I’m A Bad Blog Owner…

But here’s a picture to make up for it.

Phillip B&B

Meet Phillip, the main character in my newest book, Undesirable Mate, which is book five (I think) of the Bound and Bonded series. If you have read the series then you’ll know Phillip was the poor enforcer who betrayed his pack in book 2, and felt terrible for it, even though his Alpha told him it was forgiven. This poor guy had to have a mate – I felt so sorry for him, and I’m glad that the book is almost finished.

And for added hot factor, here’s his mate, Kellen

My readers on Facebook told me that apparently in real life Kellen is Roman Reigns from WWF, to me he is adorably hot lol.

I haven’t been doing as much as I should be with my writing – my health has been playing up a bit, but I am getting used to it, and plodding along. I have so many stories left to write, not in the least Adair and Vassago’s book in the Cloverleah Pack series. If you missed out on meeting Vassago, check out Tangling With Bears, which is out now on the usual outlets.

Where do the days go, that’s what I ask myself. I keep myself busy every single day of the week, and still this poor blog gets neglected. I seriously need a PA lol, but finding the right person is not an easy thing to do.  But I keep looking. Meanwhile thanks for all of your support, you guys are truly amazing.

Quick question – do you prefer hearing from me on Facebook or on this blog?

Just wondered 🙂

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12 responses to I’m A Bad Blog Owner…

  1. Paul

    I love getting your blog update emails! Some things get missed on FB

  2. Jane Collman

    Both lovely Lisa, it’s always nice to hear from you whenever you have the time….and see these amazing pics too!! Hoping your health improves soon

  3. Rebekah

    The blog please

  4. Patricia Patterson

    I’m happy to hear from you in any outlet. Love your books and started reading the bound and bonded series again.

  5. Patricia Patterson

    I like hearing from you in whatever format u choose. Currently re reading your books, started with Cloverleah. Take care xx

  6. Dolores

    I like the blog as I might miss it on Facebook can’t wait x

  7. Tammy

    Well I hope you health issues aren’t to serious because you should take care of yourself first and your readers will be understanding about that. As for myself I like this blog (private Facebook) because my other Facebook has so much other crap on it and opinions I don’t really care about with friends bitching about this or that. LOL Plus this one is nice because it sends me e-mails when there’s something I’d be interested to read.

  8. hi Lisa, I like u on FB,and hoping u feel better on all your days, looking forward for the new book on Phillip and his Mate.

  9. Laurie P

    Blogs are easier to keep track of important things like release dates.

  10. KarenJ

    Definitely the blog updates because I get notified through my email. I tend to ignore most of my FB email notifications since I get so many.

  11. Leigh

    Hope you get to feeling better Lisa.

    As for me. I tend to ignore FB and really only keep it for authors now a days. So the blog really is my best way of getting updates since FB manages to miss a lot of stuff.