Excerpt from Fae For All

It’s coming – I promise, but to keep you interested here is another excerpt.

“It’s all right Alpha. We have no problem meeting your visitors.”

Jax looked up and his heart stopped.  Literally stopped in his rib cage for what felt like a full minute, before it started pounding in his chest.  His wolf howled at him, begging for freedom and while Jax couldn’t blame his blessed animal, because damn his men were fine, he had to hold on to his control. Dean was a good artist, but nothing that Jax had seen on that solitary piece of paper could do justice to the sheer masculine beauty that stood on the porch. His mates.

Aelfric, his long blond hair falling down his back in waves, just like Jax had imagined, had a slightly leaner face than his mate, Fafnir. His violet eyes shone with mischief in a pale face that held a small straight nose, and a luscious pair of full pink lips. Jax took in the small cleft in his chin, the hard lines of a jaw that was at odds with the softness of the man’s mouth and the keen intelligence that shone in those eyes. A slim neck held Aelfric’s head from a body built lean and tough.  In the muscle shirt, tight fitting jeans and biker boots the man wore, no one had to guess at the man’s physique.  He was gorgeous on every level.

His mate Fafnir was almost a dark mirror copy of Aelfric. His lips were red and not quite as full, his nose ever so slightly longer, his dark hair was straight as opposed to wavy, but the hard jaw and harder body were equal in every way and Jax couldn’t stop the erotic images of what the two men must be like in bed together from flooding his brain. Fuck his mates were perfect.

It seemed that the visiting wolves had the same idea.  Tanner, the young man that McLeod had pulled forward, dashed between the Cloverleah pack men, faster than a whippet and plastered himself against Fafnir’s body. “Mine,” he yelled, in case his intentions weren’t clear enough.  “These men are mine.”

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14 responses to Excerpt from Fae For All

  1. Caligirl

    UH OH!! Tanner says they are his?!

  2. JaneC

    Yay!! Loving this series, glad you are back writing Lisa. Just keep this series going!! The characters are amazing!
    Diablo’s no 1 fan xx

    • Lisao79

      Thank you Jane 🙂 Diablo’s story (about who he is etc) is still coming, but my other characters won’t shut up lol.

  3. Keshia

    Just finished reading and I can not get enough. I fall in love every time I read one of these books. I will be rereading this entire series until your next book comes out. Thank you for your hard work.

    • Lisao79

      Oh Keisha thank you so much – I love all of my characters and it makes me feel all warm inside when I know someone else does too – have an awesome day 🙂

    • Caligirl


      Ms. Lisa just plain ROCKS!!

  4. Caligirl

    Diablo’s story? you already did his and Griff…

    • Lisao79

      Yes, I did Caligirl, but I never explained how Diablo was so important in the shifter world. That needs another short story from when he and Griff go and visit his mother before they get married 🙂