It’s Release Day!!!!

WOOHOO – Don’t Bite, Book 4 of Stockton Wolves is now live on Amazon.  I have had so much marvelous feedback because of the gorgeous Gabriel on the cover (courtesy Paul Henry Serres Cover Models) and now it’s time for me to bite my nails and hope you guys like the book itself.

In case you missed the cover and blurb – here they are 🙂  As for me, I am off to have some chocolate, do a little happy dance and then settle down at my computer. I am writing On The Brink – which is book 10 in the Cloverleah Pack series. That one will be out January 10th.



Trent Summers keeps a smile on his face, even though he feels like he’s dying inside. Since he was horribly knifed by a killer bear he’s had trouble with anxiety and panic attacks. Knowing most of his friends are shifters and immune to such things doesn’t help. Mace’s mating with Roan gives him some hope, but a mate of his own is just a pipe dream. In the meantime, he has to put aside his fears and help his friends find rogue vampires – not exactly a cure for stress.

Prince Alexi Vandermot is getting more than a little pissed off at his coven leader. There are rogue vampires in town and he’s ready to hunt them down. The problem is, his cousin keeps saying no. Things aren’t improved when the police come to call, bringing a consultant with them. Shifters are one thing, but Alexi is floored to find the consultant is his mate…human, scared and straight.

Claiming a mate is one thing; keeping him safe is another. When the rogues are found to have family ties to the coven and one of them fancies a bite out of Trent, the coven and the pack have to work together to make sure the body count doesn’t get any higher. When problems start to erupt inside of the coven as well, Alexi wonders if he’ll ever have any time to get to know his anxious mate.

Warning: This book is M/M, contains graphic content and coarse language. Trent suffers from panic attacks which some people might find a trigger and keep an eye on Kalel; he’s taken to stealing hats.

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Will be available on ARe in just two more days 🙂

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16 responses to It’s Release Day!!!!

  1. Paul Wright

    Grabbed my copy!! Happy Release Day!!

  2. Brandi Roberts

    Congratulations on your release, I can’t wait for it to get to ARe so I can grab a copy. And Yay, On the Brink will be my bday present to myself (11th is my bday) when it comes out at ARe a few days after your currently planned January 10th release date.


  3. Cali

    WOO WOO! I started reading this book … actually dropped another … then looked up and seen it was almost 4 a.m.!!

  4. Blaine Hall

    YAY!! Congratulations on your release!!! (and Woo Hoo to us readers!!)

  5. KarenJ

    Hi Lisa,
    I was very excited to get your newest release, and I don’t mean to be a complaining fan, but I just wanted to know why your newest ebook ‘Don’t Bite’ was only released DRM protected with Amazon? Are all of your future releases on Amazon going to be DRM protected as well?

    I only ask because I usually purchase them on Amazon first, not only to be able to read them right away, but when I convert them to ePub using Calibre Library so I can put them on my Sony ereader, the ebook file from Amazon converts much better than if I purchased it on ARe in ePub. I don’t know why that is but I used to always have a problem with your e-books when I purchased them on ARe in ePub so I just started buying them on Amazon instead and converting them.

    That is why I was so dismayed to try to convert the newest one only to discover that I couldn’t. It’s OK if they’re all going to be DRM protected now but I just wanted to find out from you so that I won’t bother to purchase them on Amazon anymore.

    If you could let me know I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much Lisa! I really enjoy all of your stories. 😃

    • Lisao79

      Hi Karen, I am so sorry, because I can totally understand what you are saying. Unfortunately I am having a huge, and I mean huge problem with pirating of my books. DRM protection was suggested to me as one way of helping make that a little bit harder. What was the icing on the cake was I was almost sure the same people pirating my work was also then getting a refund for the purchase price through Amazon.

      My books are my livelihood, my only source of income. Every time someone downloads a copy for free that is making it harder for me to afford to live and if I have to worry about paying rent, then I can’t write 🙂

      I have found an excellent formatter for my books on ARe now. What sort of problems have you been having with the epub versions?

      • KarenJ

        Hi Lisa,
        It’s really sad that there are so many dishonest people out there. I totally understand why you had to go DRM. You need to protect yourself so you can continue to write your wonderful stories but be able to pay the rent too. I get it.

        The problems I was having on ARe with the ePub format were with the formatting and flow of the text, but also not being able to change font or text style to my preference. It really only happened the last 4 or 5 books I purchased through ARe. The first several I never had any problems with. Plus there were no covers with your gorgeous men, just a plain cover page.

        The reason I prefer ePub is because I am OCD and like to edit all my book title series into numbered series. Example: StocktonW#3 Don’t Bite. That is one huge drawback with Amazon is that I can’t do that with a Kindle without taking several extra steps. Plus, I started doing it years ago in ePub, long before Amazon even had ebooks or I even considered purchasing through them, and it would be a complete nightmare to try to catch up and attempt to do that with my numerous Amazon ebook purchases at this point.

        However, if you do decide to go with Secure ePub I will just have to adapt because ebooks in Secure ePub are an even bigger pain in the ‘you know what’ to deal with than Amazon’s DRM.

        Thanks so much for your quick response. I felt bad returning the ebook on Amazon (on the bright side it will be less expensive to buy on ARe because I won’t have to pay sales tax) but I promise I will purchase it the minute it is listed on ARe! I look forward to reading it!

        • Lisao79

          That’s fine Karen, and thank you for letting me know about these problems with ARe. The funny thing is, I used to get emails from ARe with my earlier books which I formatted myself through Calibre about text sizes and things like that. Since I got a formatter, I don’t get those emails any more, so I assumed there weren’t any problems with them. But all of my books this year have had the covers included 🙂

          • KarenJ

            There might not be any problems with the ePub format of your books on ARe anymore. The last several ebooks of yours I have purchased on Amazon so I’m sure your new formatter for ARe knows what they are doing. I will let you know when I purchase and download it onto my ereader. 2 days until it’s on ARe right? Yeah, so excited! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

            I just wish there was an easy and inexpensive way to shut down and prosecute the people that pirate any authors books. You would think people would have a conscience. I hope DRM protecting them on Amazon helps you. I really love your ebooks and don’t want you to have to stop writing because of greedy people.

            • Lisao79

              Thank you Karen; it is a nuisance, and a time consuming one, because when I am alerted to them I have to go to all the hassle of trying to get my work taken down. That’s time I could be spending on my next book and the money angle is also upsetting because if I don’t sell enough books, I won’t be able to write anymore. I am really lucky though – I have a solid group of extremely supportive and loyal readers and for that I am truly thankful. I have a strong belief in Karma and will keep on writing for as long as I am able to…simply because I get so much out of it, bringing my characters to life and having the chance to interact with wonderful people. Have a wonderful day 🙂

  6. Joanna scott

    Hi I had to put down your book I am at chapter 28 an its only Day one of the new release don’t bite Thank you so much can’t wait for the next one ….

  7. Joanna scott

    Just wanted to ask is Brian’s going to get his own book from Stockton wolf series he is the last out of all the friends just wanted to know thanks…..

    • Lisao79

      I’m not sure Joanna, but stranger things have happened in my books lol. My plan was, now I’ve introduced Nico is to maybe do a spin off series with Nico’s family and friends and tie it all in with the pack. So there is definitely an opportunity to find Brian a mate. I had thought about it once before, but he told me he was straight and I only write M/M, but as I say…stranger things have happened 🙂 Thanks for asking.

  8. lynette McCormick

    I’m so happy for u,u go girl. Don’t Bite was very well put I enjoyed it and is looking forward for more books from u.