Free Stories

Every now and then I get an idea for a story that doesn’t fit with my existing series.  It is usually a random thing and up until now I have usually pushed those ideas to the back of my head because I have so many other characters who are waiting for my stories.

Note, I said until now.

There are some characters who may not be ready for a complete book, who are still finding their feet…or I may be having a random day when I want to get away from the structure of my next WIP and write something totally different – just for a change. This page (these links) will be their new home.

The first two stories are ones I have written for the MMRomance group which is part of Goodreads. More will follow, but for now enjoy the first 20K of Get Off My Case (which is now a full book available here) and roughly 15K of Not Even Close, which will be a full book in 2017.

Get Off My Case

Not Even Close

Other Freebies

When One Door Closes – written October 2016 for Stormy Glenn’s Halloween ManloveFantasies collection.

When One Door Closes

Rise With The Sun – written January 2017 for Stormy Glenn’s New Beginnings ManloveFantasies collection

Rise With The Sun

Weddings 🙂

 These two stories I wrote for Stormy Glenn’s Shifter Weddings in her ManloveFantasies blog competition (July 2017). I had so many characters I wanted to show weddings for and this competition gave me the perfect opportunity. So for a little taste of Cloverleah, you will find below the links for the full story of Dean and Matthew’s wedding and of course, Scott and Damien’s. Enjoy 🙂

Dont forget the Groom – Scott and Damien

Dean and Matthew

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