I’m Late, I’m Late, I’m Late…

Hi everyone, with my book deadlines getting rescheduled and all you lovely people asking me when the next one is coming out, I thought I had better let you all know what is going on, and my revised schedule for my next books.

Fighting Fangs Book 4 of the Bound and Bonded series) is currently working it’s way through the Amazon system, uploaded about two hours ago – so that will hopefully be available for download within two days. I will post the blurb and cover reveal for that one shortly.

Fae for All (Book 6 of the Cloverleah Pack) was due to be out this month, but due to stuff beyond my control it will now be out next month (March).  That also means that Book 2 of the Stockton Wolves series that was supposed to be coming out in March, will now be more likely April.  Book Two of the Alpha and Omega series should also be out before April, but I will keep you posted on that one.

I am one of the lucky writers who does get to do this full time, and I am eternally grateful for that.  But as I am sure many of you know, being creative often means your mind needs to be on the important things, like characters and plots etc.  Unfortunately for me, with my marriage break up late last year, my mind has been clouded by other things and I haven’t been too well.

I strive really hard to put my all into my books, but when my mind is off on “other stuff” it is hard to do that sometimes.  Hence the delays.  I won’t publish a book that I don’t want to read myself, and if that means sometimes that I have to delete and rewrite, then that is what I do.  Fae for All was getting positively dour there for a while, and I purposely deleted huge sections of it because my blues shouldn’t be reflected on my characters.

Unfortunately this means delays in publishing and while I hate to do that, please understand that I would far rather take longer to finish a book, and have you enjoy it, than to publish something I wasn’t totally happy with 🙂 We are all, only human after all – except for my delicious characters of course.

Enjoy your day 🙂

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13 responses to I’m Late, I’m Late, I’m Late…

  1. Mary

    Hope everything is ok for you. Also, THANK you for updating. So frustrating when you expect something and it doesn’t happen (in life in general not just books lol).

  2. Laurie P

    Glad things are slowly getting better in your life. And we’ll still be here when the books are ready!

  3. Caligirl


  4. Denise Dechene

    At the end of the day you have to be happy with what you write. I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well. Life has a habit of crapping on us at the most inopportune times. I hope you are feeling better. Your fans love your books and we will wait until you publish them. As it is I think you are one of the fastest authors I know and get your books out in a very quick time period. Take care and Hugs

    • Lisao79

      Again, thank you Denise. Yes, as much as I would love to just be surrounded by my characters, real life can be a lot harsher sometimes and I don’t always cope with it as well as I should. But I try and get a book out every month simply because I love to write them so much. Thank you for your positive comments – they really help 🙂 Have a great day.

  5. Caligirl

    Ms. Lisa, you take all the time you need to hon. We will always be here for you to vent, to email, to chat.

  6. foretta

    I just started reading your books. I finished the cloverleah pack series yesterday. Loved it and can’t wait for next one. So sorry to hear about your marriage. Family and taking care if yourself first is a must. I hope you are feeling better. Hugs