It’s Release Day – Scenes From Cloverleah is Live!!!

Happy dancing – Scenes from Cloverleah #1 is finally live and available on all the Amazon outlets.  So if you want to know who Diablo’s father is…or what Josh and Vadim got up to on their honeymoon. Or maybe you want a brief visit with Kane and Shawn and find out why Kane’s been so grumpy lately, or you want to know what happened to that little cub rescued by Vassago and Vadim in Angel in Black Leather Pants; here’s your chance.  I’m off to dance, and then I’m knuckling down to work on Trent’s story from Stockton Wolves.  I’ll post an excerpt later in the week.


The Cloverleah Pack ,

8 responses to It’s Release Day – Scenes From Cloverleah is Live!!!

  1. Melenee Purnell

    Wonderful, thank you so much, can’t wait to read it all… excited 😉

  2. Rebecca E


  3. Cali

    I started reading it at midnight EST!! 10 hours ago … had/have headache 🤕 … Since last night

  4. Judy Stone

    Yay! It dropped last night and landed on my Kindle. Can’t wait to read about the boys. Thanks, Lisa

  5. Dolores marsh

    Got it can’t wait to read it

  6. Susan Rawlings

    I got mine this morning happy dance

  7. Tracy

    loved it .. i love finding out more about what happens after the book .. i want more x

    • Cali

      Lots and Lots more!! How many more books for this series? Will you keep these awesome lovable men in a few of the new series/books for us to keep up on? WE JUST HAVE TO KNOW how they are doing/