It’s been one of those weeks…

Update, Excerpt and Giveaway

Hi everyone, I hope you are all staying warm and safe and that your week has been going well. I have been having a myriad of real world problems just lately, and that has stopped me being as sociable as I’d like to be. My health is being a nuisance right now especially issues with depression, anxiety and now the joints in my fingers are causing me grief.  That’s life 🙂

There are times I hate being a grown up lol. But, I refuse to dwell on negativity so I thought I would give you an update on what is happening in my writing world, and there’s an excerpt from my latest WIP as well. As you know, The Captain and Nico’s story (Stockton Wolves) was supposed to be coming out in March. However, these two men have to wade through some really complex problems and after some feedback from Madison’s story about the book being too short, I decided to take my time with this one and deliver the long and involved book these two characters deserve. So that book, Tell Me The Truth, will be out in April.

As some of you who follow me regularly know, I have been tempted by the MPREG trope and for some reason, after Get Over It was finished, I started to write one. Entitled Grab a Tiger By The Tail, this is a sweet story about a true mating between a rabbit shifter named Seth and a tiger shifter named Ra. I will be publishing this under my pen name Lee Oliver, around March 6th. This story has been tickling my brain for a long time, and finally, I figured the only way to stop these two bickering in my head was to write the story. I am also working on Cam’s Promise (the sequel to Ranger’s End Game) and the Passion Punched King which is the second book in my Balance series. So I will have three books out in total March/early April.

Of course, I haven’t forgotten the spin off book for the B&B series, not have I forgotten that sweet Marius in Cloverleah is also waiting for his mate. Poseidon has also been grumbling in my head about his intended mate (you will love that one lol) so I do have a lot of titles coming up over the next four months. But hopefully you will be patient with me. I was extremely saddened by some of the negative comments I received for Get Over It – I wrote that book the same as I do any of my other stories. I never force a book to be longer than it should and I am always conscious of never cutting a story short either or rushing an ending. For someone to say my book is too short suggests to me I have short changed them and I hate thinking I have done that. Books are expensive enough as it is at the moment, without any of my readers feeling they didn’t get their money’s worth. So all of my longer stories are on hold at the moment while I get my head and life sorted out.

But enough about that. Below is a short teaser from Grab a Tiger By The Tail and underneath that I have a competition.

Excerpt – NSFW and unedited

Seth needed Ra. It was that simple. While he didn’t have the overwhelming urge to bite his mate or plunge into his body, he was desperate to feel Ra in him. His rabbit, usually a timid creature, came alive in all things sexual and there was that nagging doubt that Ra might not want him, that Seth needed wiped from his brain completely. He didn’t have Ra’s confidence or his sexual allure and he needed Ra to prove his commitment with his body because the man was clearly hopeless with words.

Unfortunately, Ra was a nice guy. His touch, washcloth only, was so gentle Seth wanted to scream with it. His massive dick, something Seth had worshiped on more than one occasion, was kept steadfastly out of Seth’s reach, although the dark mushroomed head was looking as desperate as Seth was feeling.

“I’m clean,” he said at last, pushing Ra’s hand away. “Now, are you going to do something with that, or am I really that repulsive to you already. I’m not even showing.” Actually, Seth could feel a tiny bump in his lower abs, but it wasn’t noticeable, noticeable. He pointed at Ra’s cock bobbing in the water.

“Babe, you have bruises all over. I want…I can’t…You’re hurt.”

So will you be in a minute, Seth seethed. “It’s like this,” he said firmly, sitting up and pushing Ra back against the edge of the bathtub. “I need you in me. I’m not confident like you. Your cock inside of my ass is the only way my rabbit,” and my heart, but Seth didn’t mention that, “will understand that you still want me. Now, it might sound stupid, but we’re mated and I’m pregnant and fucking horny. Pass me the lube.”

Ra looked at him like one would look at a rattlesnake, worried if it would strike. But his cock was still waving madly and after a moment’s hesitation, he reached over and picked up the lube.

“I can do that,” he offered, handing Seth the tube.

“I haven’t got time to wait for you to fluff about,” Seth said, still feeling cross as he took it. “Apparently pregnant means hungry all the time too. This gets much worse and I’ll be bouncing on you, eating a sandwich.”

End excerpt

And finally Competition time 🙂 All I want you to do in the comments below is tell me what type of paranormal pairing you would like to see and why. You can’t forget the why.  Be creative. Have fun with it.  The winners (three) will be randomly chosen next Friday and will receive three back-list paperbacks of their choosing.

Have a great weekend 🙂

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56 responses to It’s been one of those weeks…

  1. lynne lowe

    Come on Lisa, there are ALWAYS going to be whingers and whiners, thats life, but the one thing you can be proud of, you are a bloody good writer!
    You write stories that engage the reader, You are a fast writer, no waiting for a year for your next book (no wonder your fingers are playing up!) You fill your books with people we love, and we cannot wait to read more about them.
    As to the book length, they are all too short, we want to carry on reading!
    Your books have a good balance, begining – middle – end, all put together with a good plot and an engaging story, you don’t rush the ending like some authors do (realy frustrating when that happens).
    You are a good author, you know what we like and your fan base is growing,
    Keep up the good work, and I hope you feel better very soon.
    Love and best wishes always.

  2. Joanna scott

    Hi Lisa I have a good one a Degus/python or Lizard and a bird of some kind

  3. Joanna scott

    Boa or antelope
    Chamaeleon / alligator

  4. Carol

    Dear Lisa, The first time I read Gone With the Wind, my immediate thought I want more. That book was over a 1000 pages long. That is what happens to me when I fall in love with the characters in a book – I always want more. So if one would think about my reaction, one could say that I thought Gone with the Wind was too short. But I have found that my reaction of wanting more after reading certain books, all have one common denominator and that is I have fallen in love with the characters. Whether it is Bear Mountain by Kelex, The Omega Auction by Kian Rhodes or Cloverleah Pack by you , I always want more. So do I think the books are too short- yeah, but it is not because of the pages each book is as demonstrated by Gone With the Wind, but because you have created characters that I fell in love with. Hell if I had my way, you would be writing stories about the Cloverleah boys for the next 20 years. LOL. But please understand that I am paying you the highest compliment there is for a writer. You have created characters that have become my friends and as such, I am always eager to see what happens to them next. But even though I am always sorry to turn the last page in any of your books, I am so happy to be able to continue on the journey with these characters thru your new stories. So please continue to let the stories lead you to its end and I will be sad to see the end but oh so eager to see the next installment of my journey.

    • Lisao79

      Wow, thank you Carol, and believe it or not, Gone with the Wind was probably the first grown up book I ever read and it has been one of my favorites ever since 🙂

      • Carol

        It was mine also – I think I read it every year between the ages 11 to 20. In fact, I was going to call my first child Scarlet if it was a girl.
        I hope you feel better and have a better week. And I forgot to tell you about which animal I would like to see as a shifter – it would have to be a dragon. But more than that, I would like to see more of the Cloverleah men become parents. I really enjoy reading about mpreg in M/M books.

        • Lisao79

          My next book is an MPREG lol – my first one male pregnancy – it will be published under the name Lee Oliver and is entitled “Grab a Tiger” – it should be out in the next two weeks 🙂 Have a great day 🙂

  5. Bethany Kircher

    Vampire & Dragon & Ferret Something where the first two are really old and powerful but the smallest of them is the most dominate of the trio. So they spend a lot of the book trying to figure out how to balance the relationship. I foresee a lot of arguing … and making-up 🙂

  6. Gaby M

    A Phoenix and a dragon. Where both think they are the last ones of their own species. The phoenix inner fire is dying and he just doesn’t know what’s gonna happen to him if it does. The dragon is slowly going fire insane and he can’t figure out a safe way to release all the fire so he’s trying not to lose control and go in a rage and let the world he loves burn.

  7. Irene

    Lisa just forget the negative comments because i believe they are jealous of you because you give us your true fans what we want and if they cannot handle that then tough on them, keep up your good work i love your books the shorter ones and the long ones at the end of the day the neggers will go away and you will find they will not be missed take care