Excerpt from The Viper’s Heart

I am off to my grandson’s eighth birthday this afternoon, but I wanted to post an excerpt from The Viper’s Heart, which should be showing in an Amazon Kindle page near you real soon.










Raziel dropped his wrench through the engine, and cursed, almost hitting his head on the hood of his taxi as he stood up. He crouched and peered below the bumper. Too much to hope that it’d fallen where he could reach it. He wiggled half under the vehicle, his hand straining to reach the tool he needed.

“My, my, that is a sexy sight.”

No. It couldn’t be. Ever since Anael revealed his connection to the demon the night before, Raziel had refused to discuss or think about anything remotely connected to Botis. It was the weekend; he didn’t need to open his shop or drive anywhere and he had a list of chores he’d decided to tackle after his sensuous dreams starring the demon forced him from his bed before the birds. Now the wretched man was stalking him in his garage!

Scuttling out from under the car, Raziel stood, brushing a hand through his messy hair. “This is my private space,” he said with as much firmness as he could muster. “You’ve no right being here.”

“Oh, I think I do,” Botis said, leaning on the garage doorframe, his teeth in perfect view. In contrast to his leather club look, or the suit he’d worn when he’d visited Raziel’s shop, the white muscle shirt, blue jeans and black boots were a welcome change. His long black leather coat was the only concession Botis’d made to the chilly air. “I’m sure you got the memo. Head Office has decided you and I are the penultimate match. I’ve come to claim what’s mine.”

“Not in this lifetime,” Raziel said, hefting his wrench. He was overwhelmingly conscious of his ripped jeans and t-shirt and he wouldn’t be surprised if he had grease on his face. “Anael mentioned he saw a connection between us, but I’ve put in a call to Gabriel. I’m sure this will all be sorted out soon enough.”

“But you want me,” Botis said, his smile getting wider. He tilted his sunglasses onto the top of his head, which shouldn’t look sexy but it did. As Raziel expected Botis’s eyes were black but their flames were hot, vibrant. “You don’t like it, but you want me something fierce. I’m more than happy to oblige.”

“I’m an angel, built to withstand temptation from the likes of you,” Raziel said, knowing every word Botis said was true. “I was never intended to be a demon’s casual plaything, and nothing you’ve said convinces me you want anything more. Do you deny it?”

Raziel watched as Botis went to open his mouth, probably to spout a set of lies. The sort of lies any demon would tell to achieve their objectives. But the demon never said anything. In fact, it looked as though Botis was trying to speak, but couldn’t.

“You can’t lie to me?” Suddenly the playing field was a lot more level. “You can’t, can you?” Raziel added when it seemed like Botis tried to say something else but his mouth wouldn’t work. “You were going to give me some cock-and-bull story about us being mates; wanting us to be together forever, just so you could get into my pants, but you can’t say the words.”

“No, I can’t, and that means I’ve been changed in a way that’s just not cool,” Botis snarled. “Don’t you get it? This doesn’t just impact me. We’re both more fucked than I thought we’d be. I’ve got to talk to Lucifer, but believe me if I have anything to do with it; you won’t be seeing me again. There’s no way I’m giving up my life for a fuck, even with an angel as hot as you.” With one last scorching look from those mesmerizing eyes, and a flare of his leather coat Botis disappeared.

End excerpt – I do hope you like it 🙂

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  1. Caligirl

    Holy Camole!!


  2. Tammi Hammond

    LOVED it,read it in about 2 hours!! :)can’t wait for more!! Like I said on Facebook, really want Gabriel and Lucifer’s book, can see that one coming from a mile away! 😉

  3. Caligirl

    Tell you Grandson HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  4. Nancy

    OMG this book was so good. I am ready for the next book.

  5. Lorraine

    Oh Hell Yes! I absolutely love it

  6. Erith

    Hi Lisa,

    It sounds hot!

    Looking forward to my purchase.

    Enjoy your grandson’s birthday party.

    Best wishes.


  7. Kerry

    Wow just wow this is the next book I am going to read
    Can not wait

  8. Lois Nettles

    Happy Birthday to your Grandson!!!

    So excited for this book – actually any book you write!

  9. Lisao79

    Wow, thank you all – so pleased to see you liked it 🙂 You have made my day 🙂

  10. Erith

    Hi Lisa,

    I hope that your grandson enjoyed his 8th birthday party.

    Will Not Even Close be something we can expect in 2107?

    Thank you.

    • Lisao79

      He did Erith, thank you 🙂

      About Not Even Close – yes. I did think those two had something powerful to say, so it is on my schedule for the new year 🙂