Don’t forget giveaway – here’s an excerpt

Hi again, don’t forget the giveaway for Dancing Around the Cop – my new book in the Alpha and Omega series (see previous post).  To tempt your taste buds here is a short excerpt.  Book should be released by the end of the week 🙂


Terry was just pinning up the last of Davina’s hem when his phone rang.  Glancing at the screen, he didn’t recognize the number so he ignored it, focusing on the dress.

“Get your phone honey,” Davina rasped above his head. “I’m dying for a smoke.”

“Those things will kill you,” Terry said with a smile, reaching for his phone, as Davina stepped off the raised platform and headed outside.

“So long as I’m a beautiful corpse, darling.” Davina waved him off, already pulling out her cigarette packet from her bra.  Terry had seen bras filled with a lot worse things. Accepting the call, Terry said, “Terry Martin speaking.”

“Mr Martin. It’s Detective Zander Samuels. We met the other night at the sports bar incident.”

Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. It was him. Mr Perfection. Terry would know that steel laced voice anywhere. His mother was right. The man was after him. Terry’s face went red, his breathing started to race and his cock started knocking at the zipper of his pants demanding attention. Oh. My. God.

“Mr Martin, are you still there? I need you to come down to the station to talk about the fight.”

Mr Perfection’s words were like a bucket of cold water over his head, and Terry snarled – he actually snarled.

“Are you going to arrest me for something, Detective Samuels, because you already have my statement and there is nothing else I can add to your enquiry.”

“No, no, of course not. It’s just some things have come up with the case that I would like to talk to you about.” Did the big detective sound defensive? Terry dismissed that thought as quickly as it came – there was no way the big Alpha wolf was anything but cool, calm and fucking arrogant. That was the problem with Alpha wolves, too full of themselves. Terry had never met one before Zander, but his mother had told him enough stories about it.

“You’ll need to speak to my friend Roy,” he said forcing himself to be professional.  “I was just a bystander.  I didn’t say anything and only hit anyone to defend myself and the people I was with. I honestly don’t have anything else to add.”

Zander’s voice got so low, Terry had to rely on his enhanced senses to hear him. “You know what this is about, pretty boy. I need to see you.” Terry could hear the blatant sex in the man’s voice and fanned his face with his other hand. He had to be strong though, his mother didn’t raise no slut.

“Well I don’t consider meeting you in an interview room at the local station as a proper first date. You’ll have to do better than that.”

With a determined press of his finger, Terry ended the call, before his knees gave way and he slumped to the floor. He’d done it. He’d blown off Mr Perfection. Had he gone totally mad? He could have lost his virginity by nightfall. Be claimed and wanted by someone who was meant to stay with him forever. And he’d blown the man off.

“Terry, darling, why are you on the floor? Are you okay? Was the call bad news from home?”

Suddenly Terry was wrapped up in what seemed like miles of chiffon and silk as Davina put her burly arms around him. In her other life, Davina was a truck driver called David, and Terry got the impression that David ate far too many pies when he was in his truck.  But the comfort was nice, and Terry let himself wallow in the smell of musk and cigarette smoke for a moment, before pulling himself together.

“I just blew off the most perfect man in the Universe,” he said sadly.

End blurb – don’t forget the giveaway – head over to this post and leave your comment there 🙂

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5 responses to Don’t forget giveaway – here’s an excerpt

  1. Marie Lisk

    WOW!!!! Can’t wait to read this one. Smokin Hot.

  2. Aly

    Hi just read the little teaser and it sounds good it is my birthday on Saturday so hopefully it will be out by then a long with the last book u did as well. Then I can get them both together always look forward to your books .😀👍

    • Lisao79

      Hi Aly, yes the book is out now on Amazon and will be on the other outlets next week – thank you and Happy Birthday for Saturday 🙂 🙂

  3. Aly

    Just wanted to let u know I have finished this and is was great 👍 will u be doing a book with Q and sully I hope so🙏. Also read no mate of mine was also really good can’t wait for more to come out .keep up the great work.