Cover Reveal and Blurb – Uncaged

Here it is – does little happy dance – so excited.  The Cover reveal for Uncaged – book 1 in the Shifter’s Uprising series – written in conjunction with my son, Thomas.  Blurb below the cover.

actual cover


Book 1 – Shifter’s Uprising Series.
Can be read as standalone.

In a world where shifters were rampant and humans were clueless as to their existence, the shifters of the land were ruled by the Masons – the royalty of the shifter world.  For the most part the Masons were kept isolated from other shifters, preferring their work and commands to be carried out by a force known simply as the “Elite.”

No shifter wanted to come to the attention of the Elite.  It usually resulted in death, or at the very least coercion into their illegally run underground cage fights, or sold into prostitution. Once marked by the Elite, very few escaped and even fewer talked about it.  There were rumors, thousands of them, of a resistance movement that were fighting both for freedom from oppression and helping those who had come to the Elite’s attention. But nothing seemed to work against the ruling family’s armed forces.

In a harsh world the toughest fighters were sent to the Souterrain, home of the largest underground fighting club for shifters.  Here, shifters of all kinds were injected prior to a fight to ensure they didn’t shift in front of the audiences of humans that thronged to one of the few places where you could see two men fight to the death.  It was bloody, barbaric and humans came in droves to wager money on their favorites and to scream for more blood.

And it was in this world, the world of the Souterrain, that Alpha wolf Carlin found Lucas. A hybrid shifter who had lived in a human world. But Carlin didn’t care about who Lucas was, or his weird genetics. Lucas was his true mate and someone worth fighting for. But love and freedom both come at a price, and for Carlin, it could be his life.

Warning – M/M romance, HEA, some violence, wolf shifters, male-male sex. A sexy as Alpha guided by his instincts and a hybrid shifter with a wicked imagination.

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11 responses to Cover Reveal and Blurb – Uncaged

  1. Debra

    Oohhhh my ooohhh my that sounds exciting! I can’t wait to read that one. Love the cover. The dark side vs the light. Good vs Evil. Great story line, innovative, I’ve not heard that one before so I’m looking forward to something new. Although how uncomfortable was it to write sex scenes with your son? Hopefully not to awkward!!

    • Lisao79

      Hehehe, Debra, Thomas wouldn’t go near the sex scenes lol, he was my fight coordinator, he came up with the idea, and he has a whole series mapped out – but those personal bits are all mine. I don’t think he even read them lol.

  2. Jane C

    How exciting to be writing with your son! Looking forward to this book.
    Jane x

  3. Tonya

    I love the cover, very nice! Looking forward to its release.

  4. Denise Dechene

    Cant wait to read it.

  5. Caligirl

    Hello Ms. Lisa!! When will we get the next book in this series?

    • Lisao79

      Oh there will be a bit of a wait for this one Caligirl. I have new books in the pipeline for the CP series, The Alpha and Omega series and the Stockton Wolves series to do first. No Mate of Mine (Book 5 of the Bound and Bonded series) will be out this week – going up on Amazon today 🙂