Excerpt Getting Close to the Omega

Getting Close to the Omega (Book 5 of the Cloverleah Pack) is one chapter and one epilogue away from being finished and I am so pleased with how this book worked out.  Many of my readers have written to me, since book one was released, asking me about when Dean would be getting his story, and I am finally about twenty pages away from finishing it. So below, enjoy the short little tease from the pages I have written in the past couple of days and keep an eye out for the book which will be out next month.


“Come on,” he [Dean] said to Ron, who had followed him. “Let me introduce you to some of my friends. That’s Kane, Alpha of Cloverleah,” he said pointing as he went.  “The man beside him is Shawn, his mate and a Shifter Guardian.  The two men beside them are Damien, Alpha of the San Antonio pack and Claude, Alpha of the Tulsa pack, and there,” Dean beamed.  “That one there, that’s Matthew, my mate. I take it, he’s the one who wants to challenge you.”

“You have four Alpha friends.” Ron’s voice squeaked a little.

“Not four, no,” said Dean with a smile. “Griff, Anton, and Jax are also Alpha’s, Diablo there – he’s some king of the cat shifters or something like that, and oh, no disrespect intended, but the white haired man over there. That’s the Shaman from the Denver pack, and the two men beside him are Kane’s brothers – also Alpha born. So that’s,” Dean did a quick tally on his fingers.  “Ten, in all, if you count Diablo, and you don’t want to discount Diablo, because he is really big in his shifted form.”

Ron’s eyes went wide, and he seemed speechless for a moment. Dean could see why the man might have trouble finding his words.  His friends made an impressive sight and yes, having so many Alpha’s in the one room, with no fighting or challenging involved was unheard of in wolf circles.

“Are you all right there Dean?” Troy called out, and Dean smiled at the man he considered a brother.

“Peachy,” he said.  “So what are you…?” The rest of his sentence was cut short, as Ron went stomping over to Gretchen, glaring at her through her blue haze suit. “How could you bring this much shit to my pack?” he yelled. “Get the Omega, you said. You need his power, you said. His power will make you the strongest Alpha in all the land, you said. Look at what you’ve done! There’s ten fucking Alpha’s in my dining hall.”


Hope you liked it 🙂

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