Fighting Fangs – Cover Reveal and Blurb

Finally, finally, finally…Fighting Fangs, Book Four of the Bound and Bonded Series is working it’s way through the Amazon publishing machine, which means it should be available in about two days.  I will post links for it as soon as it becomes available but in the meantime I thought I would give you a sneak peak at the cover and the blurb.



Book Four Bound and Bonded Series
(Can be read as standalone)
Ace is on a mission.  On the run from his old pack, the enforcer is determined that cat shifter Teric must die.  In his head it’s the only way he can regain his place in the Washington pack and the Bound and Bonded club. In an effort to meet his needs for Domination in the human world, Ace visits Whips, a predominantly human BDSM club and gets the shock of his life.

Devin is a five hundred year old vampire who has been searching for his one and only for the longest time. Working as a house sub at Whips was fine until one Master over steps his boundaries and Devin is left with time on his hands.  Deciding on a whim to track down the delicious wolf shifter he had smelled at the club, Devin soon tracks down Ace…and then promptly wishes he hadn’t. Ace is a wolfist and refuses to accept Devin as his mate.

Misunderstandings are just one hurdle these two need to overcome, if they are ever to have their HEA.  The enforcers from the Washington Pack are still looking for Ace, and when they find him it might prove the end for both Devin and Ace.

Warnings; this is a gay erotic romance about a wolf shifter and a vampire.  The book includes graphic sex scenes between men, BDSM elements and coarse language.

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18 responses to Fighting Fangs – Cover Reveal and Blurb

  1. Mary

    Oh so excited for this book! Love all of your books, but I really wanted to know Devin’s story.

  2. Laurie P

    OMG, I can’t wait!

  3. Caligirl

    With Devin being a 500 year old vampire, how and why did/is he in this position of being in a room with some one NOT his mate?! naked!?

    • Lisao79

      Sweetie, Devin and Ace weren’t mated yet, and Devin worked as a house submissive – he had a no sex contract – keep reading lol.

  4. Caligirl

    OK…I admit…i loved all four books in this series!! And I will be posting my reviews in Amazon. I will just say…Devin is FAR from a sub with/when his Vampiric side comes out to play!! O MY!! I can not wait for a TRUE sub to have his turn with his mate!! wink wink!!

    • Lisao79

      Oh thank you Caligirl, I am so thrilled you gave them a try (and loved them) – and yes the whole true sub thing comes out in book five in the Bound and Bonded series lol – promise 🙂

  5. Caligirl

    Who is book five of the B&B series about?

    • Lisao79

      Hi Caligirl – book five is about Roger – the computer technician/enforcer for the club. He found his mate years before and left him before claiming him because the boy was too young. Now he has found out the boy is in a lot of trouble (and well over the age of consent because you know I don’t like to write about youngsters), and so has to get the pack to help him get the boy back. It’s coming, but I am still working on Fae for All at the moment 🙂

  6. Caligirl

    When will you have a series about Scott’s new Pack?

    • Lisao79

      Not sure, I am tossing up between making it an extension of the Cloverleah Pack, or a whole different series – but people seemed to like Malacai and Elijah’s short story and there are so many delicious men in Damien’s pack – I would love to write a story for Cody. Hmmm, will have to see what evolves 🙂

  7. Caligirl

    Could be a new series, but with a few of CP helping…all kinds of possibilities!!