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Get Off My Case, my Goodreads story is going well.  I have added over 28K so far and it will be at least another 20K before it’s finished, so it will end up as a full length book. For those of you who haven’t read the free part of this story available at the MMRomance group discussion boards, I have included the prologue of the story as an excerpt here today. I hope you like it 🙂


Eight years ago

Shane was running as fast as he could, the sound of his pursuers’ feet ringing in his ears.  He was sweating bullets, his heart was pounding and his lungs felt as though they were going to burst right out of his rib cage.  But he didn’t stop.  He knew if he could get through to the school’s cafeteria he would be safe, at least from a physical beating.  Sure, the taunts and name calling would still continue and he would probably be humiliated in front of the entire school, but he wouldn’t be touched.  All he had to do was duck down the alley way coming up, run about another 100 meters or so after that and the cafeteria building would be in sight.  Shane ran faster.

As soon as he turned into the alley he realized his mistake.  There, leaning against the wall, was his biggest nemesis – Dimitri Polst.  Tall, dark, and too fucking good looking for his own good, he had been tormenting Shane for as long as Shane could remember.  Shane had heard that Dimitri had gone through his first shift on the last full moon so had actually thought the male had left school already.  Seems Shane couldn’t be so lucky especially as he saw the narrowed glare of pure hatred in the other shifter’s eyes.

“There you are little pretty boy,” Dimitri snarled, “I was hoping to get one more crack at you before I left.”

Shane skidded to a halt and looked behind him.  Three of Dimitri’s friends, humans but big jocks all the same, were blocking the entrance to the alley.  The only way out for Shane was past Dimitri.  If Shane had shifted before he would have probably taken on his human predators, but Shane was two years younger than Dimitri and although his shift could come at any time, it wasn’t likely to happen in the next five minutes.  Besides, it was against pack law to shift in front of humans.  Much like it was against his pack’s law to be gay, or apparently, to look gay.

Taking a deep breath Shane adjusted his weight on his feet and then without warning took off running again – his plan simply to get past Dimitri and hopefully to safety.  Shane was a fast runner, one of the fastest in the pack, but Dimitri had quick reflexes on his side and before he even had a chance to get away, Dimitri had grabbed him, snagging him around the waist with one strong arm and pulling him towards his chest.  Shane cringed and raised his arms above his head in the hopes of forestalling the inevitable blow.

The blow never came.

Daring to peek at his attacker Shane could see an absolutely stunned look on Dimitri’s face.  It was like he was seeing Shane for the first time.  Then without warning Dimitri pushed his face into Shane’s neck and sniffed him, really sniffed him.  Shane thought he imagined a little groan escape Dimitri’s mouth although it was more likely to be a growl, but before he could process what was happening Shane heard the catcalling from Dimitri’s friend.

“What you trying to do, D?  Trying to snog the faggot?  Gonna give him a hickey?”

Shane felt Dimitri push him away with a snarl and he landed in a heap on the ground.

“Course not.  I’m more inclined to rip his throat out with my teeth,” Shane heard Dimitri say, “But I can’t be bothered with this shit.  Don’t want to get blood on my jacket.  Come on, let’s get a beer,” and with that Dimitri walked away, gathering his friends as they left Shane alone in the alley.

What the fuck had just happened?  Had Dimitri Polst just saved him from a beating?  Why on earth would he do that?

Dimitri had been Shane’s worst enemy since Shane had started kindergarten.  It seemed wherever Shane went, Dimitri and his inevitable gang of friends were always there – calling him names, stealing his lunch money, making him cry, stuffing him in lockers, throwing his shoes in the dumpster.

As Shane got older the threats became more physically violent and many times Shane had gone home from school with a black eye and worse.  While his mother fussed over him, his father refused to say anything to the Alpha about it.  In his father’s opinion Shane just needed to toughen up and cut his hair.  Shane lived for the day when he would go through his first shift, because the first thing he was going to do once he knew he could access his wolf form successfully, was get the hell out of his pack and as far away from Dimitri Polst and the others like him as possible.

And that is what he did.  When Shane was seventeen he went through his first shift and became a full wolf.  He went home, packed his bag, told his mom and dad he was gay and walked out of the house as the shouting started.  He had never been back.

End Excerpt

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