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I hope you haven’t forgotten about the competition I am running here as well – I am looking for a picture of Trent. I have had some lovely responses and I will be posting the best of them in a blog post on Friday so we can all vote on who looks the most like my lovely character.  To help give you further insight into his character, here is another excerpt from Don’t Bite which will be coming out next month 🙂

Excerpt (Unedited)

“Alexi?” Trent’s eyelids were heavy, but he was breathing. He was conscious of that.  There were a million things zinging through his head and he was sure most of it wasn’t his. But that had to mean his mate was near.

“I’m here, babe. Just rest for a minute. Don’t get up.” Alexi’s voice was calm; too calm. Trent forced his eyes open; the foreign thoughts in his head making sense when he saw the look on Alexi’s face.

“You’re not leaving me,” he said. His throat was sore and there was an ugly metallic taste in his mouth. They were in his spare room, the curtains shut and only a single bedside lamp pierced the darkness. Trent had no idea what time it was or how long he’d been out this time. “You can’t leave me.”

“You’re right; I can’t. Even if you couldn’t stand the sight of me anymore, I won’t be the cause of your death.” Alexi got up and grabbed a bottle of water from the bedside cabinet. Dressed in black, Alexi’s face was pale and gaunt; even his eyes seemed duller somehow. Trent took the water gratefully and studied his lover carefully. Beaten. That’s the only word coming to mind and it showed in every aspect of his mate.

“Explain,” Trent said, taking some sips of water. It eased the sting in his throat but not the lump forming there.

Alexi put his face in his hands. “I can totally understand you not wanting anything to do with our kind again. The thought of being bitten must be abhorrent after what Levi did to you. I thought about going without your blood, but Carlos reminded me if I died so would you. We could try bags; maybe Shane or Dimitri know someone who could take whatever blood you were offering and send it to me….”

“Hang on a minute, that sounds exactly like you’re leaving me,” Trent blinked. He refused to cry on top of everything else.

“And I should,” Alexi raised his head and clearly he wasn’t ashamed to cry.  Tears ran unmolested down the strong face and Trent double blinked to stop his following suit. “Don’t you get it? I agreed to this. I let myself get persuaded those wolves could protect you.”

“No one guessed Levi would bring a friend.”

“I did. Not till afterwards of course; but when I was talking to Carlos. I should’ve known Levi wouldn’t stray very far. I should’ve hunted for him. Stopped him from coming within ten feet of you again and I fucking failed. He attacked you and when he knew you were mated to me he was going to drain you dry.”

“He thought we were bonded, not true mates. His mistake cost him his life,” Trent said, wondering why it was important. Levi was dead and the second vampire captured. That was the point of the plan and it worked to a point. Then he was struck with another thought. “Are you upset I killed your cousin? Will this have ramifications for you with Hugo?”

“I don’t give a shit about that,” Alexi’s eyes flared red and yet Trent never felt so safe. “Levi should’ve been killed for what he did fifty years ago. Look at the scores of people who’ve died since then because Hugo threw his power around and tried to pass off his brother’s behavior as a fucking childish prank. Jeremiah wouldn’t have let this happen and neither would the council.”

“So what does any of this have to do with you leaving me and thinking it’s for my own good?” Trent was starting to channel some of Alexi’s anger as his own. It felt good; empowering. “Before I let you claim me, I told you what I thought being mates meant. Honest, faithful and they didn’t fucking leave at the first sign of trouble. That’s what you’re claiming to do; slink off because you think your mate’s not strong enough to deal with being attacked. Run away, instead of sticking by my side and helping me get through this. Well, I’ve got news for you mister, you aren’t going anywhere.”

Alexi’s eyes widened. “Do you hear what you’re saying?”

“Of course I can hear myself. Levi tried to rip my throat out, not bite my ears.” Alexi winced, but Trent was feeling strong for the first time since he’d been attacked by the bear shifter and his wretched knife. He wasn’t going to stop now. “You’re my mate. Sure, I might have the annoying habit of blacking out all over the place, but too bad. Learn to live with it, or better yet hang around a bit more so it doesn’t happen. Yes, it was my choice to be bait for Levi. Mine. Not yours. I didn’t think he’d bite me; I didn’t know at the time he’d bring someone else with him. Those were my mistakes and I’ll have to live with the scars.”

End Excerpt – have a great week 🙂

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  1. Cali

    😲 who was Levi? We already have one of those. Cannot wait for this new book!! Will Trent be moving to the coven with Alexi? I hope not!

  2. Lynette McCormick

    u r such a tease, Happy Thanks giving to u and your Family, and did u say this book is coming out next month, good. have a good day

  3. Elvira Jefferson

    Wow this sounds like a great book I can’t wait to read it. Is this part of the cloverleah pack series? I’m so far back in my reading of your books yours are a one click for me and I have all of them but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to read any books from my favorite authors but hopefully after the holidays I can get back to reading your books and others

    • Lisao79

      Hi Elvira – no this is book four in the Stockton Wolves series, Don’t Bite. The new Cloverleah one will be out sometime in January 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  4. Sharlotte

    I can’t wait for this one to come out. Rereading the Stockton Wolves series again from the beginning. Love all your books, and I have everyone of them.