Fang and Fur – Stormy Glenn

“Each of you have twenty four hours to find and claim your mate…If you fail to claim a mate in twenty four hours, and bring him, or her before this council to be recognized, you will not have a mate. You will go feral inside of a week.”

fang and furThis is the premise of the Midnight Mating series, and Fang and Fur by Stormy Glenn is just one of the many books in this series.  Oh, and by the way, no one is allowed to claim a mate within their own species, and if you don’t find one, well you will be hunted down and executed as a rogue.  The premise is awesome and every book in the series (I have read lots of them) starts in a very similar way.  A room full of people – all compelled to find a mate within twenty four hours – I’m surprised they were given that long, but you can imagine with the diverse range of shifters and paranormals that are in these books, the match ups are surprising.

In this book it is Sterling who is compelled to bite someone – among other things.  Sterling is a vampire, who has a few issues with his coven.  Mated by accident, and it really was an accident to Beau, Alpha of the Pacific Northwest Region, the two men try to do without each other.  One of my favorite quotes “He’s an alpha,” Sterling replied. “I’m sure one of us will be dead inside of a week.”

Of course, like all of the books in this series, the two men do learn to live with each other, love each other and not kill each other.  Beau has baggage of his own, one being that he wasn’t gay, but overall this book shows what determination and true love can achieve.  These are not overly angst-ridden books.  They are light-hearted and funny, and the sex is smoking hot.  What better way to enjoy an lazy afternoon.


[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, werewolves, sex toys] The Gathering is called. The spell is cast. There is no escaping the Midnight Matings. Sterling Roane has a job to perform. He is the personal bodyguard of a vampire coven leader. When the council of elders decrees that everyone needs to find a mate, Sterling isn’t interested, but he can’t deny the mating heat sweeping through his body. Still, he has a mission to complete and a coven leader to protect. When a wolf shifter interferes with that duty, the fight is on. Before Sterling knows it, he’s accidentally mated to the Alpha of the Pacific Northwest Region. It’s just too bad that his new mate swears he isn’t gay. It gets even worse when Sterling finds out that Beau is engaged to be married. Heartbroken, Sterling drops Beau off in the middle of nowhere and flees back to New York only to find out that the hell waiting for him there is worse than what he left in a Wyoming airport. Someone is trying to claim him, and it’s not his mate.** A Siren Erotic Romance

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