Don’t Bite Is Now On Preorder – Excerpt

Don’t Bite, book 4 in the Stockton Wolves series featuring Trent and his vampire mate, Alexi is now on Amazon for preorder. It will be released on December 6th and available on ARe December 8th.  If the super sexy cover hasn’t persuaded you to give this one a try, then here’s another excerpt to tempt your taste buds.


Alexi’s eyes snapped open and he quickly scanned the unfamiliar room. He wasn’t sure what woke him, but the windows reflected a sky of pale pinks, yellows and dark blues. It was early evening. He heard a whimper and he was conscious of warmth covering half of his torso. Alexi looked down; his shoulders instantly relaxing. Trent was snuggled on his chest; his curls a mess; his hands fisted as though fighting. The sensual smile from hours before was gone. Trent’s eyes were scrunched and his face twisted in pain.

“Babe,” Alexi said softly, knowing it wasn’t wise to startle a man from his nightmare. “Trent. Time to wake up.” Trent moaned, his head tossing and his hands flailing.

“Trent.” Alexi was louder this time, but his mate was caught fast in whatever horror his dreams were showing. Unsure what to do, Alexi shook his shoulder and Trent lashed out.

“NO!” Trent screamed.

A sharp fist crashed into his chest and Alexi’s knee winced as Trent’s foot found him. “Calm down,” Alexi said firmly, catching his mate in his arms, pulling him against his chest and then rolling on him. “Calm down, babe, calm down. It’s just a dream. Just a dream.”

Damp chocolate brown eyes looked up at him. “Alexi?”

Alexi’s first instinct was to joke, but he bit back his natural response of how many other six foot four vampires would be in your bed. Instead he softened his voice and gently stroked Trent’s curls from his face. “Yeah, babe, it’s me. Bad dream?” As though it wasn’t obvious.

“I’m sorry.  It…it happens sometimes. Ever since….”

“We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.” In fact, Alexi would be happy not to talk at all right at that moment. Sure, he wanted to know his mate’s secrets, especially those causing him nightmares. But Trent’s body was warm and hard beneath him; his sweat tousled curls highlighted his razor thin features, and the trust and hope he saw in Trent’s eyes fired his libido like nothing else.

“I…I…I’m not sure…oh, stuff it.” Alexi didn’t know what Trent was trying to say but he didn’t get a chance to ask. Thin arms wrapped around his neck and he was pulled down, Trent’s lips clumsy and hard against his. Alexi moaned in spite of himself; more than happy to go along with whatever his mate had in mind.

End Excerpt

You can find the book on Amazon here .  Hope you enjoy it 🙂

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2 responses to Don’t Bite Is Now On Preorder – Excerpt

  1. Cali

    OH you tease! I love it! Count down has begun.

  2. Judy Stone

    Awesome excerpt! Thanks for sharing, Lisa. I preordered and soon I’ll have Trent and Alexi right where I want them. *waggles eyebrows* On my Kindle of course.