Excerpt – Getting Close to the Omega

I am loving writing Dean’s story.  He is so sweet and yet he can be fierce when he wants to be and his mate, Matthew, is so lucky to have him – when they get things sorted of course.

The moment Dean and Matthew met: (Unedited)

Then Dean looked across at Matthew, and it was as though time itself stopped right in that moment. He couldn’t look away. Matthew was a devastatingly handsome man. But it wasn’t the man’s long, dark wavy hair, that caught Dean’s attention, or the fact that the man was built.  He had to be almost as big as Damien, Troy’s brother-in-law and Alpha of the San Antonio pack. No, it was Matthew’s eyes that held him captive. Deep, dark and full of a hunger that Dean had seen too often in his past. He wasn’t sure he liked it.

As he watched, transfixed, Matthew sniffed the air discretely, and if anything, the hunger in his eyes grew.  Without thinking of the consequences, Dean did the same thing, and there, amongst the scent of his pack members, was the tantalizing smell of cinnamon, vanilla and aroused wolf. Having met Josh before, and not even registering his scent, Dean knew the smell had to be coming from Matthew. His body immediately reacted and he wanted desperately to drop his eyes, but it was as though Matthew held him in a trance.

“So Matthew, what do you do for a living?” Kane’s voice cut across Dean’s confusion. Thankful for his Alpha’s timely intervention, because Dean was seriously worried he would embarrass himself by jumping Matthew’s solid frame and humping the man, Dean immediately dropped his eyes and focused on his food.

Getting Close to the Omega, Book 5 of the Cloverleah Pack, due out December 2014.

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