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Hi everyone, with Fighting Fangs due out within…well, hopefully the next twenty four hours, I thought I would include an excerpt for you, to give you a bit of a teaser.

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Moving quickly, Ace pushed and snarled his way through the throngs of people mingling around the club’s public areas.  From his previous visit he knew the entrance to the private rooms were at the back and he wasted no time in covering the distance. As he passed through the heavy curtain that separated the two areas, he had to stop for a moment to let his eyes adjust to the added gloom. That’s when he heard it. Devin’s voice and the man was using his safe word.

“Red. Red you bastard. I have a no sex con…” That’s all Ace heard but it was enough. Kicking through the door with his solidly booted foot, Ace burst into a scene from his latest nightmare. Devin was bound, hand and foot over a spanking bench, his back a mass of bloody welts. Standing behind him, with his dick out was the fucking Dom from the public whipping scene that Ace had watched.

“What the fuck are you doing in here?” Marco spluttered, trying to get his shrinking dick back in his leathers.

“I heard the boy use his safeword, but I don’t see you stopping,” Ace snarled. His wolf was ready for a fight, and Marco was the perfect target. He felt his claws bite into his palms, and the hair on his arms lengthen. When he snarled he knew he was sporting a full set of wolf teeth.

“Get away from my boy,” Ace growled – it was never easy holding a conversation when your mouth was full of long teeth.

“Look, I don’t know who the hell you are…” Marco said, trying to regain some decorum. He rested his hand on Devin’s exposed buttocks and Ace saw red.  He literally saw red – explosions of color over his eyeballs.

“Get away!” he roared. Ace didn’t want to kill the man. Actually that was a lie.  He did want to kill the worthless human who didn’t fucking listen when a safeword was used. Marco was useless as a Dom and it showed every minute Ace had to share the same air as he did.

Amatus?” Davin whimpered.

“I’m here, Devin,” Ace said with a softness he didn’t think he would ever feel. “Just let me take out the trash, and I will get you free.”

“Don’t kill him,” Devin whispered and Ace was sure that Marco hadn’t heard him, but Ace’s wolf had. He felt his teeth go back to their normal length and fingernails replaced the claws at the end of his fingers. Ace’s wolf would do anything for Devin. They had already bonded.

End Excerpt – Watch for Fighting Fangs on Amazon within the next twenty four hours and then at all other outlets over the next week.

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  1. Laurie P

    The wait is killing me!!!

  2. Rebecca E.

    It’s out!!! YAY!! Just bought it. Probably going to be a late night….

  3. DB

    I’m so happy!!!!! 🙂

  4. Katrina

    I was wondering if you had a more specific date of when this is coming out at different places? I keep checking and to no luck….I’m very sad I’m ready to read! Thanks for any info!

    • Lisao79

      I am sorry Katrina, my life has been a real mess at the moment – I have just put the book up on ARe and I am about to submit it to Smashwords for all of the other outlets – so within two-three days for those. I don’t mean to keep you waiting it’s just that sometimes life gets in my way 🙂 Lisa

  5. Katrina

    Lisa all is good I know all about life getting the better of you! Good to know number 4 is out soon. Thanks again. Hopefully both our lives will get better!

  6. Caligirl

    with Ace’s wolf and Devon bonded, how is Devon in a scene. why would they be able to do this, how would they (be able to)?