First Freebie

Sorry for the delay – technical difficulties lol. But as promised, my first giveaway for the Christmas season is up and running. I am giving away a full copy of The Viper’s Heart. If you were a bit iffy about trying a new series, here’s your chance to get the book for free.  Just click on the cover below. All you need to do is to sign up to my newsletter which will be starting January 1st. This book will be free until December 16th, when I will post the next freebie link (there will be four of them in total.)

My plan for the newsletter will be to not only let my subscribers know which book is coming up next, but I thought I would serialize a story I have been thinking about for a while, publishing one chapter with each newsletter.  Don’t worry if you’re sick of newsletters cluttering your inbox, the story will be published as a freebie on this blog, once it’s finished. But if you are keen on serials, and want to read the new stuff first, then stay tuned to my newsletter.

Have a great weekend.

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6 responses to First Freebie

  1. Cathy Casey

    I really can’t wait to see what is going to happen ! I really do love all of your series and I always get them as soon as they come out. Thank you for all your hard work and have a great holiday season!!!!

  2. Laurie P

    This book is amazing! Great start to a new series. I can’t wait to read what happens to the rest of the characters introduced in this one.

  3. Blaine Hall

    Woo Hoo!! Thank you for the freebie Lisa!!!

  4. Mandy

    This story was a complete surprise, albeit a beautiful one 🙂
    The change of heart that both the characters go through, the give and take.. Exceptional! And the characters, especially the boss from down there (didn’t want to spoil others, hence the roundabout mention) was just charming 🙂

    Totally loved it!

  5. Amanda

    Looking forward to reading the books

  6. Judy Stone

    Wonderful story and I can’t wait to read more of The Balance series. I love serials and I’ll bet yours is a humdinger! Thanks for everything Lisa.