, flick through Harder in Heels and let me know what passage spoke to you – which part did you love the most? The winner will be picked at random on the 25th and I’ll notify the winner by email and post the details on here.

Have fun 🙂

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17 responses to Contest/Giveaway

  1. Kathryn Ruffins

    ” I’m not marrying you and if anyone lays one finger on Ronan, I will fucking kill them.”

  2. Nancy

    Can’t you just do me while I sleep.

  3. Tami

    Are you going to spend the entire date talking to me about business again?

  4. Camille

    “I think it’s about to get messy in here” – right before the Alphas shift.

  5. Andrew storrar

    Sugur sticks and candy floss! That means Marcos and Jeff will probably be late too.
    Freaking live at first sight, my cabbage.

  6. Donna Rivera

    If she bothers me too much I’ll drop kick her.

  7. Eve Rae

    Who needed a work out, when he had his mate?

  8. Pattie Boynton

    Ooh, there’s the Alpha snarl my mother warned me about.

  9. Laurie P

    “Diddly sugar plums to him.”

  10. susan platt

    F…frigid unicorns, you’re right, why didn’t I think of that?

  11. Katie

    Men were not designed to do the splits, but Ronan, Jeff and Marcos clearly didn’t know that because they were all in the same position.

  12. Julie

    “Who turns down that kind of money, and for what?”

  13. Juli

    “Who turns down that kind of money, and for what?”

  14. Angel

    “I need you to know that I see you”

  15. Judy Stone

    “So you do love me.” The businessman in Asaph demanded he nail down the facts. His wolf side was over the moon.

  16. Donna Mayer

    I know this is already taken, but I like it. Can’t you just do me while I sleep.

  17. Gee Smith

    “Thank the Fates he hadn’t told anyone he was even going on a date. At least he didn’t have to share the autopsy afterwards with his friends.”