Free Stories

Every now and then I get an idea for a story that doesn’t fit with my existing series.  It is usually a random thing and up until now I have usually pushed those ideas to the back of my head because I have so many other characters who are waiting for my stories.

Note, I said until now.

There are some characters who may not be ready for a complete book, who are still finding their feet…or I may be having a random day when I want to get away from the structure of my next WIP and write something totally different – just for a change. This page (these links) will be their new home.

The first two stories are ones I have written for the MMRomance group which is part of Goodreads. More will follow, but for now enjoy the first 20K of Get Off My Case (which is now a full book available here) and roughly 15K of Not Even Close, which will be a full book in 2018.

Get Off My Case

Not Even Close

Other Freebies

When One Door Closes – written October 2016 for Stormy Glenn’s Halloween ManloveFantasies collection.

When One Door Closes

Rise With The Sun – written January 2017 for Stormy Glenn’s New Beginnings ManloveFantasies collection

Rise With The Sun

Weddings 🙂

 These two stories I wrote for Stormy Glenn’s Shifter Weddings in her ManloveFantasies blog competition (July 2017). I had so many characters I wanted to show weddings for and this competition gave me the perfect opportunity. So for a little taste of Cloverleah, you will find below the links for the full story of Dean and Matthew’s wedding and of course, Scott and Damien’s. Enjoy 🙂

Dont forget the Groom – Scott and Damien

Dean and Matthew

In Memory of my dear Scruffy

On February 8th 2018 I had the sad job of holding my precious writing companion Scruffy, in my arms while he was put to sleep. He suffered from a brain bleed that was causing him to have convulsions and dementia, making it difficult for him to find any peace in this world. My amazing friend Phil Harrison (who also writes as Harrison Phillips) wrote me a wonderful story about the start of Scruffy’s new life with the small dog pack at Cloverleah, and he gave me permission to share it here for you all.

 How Joey got his mate


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