I Just Love Print Books – Competition

I adore print books.  Oh, I wouldn’t be without my Kindle, it saves on arm power and book cases, but to me there is nothing nicer than seeing my books in their printed glory.  As some of you know I publish my books through Createspace which is the Amazon’s version of P.O.D. and I recently added my Bound and Bonded books, Alpha and Omega books and the one I wrote with Thomas (my son) to the printed ranks.


I would love to buy some print books from other authors in my genre and I thought running a competition was a good way of getting some leads.  You read my books, so you know what I like, so tell me in the comments below who your favorite author is -must be M/M or M/M/M and if they are shifter as well, that is perfect – who has print versions of their books.  Next week I will go through the comments and get my daughter to pick out three random commenters who will receive a print version of anyone of my books, sent to them directly from Amazon.

So let me know who you love reading, and thank you 🙂

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34 responses to I Just Love Print Books – Competition

  1. Heather Cheek

    Lynn Hagen bear shifters, vampire. Marcy Jacks all kinds of shifters. Jolyee Flynn midnight mating contains all sorts of shifters!

  2. Amanda potts

    Would love to win these love books and can never have too many lol

  3. Natahlia

    I love Charlie Richards, she has wolf shifters, cat shifters, alligator shifters, bird shifters, dragon shifters, etc in her series’ Wolves of Stone Ridge, Kontra’s Menagerie, Highland Dragons. She also had vampires in her series a Loving Nip and gargoyles in her series a Paranormal’s Love.

    Olivia Black, she has wolf shifters in her series Silver Bullet. She also has wolf shifters and vampires in her series Federal Paranormal Agency. She also has dragon shifters in her series King’s Command.

    Lyssa Samuels, she has magicians in her series Royal Mates, Love’s Diamond.

    J.R. Loveless, she has wolf shifters in her series True Mates.

    I love your books! <3

  4. Give A Rush

    There are many authors whom I have a great esteem for. If you can count vampires as shifters, although I know they’re not (but I love, love, love vampires!) I’d say Jourdan Lane’s Soul Mate series would be a good one to own in paperback. Also, Marguerite Labbe’s Triquetra series. They are both very good series.
    You are a new to me author and I’d love to get to know your stories. Much success to you!

  5. Yoe

    Hi Lisa,

    Try Kendall McKenna. She has a Strength of the Pack series. I don’t really like army stories but I love this series. It’s something different but each story tells about the love and trust needed to built a relationship.