Excerpt – No Mate of Mine

Hi everyone, if it isn’t out now, it will be any moment… and to hopefully tease your taste buds, here is an excerpt from No Mate of Mine, Book 5 of the Bound and Bonded series.


Romney Pack, West Virginia

Individual Pack Record

Name: Cameron George Slater

D.O.B.: 12/29/1992

Address: Unknown

Contact Details: Unknown

Pack Status: Banished, homosexual, 12/23/2008, proven Omega.

No other details available.

Roger stared at his computer screen in horror. The words just didn’t make sense. It just wasn’t possible. He refreshed his screen and looked at the text again, but they didn’t change.  Cameron Slater was an Omega wolf?  And he’d been banished from his pack because of it?

Roger gasped as his gut cramped in fear and his wolf snarled showing his displeasure. He checked the date again. Six years his little wolf, his mate, had been without a pack. Six long fucking years. And the poor boy was an Omega.  No strength to protect himself, no way of getting access to another pack unless he’d been picked up as someone’s plaything. And Roger didn’t have a clue where he could start looking for him. In six years, Cam could have gone anywhere.

Dropping his head into his hands, Roger cursed the day he walked away from Cameron Slater, from their mating bond and everything that had called him to the boy from the moment he’d seen him. He’d been such a fucking fool.

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  1. Yoe

    When will “No Mate of Mine” be out on ARE?

    • Lisao79

      I will be posting it up today Yoe, so keep an eye out here and on my FB page for the links 🙂