Cover Reveal and Blurb On The Brink

Hello, I know. It’s late. It was meant to be today but On the Brink (Cloverleah book 10) will be released on Amazon on the 15th. I promise.  The book itself is just going through it’s final editing process and I won’t be bothering with a preorder process.  I will upload and have it available as soon as all the polishing is done 🙂

But, in the meantime I have been working on the cover and the blurb and I am happy to share those with you today.  The model on the cover is thanks to Paul Henry Serres (he finds the most amazing models) and is my inspiration for Teilo, who you will remember as Adair’s brother.


Raff never wanted a lot out of life; his pack, his family and to be accepted for who he was. Yes, Red Wolves were smaller, skinnier and weaker than other shifters, but they were also extremely rare. Which is why, when he was banished from his home pack and family, he made a point of staying away from other wolves. But living rough, without any money, is really hard and when Raff risks a trip into San Antonio to find some cash work, he quickly wished he hadn’t. Although, thanks to his dog Killer, he did meet up with the Alpha Mate of the local pack. Maybe, just maybe his life would take a turn for the better.

Nereus was almost as old as the sea itself, but he made a point of visiting friends whenever he could. A chance visit to the wolf pack at San Antonio put him in the path of his mate, and Nereus grabbed the little man as quickly as he could. But Raff was new to the pack and when Scott and Madison get kidnapped and the men from Cloverleah zap into town, Nereus can’t help but wonder if Cloverleah might offer his new mate a safer place to live.

Back in Cloverleah, Teilo is pleased his brother is mated, but it’s not as though he has a chance to go and look for a mate himself. He’s settled in his home and loves to run in his wolf form. Although, when he gets bitten by a teacup poodle with the ridiculous name of Killer, he wonders what other surprises are going to jump out of the bushes at him. He didn’t expect to find two mates.

A crazy serial killer with no scent; danger for Raff at every turn and a landlocked beach? The men at Cloverleah are in for some pleasant and not so pleasant surprises. Throw in four dogs and the gorgeous bear cub and all of the men in Cloverleah are going to have to be on their toes.

(Warning: M/M/M menage: violence, graphic intimate situations between men and an attempted rape of one of the MCs. Also features a teacup poodle who thinks he’s an alpha, a serial killer who believes in mpreg and a merman with a beautiful tail).

A note to readers: This book is based partially on a time line from Angel in Black Leather Pants. It is not necessary to have read that first, but if you have, don’t be surprised at the overlap. Also, because of the timeline of the book, it is written in two parts. Part one is in San Antonio where Raff and Nereus meet. Part Two is in Cloverleah where Raff and Nereus meet up with Teilo.

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  1. Nancy

    Oh I am so excited I can’t wait. Thanks again Lisa

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    Why am I so excited about the teacup poodle? LOL

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    Eeeeks!! Cannot wait to get this and read it that night! :0)

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    OMG Lisa, the cover is fantastic!! So looking forward to reading this. Thank you!!!

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    Looking forward to the next book, but will it be available anywhere else but Amazon? I buy most of my books in PDF format unless I have no choice. The series I have all in PDF format so far and would like to continue in this format. Please let me know, thanks!

    • Lisao79

      My books are also available at Smashwords which offers a PDF format and the ability to pay with Paypal, much like ARe. This new book should be available through there by the 17th 🙂

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    I can’t wait!! I LOVE your books. Will there be an option for epub? Unfortunately I’ve bought all of your books from All Romance and am not sure where else to get them. I don’t have a Kindle or the app. Any help would be great.

    • Lisao79

      Hi Margaret, thank you so much for your lovely comments. The book will be available on Smashwords on the 17th. I will post a link to it. That allows you to download PDF, epub and/or Mobi and you can pay via Paypal 🙂

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