Going Beyond Stuck

1461473_1591090797783274_2201685825445410619_nI’m back on track – phew! However today all my MCs are due to have sex – in two books. Scheduled that way because, of course, yesterday I was on Grandma duty and I’m sorry, but it is impossible for me to think sexy when I’m watching my delightful three year old granddaughter playing with Lego and throwing her food on my office floor.

But coming up with two completely different sex scenes, for two different sets of wonderful men – where both couples are at different stages of their relationship is…well, frankly it’s exhausting. At this point in my day Shane and Dimitri (Get off my Case) are done and currently sleeping. Matthew and Dean (Getting Close to the Omega) are still waiting for me and I do think they need to actually do the deed today. But I have to be careful because Dean is such a gentle soul with abuse issues, so…yes, that is not going to be the easiest sex scene I have ever written.

Having a well needed cigarette between scenes, I read this helpful post on the NaNoWriMo site.  I could have done with it a few days ago, when I was really stuck. But I think it offers some really good tips for those of us who get so far through a novel and then hit the dreaded wall.  If you are keen on finishing your book, whether you are doing the challenge or not, then you might find this article helpful.


Let me know what you think 🙂 I’m off to finish my quota for the day…

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