It’s Live Tomorrow – Yay!!!!

The Artist and His Alpha will be live, tomorrow – so excited.  This book has come together with the help of some amazing beta readers, so I’m confident this first book for 2016 will set the standard for the rest of the year.

If you are still on the fence about buying it (it’s available for pre-order on Amazon), then here is one last taste to wet your imagination.


Sean felt his arm tugged roughly as Felix pulled him out of the waiting room, and slammed him against the wall. He surprised me, Sean thought. He couldn’t have done that otherwise. He snarled at Felix, who didn’t seem at all worried about it and in fact, snarled back. For a human, Felix would have made an impressive wolf shifter.

“Problem Felix?” A show of teeth might not have been necessary, but Sean’s nerves had been on a knife edge for the past three days.

“I was going to ask you the same thing.” Felix wasn’t fazed by teeth either – interesting. “Why the hell are you being an ass to Caden? He doesn’t need your shit when he’s worried sick about the interview.”

Sean stood as straight as he could, and smoothed down his suit jacket. “I haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about. Caden and I are fine.”

“Oh yeah?” Felix stepped right into Sean’s personal space and Sean had nowhere to go. His back was hard against the wall, but if he lashed out at Felix, Liam would have his throat. “If everything’s all rosy and sunshine, then why did my friend go racing out of here with tears in his eyes?”

“I wasn’t anywhere near him, you were. So I should be asking you the same question,” Sean blustered, although inside his heart was aching. He knew there was something wrong with Caden. What’s more he knew exactly what that something was. But he was hardly going to talk to Felix about it.

“And why weren’t you with him?” Felix moved even closer and gripped Sean’s suit jacket like he was going to throw him to the floor or punch him. Either scenario was likely. Sean’s wolf rose at the challenge, but Felix was either too angry, or too stupid to recognize the threat.

“You’re his mate, asshole. Mates can’t keep their hands off each other. You’ve been keeping your distance from Caden for three fucking days. Did you think we were all too stupid to notice?”

“It’s none of your business, Felix. Now let me go or you’ll be sorry,” Sean growled. He would put Felix down if he had to, his wolf wouldn’t allow anything else.

“Let him go, Felix,” Caden’s voice called down the hallway.

“Caden.” Felix let go of Sean’s suit and stepped back. “I was just…”

End excerpt – to find out more, you will need to read the book. For blurb and more excerpts check it out on The Artist and His Alpha’s blog page.

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  1. Caligirl

    The suspense is so agonizing!! UGH!! lol And I have to wait for over 24 hours!!